Sorry this chapter is so short - I will be shifting back and forth between Cameron and House. I still don't own the characters!

Driving home, Cameron didn't really see anything. She was thinking about her future. The one she had prayed for as the young wife of a dying man. The one she had wished for as she had approached Dr. House with the question, "Do you? (like me)" The one she had hoped would happen earlier, as she had laid her cards on the table. She had let House know how she felt. She had put the ball in his court. But he didn't have a response. Nothing at all.

This is what was haunting Cameron as she parked her car and strode to her building's front door. Normally House was quick with one liners and quips. Normally he would have looked her in the eye and shot out some sort of insult about the fairer sex or some such nonsense. Normally he would have been a jerk.

So, why was he acting so abnormally? The doctor in her wanted to solve this puzzle. The woman in her wanted to close this case so that she could move on. 'Ha, move on, yeah that's what I want.'

Entering her apartment, Cameron was on auto-pilot. Drop keys and bag on counter. 'Why didn't he lash out at me?' Grab glass. 'Why didn't he look me in the eyes?' Grab wine from the fridge. 'Why couldn't he even shake my hand?' Pour. 'Think, think, think, there has to be some reason.' Drink.

She was driving herself crazy and she knew it. Downing the rest of her glass of chardonnay, Cameron put the glass in the sink and headed to the bathroom…it was time for a long hot shower. And ABBA…dancing queen was just what she needed.