What have we done?

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Summary: Not knowing who Chris is, Paige casts a spell to reveal his secrets. But something goes wrong, so the CharmedOnes, Leo, Baby Wyatt and Chris end up in Chris' future. Where not everything is perfect and only more secrets are waiting for them. Can Chris keep his secret?

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Chapter 17

Wyatt looked at his little brother. Emotionless.

"You are underestimating me, mom. Although I am glad for your love... you should be more concerned about..." Wyatt couldn't finish his sentence, because Chris suddenly tackled him and both fell to the floor.

Wyatt smirked at Chris and with the right moves he managed to switch places with Chris, so now it was Wyatt who was holding down Chris. One hand was on Chris' chest and the other one went to Chris throat and Wyatt began to squeeze. Wyatt's eyes kept looking at Chris, who began to suffocate. Chris tried to free himself from his brother's grip, by reaching for Wyatt's throat, but he couldn't reach him. So he tried to push Wyatt away and he began to kick... but he already felt how his powers weakened. His hand moved to his own throat, trying desperately to loosen Wyatt's grip. He already noticed that his vision blurred.

Wyatt smirked, his eyes evil. He leaned forward near Chris' ear.

"Are you so desperate to hide your identity, that you would die for it? What are you afraid of little brother? That they won't love you, that they will abandon you or that you are disappointment to this family?" Wyatt whispered.

Both didn't hear the yells from outside and how the others tried to get through Wyatt's shield.

"Chris... no"

"Wyatt let him go."

"Please stop... you can't do that... Wyatt!"

Before Chris totally got unconscious a thought came to his mind, that he nearly had to laugh if he could have. He couldn't believe that he could forget... and with one move of his hand, Wyatt flew off him on the floor. Chris really didn't understand how he could have forgotten that he has powers. But he hadn't much time to regenerate. Chris just breathed in the air hungrily as he felt himself lifted from the floor – by Wyatt's powers.

"And I already thought you had forgotten." Wyatt said with a smirk.

Chris again used his powers, but Wyatt had Chris in his hold, so Wyatt only stumbled a few steps backwards.

"Let him go." Pee said with tears in her eyes.

Wyatt turned slightly to his cousin and smirked.

"I somehow have a deja vue. What about you Chris? Only that it was Bianca who was begging for your life..." Wyatt said to his brother, who tried desperately to escape Wyatt's grip. "... and see where it got here." he added the comment to Pee.

Chris yelled and tried to get free again. At least this time Wyatt wasn't chocking him.

But Pee didn't pay attention to Chris at the moment, because this time she held onto Wyatt's evil look.

"Are you threatening me?" Pee asked self-confident.

Wyatt looked at her seriously. "You seriously want to play this game?" he asked her.

"Let him go." Pee repeated slowly. Gathering all her strength, to go through this.

"Or what?" Wyatt said curiously.

Chris had kept quiet the whole time, as the others... but Chris saw what Pee was doing and again began to struggle. "Pee, don't do it." Chris said...

But she already placed her hands on Wyatt's shield. And everybody, including Wyatt looked shocked as the shield became lighter and lighter, till it vanished completely.

"What... How did you do that?" Richard asked confused.

Pee looked broken and gave Wyatt a sad look.

"You gave me a present... I hope you don't mind that I used it." She said to Wyatt, with a tear in her eye. She then ran over to Chris, who had fallen to the ground – as Wyatt had let go of him as the shield went down.

"Are you okay?" She asked Chris and helped him up.

"You shouldn't have done that." Chris only said.

"I probably saved your life and you are complaining about my decision? It's my life." She said and looked into Chris' eyes.

The others still looked confused and shocked at the scene that was happening there. They didn't understand at all what was happening.

Wyatt looked at the scene with indifferent feelings. As Chris, he knew today everything would end, one way or the other. But with Pee interfering things might turn out differently than intended. He was truly impressed that she had dared to fight him...

"This is my fight, stay out of it." Chris suddenly hissed at Pee, who looked truly hurt and confused.

"Chris... what the hell is going on with you?" she asked.

Chris feature softened. "I am sorry." He whispered, so only she could hear it...

The next second Chris made a move with the hand and suddenly Pee was flying through the air.

"No!" Richard yelled shocked. Things were getting out of control.

"No..." Wyatt screamed too as he saw Pee flying against the wall behind him. With a fast move of his hand he slowed Pee down and she landed softly on the ground.

Everybody looked shocked at what just happened. This was like a twisted world. Chris attacking Pee and Wyatt protecting her. Something was wrong, really wrong.

Pee looked at Wyatt sadly. She wished he had saved her because it was her... she was missing her big cousin so much... but she knew that Wyatt had other reasons to protect her...

But before anybody could ask or comment anything... they heard a painful scream.

They turned around, to see Chris with the athamate in the hand he had used earlier to try to kill himself. The athamate showed new marks of blood.

Wyatt meanwhile was holding a hand against his stomach, which was bleeding.

"Ahh..." Piper cried shocked and tears came in her eyes. She just wanted to run to Wyatt, as future Leo grabbed her arm, to hold her back. She looked at him shocked and he looked at her sadly.

"You can't interfere." he said calm.

"What the hell is going on with all of you. For gods sake. He is still your son, Leo... you seriously want him to die." she said crying.

"You are the only ones who can safe him ... this ... and that's by changing what we did wrong – in your time." Leo said and he shivered. He let go of Piper and as the others he watched what was happening between his two sons.

"Don't let emotions lead you... isn't that what you teach your demons everyday." Chris said as Wyatt went to his knees, his wound still bleeding.

"I underestimated you. I never thought you would hurt your own cousin to kill me. And you are calling me evil?" Wyatt said. His eyes were deep dark and Chris shivered, because of the evilness he felt from his brother.

"I used my powers because I knew you would safe her." Chris said, going to his knees know too...

"So she told you? Then she is way more clever than I thought. I really have to admit it... but I wouldn't have chosen anybody else..." Wyatt said smiling.

"So... do it. Kill me. End it once and for all." Wyatt said and looked into his brothers eyes. "Make your parents proud."

Chris stood up slowly and looked down to Wyatt without any emotions.

The others looked at scene with all kinds of emotions and non of them would want to be in Chris' position right now ... Non of them would want to do the final step... to end all this.

Suddenly Chris began to smile sadly.

"You seriously believe that I could do this Wyatt? That I could ever hate you so much that I could kill you?" Chris stepped a few steps away from Wyatt.

"Maybe I will regret it later... but I just can't give up hope!" Chris whispered. Wyatt looked at him confused and Chris believed he saw the blue eyes of his brother for a second.

Chris took the athamte, which he was still holding and which still was covered with Wyatt's blood, and cut his finger... so both of their blood mixed together.

"Mom said she loves you too... I still have hope..." Chris whispered and smiled.

"Blood to blood,

i summon thee,

blood to blood,

return to me.

Witches of the Halliwell line,

i need your help through space and time.

May the power of three,

set us free,

From evil's path

from the future back to the past."

Chris invented quickly. He hadn't really thought this through, he had to admit, but this was his only chance.

He didn't see how Wyatt looked at him shocked as he spoke the spell and how his eyes color turned from black to blue.

"No!" Wyatt screamed terrified. He created a blue shield in his hands and threw it at the others who were standing outside, so they were protected. But Chris was standing on the opposite site of them and Wyatt hadn't enough time to shield him, as he already saw the magic spread. First it went in the past CharmedOnes direction, but as they were protected, it didn't harm them... and then it went in Lil's, Pee's, Kyle's and Chris' direction. But as Lil, Pee and Kyle were protected, they weren't harmed either. But Chris hadn't so much luck. His own spell was attacking himself now.

Chris felt how he slowly got problems to breath. It was as if life was sucked out of him... and he collapsed on the floor.

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"Chris!" His family was running over to him.

"Chris... say something... Chris." Pee was the first one by his side.

"Chris!" Leo immediately placed his hands above his son to heal anything that was hurting his son. But there was nothing to heal. Nevertheless his breathing calmed a little, but he wasn't really better.

Piper was holding her stomach. As Chris spell tried to get to her she had felt a pull in her stomach. She knew it was because of the baby. She got dizzy and would have fallen to the ground if past Leo and her sisters hadn't caught her.

"Piper.. are you okay?" Leo immediately asked.

"The baby... Chris tried to kill the baby." Piper whispered.

Leo looked at Piper totally confused... but then he saw how she placed her hands on her stomach and realization hit him and he looked shocked to Piper.

"You are pregnant?" he whispered.

Piper smiled at him slightly and nodded... but then reality hit her again.

Wyatt still was at the same spot as he had been when Chris said his spell. The wound was still bleeding – due to the poison on Pee's athamate. But he had other problems. Because right now he was fighting an inner struggle. He saw Chris ... dead... and it was his fault. And this finally broke him. His blue eyes finally turning totally black and his wound closed itself... his evil side totally controlling him now. And he began to laugh. An evil laughter, which made everybody shiver who heard it.

Lil turned around. Glaring at her cousin.

"What did you do to him." Lil asked angrily.

"Little Lil wants to fight me?" Wyatt asked amused.

"What did you do?" Melinda asked again.

"Oh come on... you don't even have an active power, or at least it won't do much harm." Wyatt said. "In general you were always the one of us who was so careful with her powers, it was ridiculous."

"... and it had it's reasons..." Lil said. "I am doing this for Chris..." she whispered

"Lil... what are you doing?" Jason asked his daughter. He was still sitting next to Chris, who wasn't looking good.

Lil closed her eyes... she concentrated, like her mother had taught her and this time she pushed her anger over the edge in contrast to all the other times. She felt how the power went through her body and feared that she might faint. But after a few more breathes she had it under control.

Wyatt as all the magical beings in the room felt the sudden power increase in Lil... but they especially felt that this power was evil.

"Lil?" Kyle asked. His cousin turned around, she had a sad smile – but the part that made Kyle shiver was the fact that her eyes were black.

"What is happening?" Jason asked, who had seen his daughter's eyes too.

Lil created a fireball.

"Okay... what is going on?" Pee asked. She was still holding Chris' hand, but was now watching Lil as everybody else. Lil definitely hasn't got the power to created fireballs. Lil had inherited her mother's powers. Visions, empathy and Phoebe's future power telepathy – but this power was still in progress... Something wasn't right.

"You.." Pee suddenly heard Chris voice and immediately turned to him as did Leo.

"What?" Leo asked.

"You have to knock her out... she can't control the power for long." Chris whispered weak and again tried to get air in his lungs.

"Chris?" Pee asked... but got distracted when she saw Lil attacking Wyatt with the fireball.

Wyatt was indeed surprised by the sudden turn of events... but blocked her attack with his own powers.

"Impressive... really impressive." Wyatt said with a grin. "But it won't be enough to kill me, sorry little cousin." he added.

This comment let the Charmed Ones flinch. Again they noticed that this was indeed family who was fighting each other. Piper's son Wyatt against Phoebe's daughter Lil. And then there were future Leo, Jason and Richard. It was like a nightmare.

"Test me..." Lil said her eyes still black and now she was smiling evilly too.

"Do something." Pee whispered to Kyle... but both didn't know how they should react in this situation.

Lil suddenly send another fireball at Wyatt and while he reflected it she attacked him with her fist.

"Lil!" Pee suddenly screamed. She knew that Lil wouldn't be able to beat Wyatt for long.

"What did you do to him?" Lil screamed while she hit Wyatt.

Cage us! Pee suddenly heard Lil in her mind.

Let me help you! Pee only thought and hoped that her cousin heard her. She didn't get an answer... so she slowly stood up. She knew that a normal crystal cage wouldn't keep Wyatt caged for long. Wyatt was too powerful for such things.

"Crystal Cage!" Pee whispered and the cage immediately caged her cousins. She jumped up and saw how Lil hit Wyatt once again and then did something magical with her hands, which made it for Wyatt impossible to get up for a second.

Lil immediately jumped up and to everybody's surprise she simply went through the crystal cage – outside of it.

"How..." Pee wanted to ask... but Lil was interrupting her.

"Can you do the same thing with the shield as before only reversed?" Lil asked, while she breathed hard. She could feel how the evil power tried to take control.

Pee only nodded and she slowly placed her hands near the crystal cage. She closed her eyes and hoped that it would work. And it did. Her hands began to glow and it was as if a second barrier would uprise.

"Is it going to keep him in there?" Lil asked her cousin. Pee looked exhausted.

"I hope so." She said... "It should."

"Good." Lil said and she closed her eyes. She concentrated hard and with all the strength she had she cleared herself from the dark influence – well at least for the moment. When she opened her eyes again, they had her former color back and she smiled relieved. But she hadn't much time to enjoy it.

Both immediately rushed over to Chris to check on him. He seemed better now, he was pale and seemed pretty weak – but he could at least breath a little again.

"I am proud of you..." Chris whispered to Lil as she kneed next to him. His head was in his father's lap and he didn't fight it. Having him next to himself and feeling how he cared – it brought back old memories of his childhood. He felt safe...

"What for gods sake is going on here?" Jason asked.

But before anybody could answer, Chris suddenly juddered. He seemed to be in great pain, he began to sweat and he again gasped for air.

"Chris... Chris." Leo tried to keep his son calm. He leaned forward. "I am here. It's okay now... I am here and I won't leave you." he whispered in his son's ear and to his relieve Chris really calmed down. Chris lay down his fathers arms again, exhausted. He was now paler than before and everybody knew that he wouldn't be able to hold on long in case they won't find a cure to what ever Chris had.

"What did you do." Lil now asked Wyatt calmly. He was now sitting in his cage, totally relaxed.

"I didn't cast the spell, did I?" he asked. His eyes were still dark and it was really creeping everybody out. They had seen Wyatt a few times since he turned, but his eyes hadn't been like this. They had been black... but now they even send a dark aura... something more evil – they all couldn't really explain it. They just felt it.

"For gods sake Wyatt. Chris is your..." Kyle could hold a hand in front of Lil's mouth in time to stop her from spilling.

"What is going on with him?" Kyle asked...

Wyatt smiled. "You really want to know?"

Lil nodded slightly.

"You won't like it." Wyatt slowly started.

"Spill!" Pee hissed, she saw how Chris again started to get uneasy.

"Maybe you should simply think... what do you think should Chris' spell cause?" Wyatt said.

"Destroy what caused your turning." Pee whispered.

Wyatt smiled. "Exactly... destroy what caused my turning. And when I tell you that his spell works totally fine, I guess you can figure the whole thing out by yourselves."

- to be continued -