Words Cannot Say


Crossing Jordan


Law and Order:

Special Victims Unit


Summary- There are two women who are more alike than they think.

When the Boston ME and the New York cop are forced together,

will they notice their likeness in time to save two kidnapped women?

Day 1 - Manhattan Special Victims Unit

Elliot Stabler could see how guilty the medical examiner felt. But he had to question her. John helped her up from where she'd fallen.

"Jordie?" John asked her. She beckoned the other medical examiner over.

"Call Lily. Tell her what happened. She'll know what to do." Dr. Cavanaugh told her friend. He left to call.

"Do you mind if I get some air before you talk to me?" the ME then asked.

"John and I'll walk you out." Elliot said, walking up to John and the brunette. She nodded and the three walked out into the streets. Jordan Cavanaugh took a deep breath and sighed, remembering a distant memory.

"Uncle John... Do you have any idea what happened to my father?" Cavanaugh asked, staring at the sidewalk.

"No... "John rasped. Elliot was surprised at John.

"He left me awhile back. Only seen him once since then. And that was when a mobster recently released from prison came to kill him. Heh... " Jordan admitted, fiddling with her jacket. A gun shot rang out, and the three ducked. But only two stood back up. Jordan Cavanaugh was gone, with only a paper marked "two down, Cavanaugh and Benson to die" left where she'd been.

Day 1 - Unknown Location

Jordan woke up, a metallic taste in her mouth, and a ringing in her ears. She was in a cell, she noted. And a poorly constructed one.

"Uncle John.. Woody... please find me..." Jordan whispered. She was surprised to hear a reply.

"You're Jordan Cavanaugh, aren't you?" a woman's voice asked.

"Yes... Olivia Benson?" Jordan asked, coughing.