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Summary: The story take place somewhere after So... good talk? When L/L are finally back together and happy to be back together. How Lorelai could survive to a Luke withdrawal?

Love and frustration

Chapitre 1

The Dragonfly's reunion was endless and it was already dark when Lorelai came home. Walking in front of Luke's, she realized that all the lights were off. She wanted so bad to see him, touch him, feel him; but she knew he had early deliveries and he needed his sleep.

She thought about Luke all day. The last kiss and more, the last words that they had weren't enough. She was amazed since she was with Luke, and she was excited all the time. She was thinking about him all day long, dreaming of him when she wasn't in is arms. OMG, she was addicted!

« Too bad, Lorelai thought, I guess that tonight I'll need a cold shower »

Lorelai arrived home, parked her car, but she wasn't really aware of what she was doing. She could only think about one person. His body, his mouth, hummmm his mouth…his talented mouth ! Oh God, I sooooo need a cold shower !

Lorelai entered her house with her purse in one hand and Sookie's brownies in the other. She went to the kitchen, threw her bag in the hallway and started to eat. "But why am I eating this thing ? Lorelai you're stupid! Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, you don't really need one right now !"

She threw the brownie and went upstairs, she entered her room with the intention to grab some clothes and going under the shower. But as she opened her closet, she found a little bag she forgot after her last trip to the mall. She couldn't help opening it and smiling. It was a beautiful lingerie set. When she bought it, she visualized Luke's face when he would have discovered her, waiting for him , lying in his bed. Unfortunately, she didn't have the chance yet.

Lorelai finally decided that the cold shower was a bad idea; she took a hot bath instead, in order to relax and evacuate the sexual tension. When she felt the hot water on her naked body, she realized it was a big mistake. The water feeling like it was caressing her body excited her even more. Every little wave reminded her of Luke. It was too much, she had to get out of this bath, this Eden's garden before succumbing to temptation.

The only clothes she brought with her in the bathroom was the sexy lingerie ensemble. She didn't really know why but she put it on. She wanted to feel pretty and wanted.

She changed and she went back to her room to look at herself in the mirror. It could seem a little narcissistic but it wasn't, she just liked to look in the mirror to have confidence in her sex appeal .

Actually, since a few month ago, she was different, she felt beautiful no matter what time of the day it was. Love changed her, even Rory noticed it. In her eyes, her mouth, her voice tone. All Lorelai's body screamed love and desire. Lorelai couldn't help but smile with satisfaction. She had that happy smile everytime she was thinking about Luke. She let herself lying on the bed, her eyes lost somewhere. When she closed her eyes she saw Luke. She discovered something the last few weeks: when Luke wasn't there and she missed him; she just had to close her eyes and he was here.

But tonight, it wasn't enough, she needed more than just imagine him behind his counter or pouring her coffee with a look. She could imaging him and felt his hands caressing her. While she was dreaming about Luke's hands, her own hands were caressing every part of her body that Luke adored. When Lorelai started to touch her stomach, several thoughts came to her mind. "OMG, what am I doing?" She had the impression that she was a teenager again, satisfying primal needs while she was listening to « take my breath away ». But this time it was different, she had Luke, she wanted Luke and while she was caressing her own body, she was thinking about him.

When her hand reached lower and got between the cloth and her skin, she started to caress it doing little circles; she couldn't help but moans. Her other hand was on her breast, grabbing it with every pleasure's wave. Her moans were now incontrollable. Her eyes were still closed and Luke was still in her mind.


Luke was unable to sleep. He was lying in his bed, alone, for more than two hours.

Usually, he didn't mind going to bed early when he had early deliveries. But now… now there was Lorelai. He suddenly smiled : there was Lorelai.

Actually, she was the reason he couldn't sleep, or the lack of her was the reason. He was getting used to have her near him, to hug her in the middle of the night, when she get closer to him unconsciously, and to make love in the morning.

They were separated for less than twelve hours but he already missed her so bad. In fact he missed hersince the moment he stopped kissing her at lunch. He started to remember lunch ...

…... He arrived in the Dragonfly around noon with a burger for Lorelai and a salad for himself. He knew Lorelai was busy and sometimes she forget to eat. He decided to forget the fact he hated junk food to made her a surprise.

When he arrived, she was turned back and she was speaking to Michel. When Michel saw him he started to mouth a sarcastic remark as usual but Luke silently asked him to shut up. He approached Lorelai and covered her eyes with his hands. Michel rolled his eyes and left without saying a word. Lorelai put her hands on Luke's.

« Sweetheart, I already told you to stop doing that. Luke could see us !»

Lorelai turned around still looking serious. She acted surprised and said: « oh Luke, it's you. I thought …I'm discovered » She started to laugh, but when she saw Luke's face, she got worried.

« Luke ? are you ok ?

« hum… yeah, he said staring at his shoes.

« Luke, you didn't really think…I mean…you know I wouldn't do that

« Well, you wouldn't be the first » he whispered.

Suddenly, Lorelai remembered.

« Oh Luke I'm so sorry. I didn't want to remind you that. And you know I'm not like Nicole, I wouldn't do that.

« Mmh, he answered.

« No, not Mmh, I would never do that. I'd rather die then hurt you

« Really ?

« Don't be silly, of course really. I would rather stop drinking coffee than hurt you.

Luke finally smiled and apologized for not trusting her for that second.

« That's ok , she said hugging him, you so adorable when you're panicking ; that's why i love you… »

Lorelai suddenly realized what she just said. She freaked out and couldn't move, she was still close to Luke." Stupid Lorelai, you're stupid. When are you gonna learn to shut up, she thought, and Luke is not saying a word. Oh my god , what should I do… what should I do ?"

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