In The Fullness Of Time

A Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crossover Fanfiction
by Faoron Ronak

Part One - Juuban
Prologue - Here's Ranma

"...and so a Hero will emerge, born of Light, to be shrouded in Darkness, so that the Circle is complete..."
-- Excerpt from The Book of Shadows
This takes place about five months after the end of Ranma ½ Manga 38, and about a month after the end of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
Sailor Pluto was worried. Not in a "my teammates are about to die, but the timestream tells me it's for the good of Crystal Tokyo" kind of way. No. She was worried in a "Oh, shit, my teammates are about to die, the timestream didn't say anything about this, and there's NOTHING I can do!" kind of way. The reason? One enemy. Just one. And none of the Senshi's attacks were effective in any way. She watched as the creature picked Sailor Mars up and threw her bodily into Sailor Uranus, who had only just gotten up from the last attack sent her way. She grimaced, closed her eyes, and accessed the Gates of Time. She searched for Crystal Tokyo, but it was only in a few very isolated branches of the timestream. She opened her eyes again.

'Damn, what do I do? I either back-track it to the Gates of Time and save myself or I join the fight with this... thing... and very likely die along with the Senshi... my comrades... my friends...' Her eyes widened at this thought. 'When did they become my friends?' Her face showed shock. 'When was the last time I had friends?' She stood up straight and started walking towards the battle with a determined gleam in her eyes. 'And if I retreat to the Gates of Time... I'll be alone again... it'll probably be yet another twenty thousand years before I leave the Gates of Time again... I can't repeat that another time... I'd go insane.' She started charging up her Dead Scream. 'So I die with my friends... I'm sorry, Serenity-sama, I couldn't protect them after all.' And with a whispered "Dead Scream" she entered the fray.

'What's that feeling?' Saotome Ranma asked herself as she roof-hopped over to where she felt... something. 'It feels... evil... unnatural...' Her eyes widened. 'Demonic...' She narrowed her eyes. 'A martial artist's duty... I hope no one's been hurt...' She snorted in disgust. 'Of course someone's been hurt, demons don't waste their time.' She sped up as much as she could. Five minutes later, she arrived to see a woman with long green hair get sent flying into the side of a building. Ranma stopped and blinked. 'It's the Sailor Senshi. Good, I'll probably need some help...' she started to think, only to see that the Sailor Senshi were in bad shape. 'That's right, they use magic... that's not good. It looks like it'll be all up to me, after all.' She snorted. 'What I wouldn't give for some of the martial artists from Nerima.' She brushed back a tear from her face. 'Nerima...' She shook her head furiously. 'No! Stay focused! You have lives to protect...'
Sailor Pluto groaned and tried to pull herself up from where she'd been thrown. 'Of course it was to much to hope for a quick death.' She managed to get to her feet, but almost lost her balance again, her vision blurry. 'It's probably having a grand time watching us suffer.' She started to recover her vision, only to see the monster charging right for her. From somewhere, she heard someone scream for her to run, 'Sailor Jupiter, I think,' but didn't have the energy to do so. 'I guess this is it...' she thought as the monster raised it's sword arm, poising to give an obvious death blow. Just as the sword reached where she was, she felt the world shift, and suddenly she was two hundered feet away, held in a red-headed teenaged girl's arms. The girl looked down at her, "Ya okay, lady?" She helped Sailor Pluto back to her feet.

"Yes," Pluto responded, still dazed, "yes I am, thank you."

The petite girl gave her a small, sad smile. "Ain't no prob'em." She looked at the monster. "I was right," she hissed, "a demon!" She glanced around the street-turned-battleground at the rest of the Sailor Senshi. "You get your friends away from here, Sailor Pluto." She started walking towards the Demon, her eyes narrowed. "I'll take care a' Mr. Beautiful over there."

Pluto tried to stop the girl, but she simply vanished and reappeared back near the Demon. 'Demon? The dimensions containing this type of demon have been sealed since even before the Silver Millenium!' She started walking to the closest Senshi to her, Sailor Neptune, still looking at the mysterious girl. 'Who is that? I'm sure I've seen her somewhere before...' She stopped, her eyes wide. "What's she doing in Juuban?" she asked out loud.

"Who is she?" Neptune asked, getting up. She was holding her left shoulder, her left arm hanging loosely from its socket. She looked down to where the demon was, and took on a fearful look, screaming, "Saturn! NO!"

Pluto looked back to the battle, and saw the Demon's sword flying through the air straight for Sailor Saturn.

Ranma took a good look at the demon from her defensive position near Sailor Saturn. 'Heh, this thing looks just like Pantyhose. Only bigger, stronger, armoured, and stinks.' "Hey, ugly!" she shouted at it. It turned to look at her. "Yeah, you. Sorry 'bout this, but I have to kill you. You don't belong on this world." She sighed. "If ya was jus' a youma, I'd probably letcha live, but since ya ain't, I won't," she called sadly.

The demon smiled, showing a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. "Very amusing, Mortal, that you think you pose more than amusement for me. You can't harm me, no one on this world can. Why don't you run away so that you can live for a little while longer yet, ne?" It laughed.

Ranma sighed sadly. "You're the one that's outta my league, here." She started walking forward again. "I'll try ta make it quick, 'kay?"

The demon turned away from her, seemingly ignoring her. "Go away, I'm busy killing the real threats right now." It threw it's sword towards Sailor Saturn, who was starting to stand up.

Ranma's eyes widened, screamed, "NO!" and used her greatest speed to attempt to intercept the weapon. She didn't have enought time to get Saturn out of the way, but she could save her another way. With only just enough time, she placed herself in the path of the sword, allowing it to go through her back, coming out of her chest. She looked down into Saturn's frightened eyes. "'r ya a'ight?" Ranma asked.

Saturn just nodded. "Why..." she whispered.

Ranma smirked. "Couldn't let the demon kill a real cute girl like you, now could I?" Saturn blushed. Ranma blinked. "Sorry, got a demon ta go kill, we'll talk later." She vanished from in front of Saturn to in front of the demon. "Now, that wasn't a nice thing ta do, now was it?" Ranma narrowed her eyes. "My turn." With that, she jumped forward with her right hand raised. Before the demon could mount a defense, she plunged her right hand deep into the demon's chest and tore out its heart, then jumped straight up. At the apex of her flight, she cupped her hands together, yelled, "Shi shi houkoudan!" and launched a large green orb of pulsing chi at the demon. By the time she landed, there was nothing but dust left of it. Ranma sighed and looked around at the Senshi who had started to gather nearby. "'r y'all a'ight?" she asked the assembled group.

Neptune heaved a sigh of relief. "She saved my little girl..." Her eyes filled with tears. "Probably at the cost of her own life..."

Pluto glanced over to Neptune, then back at the battle. "I wouldn't count her out just yet, Neptune. That girl is very powerful." She started to walk to the next closest Senshi, Mars and Uranus.

Neptune blinked in surprise, then started following Pluto. "Just how powerful? She can't be as powerful as the Senshi; we're enhanced by magic. She seems strong, but she doesn't seem to have any magic. What help can she possibly be?"

Pluto laughed a little at that. "She can easily take on any of us and not break a sweat. If it came down to it... she could probably beat all of us, even if we were to rush her all at the same time."

Neptune's jaw dropped. "You've got to be kidding me." She looked up as she heard a large boom, and watched as the demon was consumed by a large green explosion. She saw Ranma land at the edge of the crater that was created. "Okay, maybe not," she admitted dazidly. She and Pluto helped the other Senshi get to their feet, and they all made their over to the red-headed girl, whom they noticed was breathing heavily and still had a sword protruding from her chest.

Ranma looked up at the Senshi. "'r y'all a'ight?" she asked. Neptune nearly facefaulted at the question, as did nearly everyone else, which Ranma noticed. "Whazzat look, for?" she asked.

Mars spoke up. "You've got a sword sticking out of your chest, and you ask how we are?"

Ranma looked down and made a curious sound. "Oh yeah." She tried reaching behind her for the handle to pull it out, but couldn't quite reach it. She looked up to the Senshi. "Could one a' ya pull this out for me?" Uranus walked forward with a sick look on her face. She grabbed the handle and pulled half-heartedly. Ranma grimaced. "Put yer foot on my back an' pull as hard as ya can." Uranus nodded and did as instructed but didn't respond otherwise. When she started pulling, Ranma started screaming, and Uranus was barely able to keep a hold of herself and keep pulling. About a ten seconds later, the sword was out and Ranma was on her knees, clutching her chest and whimpering, tears streaming down her face. "Damn, that hurts. Even worse'n Saffron's fire... I never thought anything could hurt more'n that!" She started to cough up blood.

Saturn stepped forward and kneeled in front of Ranma. "Here, I can heal that for you." She placed her hands on Ranma's wounds, one on her back and the other on the front, closed her eyes, and her face took on a look of extreme concentration. A few moments later, her hands started to glow faintly, and Ranma could feel her injuries healing at an accelerated rate. Her eyes grew large, her face a mixture of easing pain and growing awe. When Saturn finished, she began to collapse forward, but Ranma caught her and cradled her in her lap.

"Thanks," said Ranma, smiling faintly, "and that makes ya even cuter'n before." As before, Saturn blushed faintly, while Uranus and Neptune exchanged glances and the rest of the Senshi blinked. "'r ya okay?" she asked in concern.

Saturn nodded weakly. "It just takes a lot of energy to heal a wound that bad. And I'm the one who should be thanking you. You're the one that saved me, remember?"

"Aww, it ain't no problem," she shrugged nervously. "What was I supposed ta do, letcha get run through?" She shuddered. "'t ain't fun, lemme assure ya!"

Pluto walked to the two of them. "Thank you, Saotome Ranma. We'd have lost this battle if you hadn't intervened."

Ranma blinked. "How didja know my name?"

Pluto smiled kindly. "I've kept track of your life for some time now." Her look turned sad. "I wish I could have done something to protect you from your father... ever since I found he had forced you to learn the Neko-ken, I've tried to keep an eye on you. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to protect you from everything he's done to you in the name of training, and that circus your life has become since you came back to Japan..."

"Y-you... know...?" Ranma asked, wide-eyed.

Pluto nodded slowly. "Everything up until four months ago. I haven't checked in since then... and for that matter, why are you in Juuban?" She raised an eyebrow. "Did Akane mallet you this far? That's a record."

Ranma responded in a low voice. "Ya know even that much?" She let out a lone, forlorn sigh. "I haven't lived in Nerima for 'bout three and a half months." She looked down. "I haven't lived anywhere since I left..." She blinked back tears. "Can we talk 'bout somethin' else?"

"Alright." She looked around. "This isn't the place to discuss anything, anyway. The local law enforcement officials will be arriving soon, so we should depart from this location." She looked at Ranma. "Do you want to come with us? I'd very much like to speak with you in person instead of watching from afar." She offered Ranma a hand to help her up.

Ranma looked at the hand. "Sure. Why not?" She looked at the sleeping Saturn in her lap. "But somebody else'll need ta carry Sailor Saturn. I'm too tired ta do it m'self." She laughed softly. "I'm almost too tired to roof-hop to where ever 't is ya wanna go."

Pluto looked at Ranma more closely. "When was the last time you ate or slept," she asked with concern.

Ranma blinked a few times and looked up to the sky in thought. "Hmm... I haven't slept'n 'bout three days... haven't eaten in about three weeks." She looked back to Pluto as Uranus came forward to take the sleeping Saturn from her.

Pluto's eyes widened. She looked at Ranma with tears in her eyes. 'What could have happened to do this to Ranma?' she thought. She helped Ranma to her feet, but before they could leave, Ranma collapsed into unconsciousness. Pluto was barely able to catch her as she fell. 'I suppose I'll have to carry you.' She smiled at Ranma as she picked her up. "Let's get out of here." With that, the Senshi took to the roofs, the police arriving at the scene about a minute later.

Authour's notes
: I've read a lot of Ranma ½ / Sailor Moon crossovers, and this is my contribution to that. Don't worry. This isn't going to be an all-powerful Ranma. That'll be proven later. Also, don't worry about the oddness of the fact that Ranma can fight this enemy but the Senshi cannot; it'll change as the story progresses. The rating is for excessive gore, pointless violence, and future mature situations. Anyway, this is the first fanfic I've actually put out publicly, so please be gentle with your reviews... but I want the truth! If this is crap, tell me... just say it nicely... hehe. Anyway, reviews are much appreciated.

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