Chapter 12

Because of the strong downpour and the fact that she was being roughly carried by the waist by one of Shin's men, everything became a strange blur in Sakura's eyes. She didn't notice that she and her companions were being carried off to a certain place, past the two creepy-looking oriental lion-dogs statues that stood guard at the entrance of the garden, nor did she notice that the man who was holding her finally stopped in his march as they met Shin, who, at the sight of them, was now wearing a really wide grin on his distorted face.

The sound of booming thunder and the loud drumming of rain against the cold ground made it difficult for Sakura to hear anything else, but fortunately, she could still hear, although barely, the throaty sound of Shin's voice amidst of all the noise. Seconds later, the man's wicked laugh filled her ears and instantly made her cringe in disgust.

"Well, well, well..."

Droplets of rain continued to flow down like a river at the side of her cheeks as she rubbed her eyes and waited for her gaze to adjust to her surroundings. They stood before a handsome traditional japanese house surrounded by a huge garden, featuring a small koi pond and a series of sculpted pines, maples, and, much to Sakura's delight, cherry blossom trees, its small pink petals fluttering agitatedly along the strong gusts of wind. Although the garden's wide expanse of green lawn turned muddy brown because of the rain, it didn't affect the beauty of the garden before her.

Sakura didn't know if she should be enchanted at the nearly overwhelming sight, or frown and wonder why a guy like Shin would own a place that was as impressive as this. She wasn't given the time to wonder about any of it though, because what she saw next instantly turned her mood as dark as the weather. The sliding paper doors of the large house were open and a clear image of Shin, who was surrounded by his gorilla-looking men, could be seen sitting at the center of a particulary large and unfurnished room. Shin was wearing a rather elegant black wedding kimono, and Sakura noted inwardly that the kimono didn't suit him at all.

They stepped inside, all of them dripping wet, soaking the once dry and clean tatami mats with dirt and mud. Shin, however, didn't seem to mind it at all. He didn't even bother barking at them to take off their shoes before stepping up in the entrance hall. Shin, with his grin wide and toothy, lifted his chin up and gave them a bone-chilling look that sent Sakura shivering all over again.

Instinctively, her hand reached up to lower her cap a little bit more. She couldn't risk Shin seeing her face. For all she knew, that good-for-nothing man could easily see right through her disguise and...

Wait a minute...!

Sakura looked down at her wet shirt and with a gasp, she immediately covered herself with her arms. Oh no... She bit her lip, panic rising within her. She didn't notice that the thug who was carrying her by the waist grunted in annoyance because of all her squirming. If they see me like this... Our plan...! Now she knew why Sasuke was offering his shirt to her a while ago! Just why in the world did it have to...!

Sakura stopped short when she felt the thug's gaze on her. She looked up and met his suspicious stare, wincing when his arm tightened more firmly around her waist as if to say that he knew that she was up to no good.

With a gulp, she tore her gaze from him and hugged herself even more tightly. Calm down, Sakura...

He won't notice... No, he won't...

When the man nearly crushed her ribs with his arm, she let out a small squeak and a silent curse.

"Henta, my boy!" Shin suddenly exclaimed, excitement laced in the tone of his voice. "I'm glad you came just in time!"

Sakura forgot about her still-glaring kidnapper and glanced at her companions, immediately noticing that they, too, were stuck in the same situation as her. One thug was carrying a quiet Henta on one arm and a struggling Naruto on another. Sasuke, on the other hand, was not being carried, but he had both his hands behind his back while another thug kept a watchful eye on him from behind.

"Shin…" Henta sighed as he looked at the man who was now busy ogling at Naruto. "Can you let us go now? Being held like this…" He grunted in pain when the thug clenched his stomach tighter. "…isn't exactly very comfortable, you know."

"Is this how you treat your bride?" Naruto hissed angrily at Shin as he struggled vehemently from the thug who was holding and groping him at the same time. "Get us down now!"

Shin grumbled a few colorful curses under his breath before raising his hand at his men, who in turn, let go of both Naruto and Henta. Much to Sakura's irritation, he didn't make a gesture to let go of both her and Sasuke. In fact, he didn't even seem to notice that they were there at all!

But much to her extreme shock, as soon as Naruto's feet touched the floor, he was suddenly engulfed by Shin's welcoming arms.

Blood drained out of Naruto's face as he stood there, all stiff and motionless, under Shin's embrace. His shoulders shook in horror and his long blonde locks stood up on end as if he was being hugged by a really big and ugly monster. Panic and disgust flashed in his wide blue eyes and his eyebrows twitched slightly when Shin hugged him even tighter.

It was then that Sakura became quite thankful that she didn't agree on being Shin's 'chosen one'.

Naruto's vein pop at the side of his head. His delicate eyebrows were narrowing dangerously and a menacing frown was slowly forming on his lips. Sakura's eyes widened when Naruto lifted a clenched fist.

"N-Now, now, Shin. Save that for the honeymoon, all right?" Henta fortunately intervened. He must have realized that if they let Shin hug Naruto a moment longer, hell would surely pay. "Please let go of the lady..."

To her surprise, Shin did let Naruto go. He had a strange look on his ugly face as he stared at Naruto with slitted eyes. "You..."

Sakura held her breath.

Henta didn't let him finish whatever he was about to say. "Now that you have your bride, Shin..." He trailed off, his voice serious. "Where is my sister? Bring her to us now."

Shin was still staring at Naruto with a scowl. "Something's wrong with this girl..."

"W-Wrong? What do you mean, Shin?" Henta's voice cracked a bit. Sakura could tell that he was getting nervous. "She's just a girl!"

Flirt, Naruto! Flirt with him! Sakura yelled at Naruto inside her mind, hoping against hope that Naruto would calm down and remember their whole plan. Fortunately, Naruto seemed to snap out of his rage and let himself smile seductively at Shin.

"Oh, darling..." Naruto batted his eyelashes at Shin as he threw him his best cute puppy-dog eyes. "You don't want me...?" His hand twitched as he lifted a finger to his lips and nibbled on it in a seductive manner.

Naruto was doing great, but Sakura couldn't help but gag at what he was doing. The thought of seducing a man like Shin made her stomach churn... She could never do something like that! Naruto sure is a whole lot tougher than she thought!

As expected, Shin became a puddle of goo under Naruto's irressistable charm. He panted and drooled like a dog, unconsciously sending shivers down Sakura's spine. "My lady..." His voice was husky. Sakura resisted the urge to lift her hands and cover her ears so she wouldn't hear his disgusting voice.

And to her surprise, Naruto suddenly let out a loud and an unlady-like yelp. "W-What the hell...?"

Her eyebrows shot up when she saw Naruto backing a few steps away from Shin. What in the world is he doing? Why is he...

She trailed off, her mouth hanging open after finding out Naruto's source of sudden distress.

If anyone turned to look at Shin more closely, they'd most certainly understand what was wrong.

There was bulge. A really BIG bulge. And this particular bulge was... ehem... threatening Naruto with its... its...!

And Sakura, being a girl and all, wanted to faint because of that right then and there.

"Gah!" Henta gasped out loud as he, too, realized what the problem was. "Now, now, Shin..." He chuckled nervously and immediately stood between him and Naruto. "Save... this... for later! Tell me where my sister is first!"

Shin, however, wasn't really listening because he shove Henta out of the way and reached out for Naruto. "Sister...?" He mumbled absent-mindedly. "What sister...?"

Henta shouted a protest and was about to give Shin a piece of his mind when Shin's bodyguards grabbed hold of his arms and pulled him away from their master. "Let go!"

"Ah... Don't be upset, boy." Shin grumbled, still not taking his lecherous eyes away from Naruto. "I'll bring her to you sooner or later. Now my dear," He licked his lips and advanced towards Naruto. "...come to me..."

Naruto scowled deeply and instinctively took a step back. His expression told everyone that one wrong move and he swore... someone's gonna get hurt... really bad...

No! Don't, Naruto! Sakura screamed inside her head. They have to stick to their plan! No fighting until they're sure that Henta's sister is safe or at least know where these scums are hiding her!

Shin was getting closer and closer to Naruto. From the looks of it, the fox boy's patience wouldn't last much longer...

Sakura knew she had to something soon or else!

Because of her nervousness, she didn't realize that her hands were grasping her capturer's arms too tightly, her nails digging against the thug's flesh. The man shouted in pain and her grip around her waist loosened, making her fall to the floor with a loud thud! This instantly caught everyone's attention,including Shin.

Then, all of a sudden, someone gasped.

"What? A girl...?"

Sakura didn't understand what it meant at first, but as the seconds ticked by, the thought eventually clicked inside her mind. Her hand shook as she reached up to touch her head, realizing a second later that her cap was gone. Her bun had come free and waves of silky pink hair clung to the side of her cheeks, barely touching her shoulders. She sat up in a daze, forgetting about her still-transparent shirt. And by the time she realized her mistake, it was already too late. Her feminine curves were now exposed for everyone to see.

She was busted.

Oh no...

"Well now... What do we have here?"

Sakura looked up and saw Shin leering down at her, his face scrunched up in curiosity. She gulped, not because of fear of what he might do to her, but because of the sight of his hideous face. He kneeled in front of her and studied her face with suspicious eyes. Sakura supressed the urge to slap him for staring at her like that.

"And who might you be, little girl?" Shin asked her with a smile on his face.

Sakura didn't utter a single word. She just glared at him in response.

Henta, realizing the danger of the situation, remained still for a moment before chuckling nervously. "Err... Shin. That's not a girl, he's your bride's little brother."

Shin was surprised. "Brother? But that's..."

" little brother, Shin... dear." Naruto muttered sternly. "Please... honey, don't pick on my little brother."

The man scowled at Naruto, not believing any word he just said. "Your little brother, eh?" He raised a skeptic eyebrow and turned to look at Sakura again. The pink-haired kunoichi pursed her lips into a thin line. "You're too pretty to be a boy..."

"Don't call my brother pretty!" Naruto exclaimed with a scowl. "Now listen here... sweetheart, just give Henta's sister back so we can get on with the marriage or whatever bullsh..." He paused. "...I mean, let's just go... cupcake!"

Shin ignored Naruto's yells and lifted his hand, catching Sakura's chin with his fingers. With a painful jerk, he tilted her face to his and stared directly at her green eyes.

"Hey, hey!" Naruto growled angrily and was about to pounce on the man who was holding his teammate rather intimately when his men grabbed him from behind and refused to let him go. "Let go, you bastards!" He shouted furiously as he, along with Henta, struggled against the overly-large bodyguards.

Shin was startled at Naruto's feisty behavior. He turned to Naruto with an amused smirk. "What a foul-mouthed woman..." After that, his attention centered on Sakura again. "Now then... Let me have a closer look at you... little boy." Much to her horror, Shin started to lean closer to her, his face merely a few inches away from her own.

Sakura's fist reached up, ready to connect against the perverted man's skull...

But, to everyone's surprise, Shin was suddenly yanked away from her. Everyone watched as Shin flew outside the room and landed face-first on the ground, spitting mud and dirt from his mouth.

And there, standing in front of Sakura, was Sasuke, his right fist extended.

From the moment Sasuke saw the vein pop on Naruto's forehead and heard the quiver in Henta's voice, he knew for sure that his gut-feeling was right.

They're gonna get busted sooner or later.

For that reason, Sasuke, after grumbling silently about the infairness of it all, forced himself to take the troublesome task of coming up with a plan of getting themselves out of the damned mess that the lech imposed upon him and his teammates. Even up to now, Sasuke still couldn't believe that his teammates were naive enough to be conviced so easily by Henta's sweet-talking and fucked-up angst..

With a snort, he mentally slapped himself for grumbling and complaining too much. It's not like he can do anything about it now! There's no use whining like a kid... It's time to focus on the problem at hand.

He looked around, taking note of the nooks and crannies of the whole room. Since Shin seems unwilling to tell them where Henta's sister is, he'll just have to look for her himself then!

He turned his gaze to the side, expecting to see one of the gorilla-looking bodyguards still watching him like a hawk , but to his surprise, what met his gaze was a wall. Sasuke searched for the thug who was supposed to be keeping an eye on him and found out that the thug had scooted over in front, crowding at the center of the room along with the other guards. Apparently, they were far too engrossed on what was happening in front of them to pay any attention to him.

Sasuke shook his head at them in disbelief. Idiots... These scums are all idiots.

With the coast clear, Sasuke decided that it's time to untie the rope that was binding both his hands behind his back. He took a few steps backwards, remembering to be careful enough not to attract any attention from the burly-looking guards. Without tearing his eyes away from them, he continued backing away until he was at the farthest and darkest corner of the room.

Just as he expected, nobody noticed him sneaking away. He broke free from the rope and was about to start his search for Henta's missing sister when he heard someone whimper.

Sasuke's ears perked up at the sound. He looked around, searching for the source of the whimper. When the people in front of him didn't budge or turn around, he realized that he was the only one who heard the almost inaudible cry.

The sobbing continued, and it seems to be coming from the other side of the wall beside him, which, upon closer inspection, happens to be a sliding door. Sasuke pressed his ears against the door made of thick rice paper and listened intently.

Someone was crying... A girl was crying.

Sasuke smirked inwardly. Jackpot.

"W-What the hell...?"

Naruto suddenly yelped, grabbing Sasuke's attention for a moment. Sasuke whipped his head back at the crowd and watched as the thugs huddle closer to his teammates, giving him the chance to slide the door open and slip inside the room without anybody noticing.

As careful as he could, he stepped inside and was greeted by a figure of a young woman huddled at one corner of the room. She had her face buried on her arms as she hugged her knees, her shoulders quivering slightly because of her sobs.

Sasuke took a step forward and silently closed the door behind him, instantly catching the girl's attention. She looked up and Sasuke saw the surprised look on her face and heard the shocked gasp that escaped from her lips.

The young Uchiha noted that she looked remarkably like her brother.

"W-Who are you...?" She asked softly, her eyes fearful of him.

"Doesn't matter. I'm here to get you out." Sasuke replied, his face impassive.

The girl stared at him in confusion for a minute before standing up, revealing her rather exquisite wedding kimono. Her long brown hair spilled over her shoulders in a mess and one unsteady hand reached up to comb the brown locks with her fingers.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow when her once pale face grew bright pink. "B-But why...?" She whispered as she turned away, her eyes refusing to meet his.

Slightly irritated at the way the girl was behaving, he frowned at her before answering her question. "Your brother's here. He wants to get you out."

Her eyes widened in surprise and she finally looked at him straight in the eyes, only to turn away again with a blush a few seconds later.

Sasuke snorted. Tch... girls...

"Hey! Hey!" Naruto's growl tore Sasuke's attention away from Henta's sister. "Let go, you bastards!"

With a silent curse, Sasuke reached down and grabbed the girl's hand. "Come on!" His voice was stern as he dragged her outside the room, completely ignoring her small cry and missing the fact that she just called him 'my prince'.

Sasuke saw Naruto and Henta being held by Shin's bodyguards and were struggling frantically against the thugs' tight grip. Shin was kneeling in front of someone... and Sasuke's stomach clenched tightly when he found out who it was...


Unconsciously, his eyes flashed red and before he knew what was happening, he was in front of his pink-haired teammate, his fist landing a punch squarely on Shin's face and sending him flying outside the house.

Shocked gasps erupted inside the room as all of them watched the angry Sasuke with their mouths wide open.

Sakura couldn't believe her eyes. After glancing once more at the sputtering Shin who was out on the rain, she turned questioning eyes at the dark-haired boy who was standing protectively in front of her. "S-Sasuke-kun...?"

He didn't turn around to meet her gaze, didn't even bother to answer her. He just stood there, his back tense as he threw a scornful look at the man who was spitting mud outside the house. When Naruto called out his name, only then did Sasuke spoke up.

"I found her." He replied, his voice icy.

Found her? Sakura was confused, but when a young woman in a wedding kimono suddenly appeared beside Sasuke, she found herself sighing in relief. Sasuke found Henta's sister! Henta's sister is safe! They can finally get out of here! She was about to smile cheerfully and thank Sasuke for saving the day when she noticed the closeness of Henta's sister to the young Uchiha. Sakura's eyes narrowed in outrage when she saw the girl hugging Sasuke's arm.

The nerve...! Inner-Sakura growled inside her mind, the familiar feeling of jealousy squirming to break free. The kunoichi slowly picked herself up, a frown marring her pretty face as she watched the girl cuddle even closer to Sasuke... and Sasuke didn't move to pry her off of him.

"Yuri! You're safe!" Sakura heard Henta exclaim in relief. "I'm so glad you're safe, sister!"

Suddenly, a yell from outside caught everybody's attention. "What the hell are you bastards waiting for?" Shin pointed at Sasuke and Henta's sister. "Get her and kill that brat!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as he marched inside, his eyes blazing with unknown fury.


Sakura turned to Naruto and saw the wide grin forming in his lips. With a puff of smoke, the once sexy and beautiful Naruto turned into a goofy-looking and energetic teenager. The thugs who were holding him yelped in surprise and released both his arms, backing away in fright as if Naruto was some freak of nature. Shin, after seeing Naruto's transformation, almost fainted in shock.

"Let's do this!" The blonde said, his blue eyes glinting mischievously.

And with that said, war finally broke out.

"Are you sure everything's going to be all right?" Sakura asked for the fifth time that day as she stared at Henta's beaming smile, a worried expression plastered on her face. "What about the villagers... and Shin..!"

The rain had stopped a few hours ago and the thick gray clouds finally parted and gave way for the bright and warm rays of the setting sun. The sky was now painted with a deep mix of yellow and orange, as if telling everyone below that it was already late afternoon. Team 7 could be seen standing at the entrance of Sawada village, all of them getting ready to depart and return to Konoha. Henta and his family were also there to see them off.

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan!" Shin reassured her with a wave of his hand. "Don't worry about us anymore!" He flashed her a confident grin, causing Sakura to sweatdrop in response. "With Shin gone, what could happen?"

Sakura scrunched her face at the thought. The battle at Shin's estate, much to her surprise, was more like a practice brawl for her and her teammates. The humungous thugs aren't as tough as they look and Shin himself isn't much of a fighter.

In fact, the only person who gave them a hard time was Henta's sister herself. She kept on glueing herself to Sasuke, crying for his help everytime she sees a thug coming towards her. It irritated Sakura to no end!

Soon enough, Shin and his thugs ran away into the streets, screaming at them for revenge with all sorts of colorful curses coming from their busted mouths.

Sakura didn't know if she should be happy at the sudden turn of events, or be worried even more for Henta's family and the other villagers' welfare. With her and her teammates gone, who would protect the people in this village from Shin and his thugs if they come back?

She was surprised when a hand was placed gently on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Henta smiling at her with a grateful expression on his face. "Thank you, Sakura-chan... Thank you for helping me get my sister back."

"Err... You're welcome, Henta-san." Sakura took a few steps back and smiled nervously. For a terrifying moment there, she thought that he was going to lean in and kiss her.

"Hey, you..." Naruto snapped in protest. "What about us?" He pointed at himself and Sasuke. "We helped, too, you know. You still owe me one!"

"Yes, yes, of course!" Laughing, Henta mumbled an apology to Naruto before reaching something from his pocket. Naruto's eyes widended in surprise when he realized that it was a coupon... a very familiar coupon.

"A coupon from Ichiraku!" His smile was as bright as his blonde hair.

"Yup! Three free bowls of ramen! I got it before we left your village. I have no use for it now, so..." Naruto didn't let him finish what he was saying and eagerly grabbed the coupon from his hand.

Sakura chuckled before she shook her head at Naruto's behavior. She motioned for Isaaru, who was hiding shyly behind Henta's legs the whole time, and kissed him goodbye. After that, she stood up and got ready to leave when she saw Yuri step forward in front of Sasuke.

"Umm... Sasuke-kun?" Her face was red as she looked almost everywhere but the young man in front of her. Sakura smirked inwardly when Sasuke's expression remained impassive. "Thank you for saving me..." The kunoichi frowned when she saw her reaching up to touch Sasuke's face.

She's gonna kiss him! She's gonna kiss him! Inner-Sakura rang warning bells inside her head, and all Sakura could think of was to get over there and yank Sasuke away from Yuri. With a huff, Sakura stomped towards the two with the intention of dragging Sasuke away from the girl and her pouting lips when, much to her surprise, Sasuke was the one who grabbed her hand and began to drag her away from Henta's family.

"Come on, let's go." Sasuke muttered, leaving a confused Yuri and a snickering Henta from behind. Sakura, baffled at Sasuke's action, let herself be dragged by the the dark-hair boy into the forest.

And so, team 7 traveled back home, all of them eager to return to the confines of their own homes after enduring such an extremely exhausting mission.

Interestingly enough, Sasuke and Sakura didn't notice that their hands were still joined as they journeyed back...

...until, of course, Naruto took notice of it, which was a few minutes later after Sawada village was nowhere in sight.

Sakura slumped her body against the bridge, grumbling silently to herself when she remembered how Kakashi told them yesterday to meet here for another mission. The sun had just risen and the blue sky along with the clouds welcomed the bright rays of the morning sun, its warmth enveloping the village and bringing life to her surroundings once again.

No matter how beautiful the day may be, Sakura couldn't help the frown from forming in her face. It was still pretty early... and she wanted to continue sleeping in her bed. The last mission exhausted her so much, and certain parts of her body were still sore, especially her back.

"Kakashi-sensei..." Naruto whined beside her, his attention focused on the river. "Would it kill him to arrive early for once? It's getting late. We're in the heck is he?" He mumbled, asking no one in particular.

Five hours have passed and Sakura, having nothing else to do but stare up at the clouds, answered Naruto with a little snap in her voice. "Naruto, you know how Kakashi-sensei is... Stop whining already..." She looked at Sasuke and noticed that he was still as indifferent as ever.

It's deja vu all over again. Although, at the back of her mind, she could have sworn that they didn't sound this gloomy before.

And then, with a puff of gray smoke, Kakashi appeared at the end of the bridge, his hand holding his latest edition of Icha-Icha paradise... as usual. Sakura, too tired to shout with the usual 'You're late!' with Naruto, just frowned at their sensei when he advanced towards them.

Sakura expected Kakashi to greet them with his usual sunny smile behind his mask, but when he motioned for her to come and see him in private for a moment, she couldn't help but glance at her teammates with a confused look on her face.

"What is it, Kakashi-sensei?" She asked once both of them had gone far enough and were out of earshot.

"Sakura..." The jounin started, his hand reaching up to rub the back of his head as if he was having a hard time speaking his thoughts out loud. Kakashi acted like this before... and if she remembered it right, he acted just like this when he informed them about the mission with Henta...

"Kakashi-sensei..." Sakura frowned at him suspisciously. "Is this about the mission?"

"Actually, yeah. It's all about the mission." He chuckled, a chuckle that sounded forced to Sakura.

Unconsciously, anger bubbled inside her. "Are you going to tell me again that you won't let me go in this mission?"

Kakashi smiled at her reaction. "Of course not. Actually..." He trailed off as he glanced at the two young men who were still standing patiently at the bridge. "I want to give this mission to you."

Sakura was taken aback. "To me..? Why...?"

Before he could start explaining things, something caught his eye and he turned his gaze back to the bridge. Sakura followed his gaze and to her surprise, she saw Naruto talking to a... girl?

The jounin sighed, his gaze trained on where the boys are. "Come along, Sakura. Let's go meet your new charge."

When they arrived at the bridge, Sakura couldn't help but notice the frilly pink dress that the girl was wearing. Her long curly hair was as blonde as Naruto's and a big red ribbon was clipped on top of her head. When she turned to face them, Sakura was shocked at the amount of make-up that the girl was wearing.

"Okay, everyone... meet Yayoi." Kakashi introduced her and the young woman lifted her skirts and did a graceful curtsy. When the girl's eyes met Kakashi's, she threw him a flirty look and Sakura noticed how Kakashi's face twitch in response.

For some reason... Sakura has a very bad feeling about this...

Naruto stepped forward with a bright smile on his face, ready to meet the new girl. "Hey there, Yayoi! I'm..." He was cut off when Yayoi threw herself at him, her arms reaching out to envelop him in a tight hug. She gave him a kiss on both his cheeks, making Naruto grow as red as a tomato.

Sakura was surprised at the... display of affection... When she turned a questioning look at their sensei, she noticed the way he gulped at the scene, a bead of sweat trailing down at the side of his cheek.


Yayoi whispered something in Naruto's ear before she finally let go of him, a huge smile appearing on her powdered face. But when Sakura looked at the expression on Naruto's face, she almost gasped out loud in shock.

His face was extremely pale and he was looking at the girl in front of him with his eyes as wide as saucers. "Y-You...!" He stuttered and he backed away from the girl, who was now smiling devilishly at him.

Sasuke noticed his teammate's distress and narrowed his eyes at the new girl. Sakura immediately ran up to Naruto's side. "Naruto! What's wrong?"

"It was nice meeting you all... my darlings."

Team 7 stiffened at the girl's voice, the voice that was unusually too low for a girl. Sakura looked up at the girl's face and noticed for the first time that even if her face was so full of make-up, it didn't hide her rough cheekbones or the wideness of her jaw. Her gaze traveled down and she noticed with a gasp that the girl was... flat-chested. The wind blew at her skirts and, to her and her teammates' horror, saw that her legs...

... were all muscled and extremely hairy.

Oh my god...

"Well, boys..." Yayoi slurred, her voice as thick as a voice of a grown-up man. "Shall we...?"

Sakura released the breath she didn't know she was holding. Too nervous to turn around and look at her teammates' expressions, she glanced at their sensei and saw the apologetic look on his face that was not meant for her but for her teammates.

She sighed, wondering briefly how long his teammates' patience would last... this time.

The End


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