Author's Note: My first romance/humor story! It's very cute with some fluff and a poor Sasuke getting embarrassed by Sakura's parents. XD Enjoy!


Chapter 1: Run Sasuke! Run!

"All right! That's all for today!" Tsunade said to her now seventeen year-old student, Sakura. Her hair had grown fairly long over the five years in Konoha, it now reaching down to her waist. She had let go unbound making it seem like a long, pink waterfall cascading down her back. She wore the outfit she had worn when she was twelve except it was longer and a darker shade of red. She had somewhat grown into her forehead, but it was still rather wide. She also gained a body that most girls would have killed for. She had curves in all the right places and she was no longer the scrawny little girl most people had known her as.

"Arrigato Tsunade-sama," Sakura said, bowing to express her gratitude. On the inside really, Sakura was not at all looking forward to returning home. Her parents had arranged a long list of suitors for her to meet. She had already met one of them, but she had gotten rid of him by telling her parents that he made her pay the bill at dinner. One down, twenty-four more to go, that is, if her parents didn't find more.

"Oi, Sasuke-kun! A little help here!" Sakura called over to her teammate while she and Naruto were trying to catch Hinata's pet parakeet that her fiancé was supposed to take care of. Sasuke glanced at the couple before looking above him again. Suddenly, his hand shot out and snatched a green and yellow ball of feathers.

"Is this what you're looking for?" Sasuke asked in a bored tone. Both Sakura and Naruto's mouths were hanging open. Naruto because he had caught the bird without looking, Sakura because he had caught the bird without looking and didn't injure it in the process. Naruto muttered something that sounded like 'show-off' and picked up the cage.

"Well, I guess we should put it back in its cage," Sakura simply stated.

"I can't," replied an uncomfortable Sasuke. Naruto glanced at the bird.

"You killed it!" he shouted. "Hinata's going to murder me!" Sakura bashed him over the head.

"It's not dead you baka!" yelled Sakura.

"Then why can't he put it back?" Everyone looked at Sasuke waiting for an answer.

"It fell asleep in my hand," was the reply. Sasuke still looked rather uncomfortable. "Could someone please take it? I don't like birds due to a childhood incident." Naruto howled with laughter.

"What happened? A bird bit your nose?" Naruto snickered. Sakura took the bird away from him and put it in its cage.

"Aa." Everyone stared at him. "When I was three, Okasan took me to the zoo and a macaw bit me on the nose…" Naruto started laughing again, and Sakura couldn't help herself, and broke down laughing with him. Sasuke scowled at the two before stalking off.

Sasuke took the long way home, the route which passed Sakura's house. He didn't know why he took this way, he just did. Suddenly Sasuke heard his teammate's voice. He looked behind him and saw both Sakura and Naruto running to catch up with him.

"Sasuke-kun! Turn back while you still can! Run!" Sakura shouted.

"Run Sasuke-bastard! Run!" Naruto also called out the warning. They were about to shout to him again, but too late.

"Oh, you must be another one of my daughter's suitors. Come in! Come in!" a woman said in a welcoming voice. Much to Sasuke's horror, it was Sakura's mother. She also caught sight of his blond-haired teammate. Before she could say anything though, Naruto showed the woman his engagement ring.

"Sorry lady, I'm taken," he said in relief when her mother backed off. Sasuke gave Sakura a look that said, "Your mother's insane! Do something about it before I decide to handle things on my own." Sakura tugged on her mother's sleeve.

"Um, could you please let Sasuke-kun go?" Her mother beamed.

"Oh, you two already know each other! Even better! Now both of you come inside." She grabbed the two ninjas and pulled them into the house, leaving Naruto standing alone with nothing to do. Actually, he thought he didn't for about two seconds until he cheered in joy and ran off to eat some ramen.

Author's End Note: Hope you guys liked it! I had fun writing this and I have more ideas to write, but I didn't put them in this story so you guys could eagerly await the next chapter (I'm so mean, aren't I?"!