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This is my first Teen Titans FanFic. I've previously written four Final Fantasy Seven FanFics but due to getting no real reviews I stopped posting half way through the second. I might someday get round to posting them for the people who do not review, if I feel like not being my usual spiteful self. However, enough about that. About the Teen Titans.

I'm a big fan of the Cartoon, and since then, have done research of the comics and grown to love the DC Universe like all should. I'm currently collecting the Comics, hence my blending of comic style with the Cartoon. I hope you all like. More Authors note at the bottom.




The dark and often haunting skyline of Jump City gave of a faint aura as the heavy rain beat down on rooftops, street lamps and car tops through out the city. It was winter, and as usual, the rain would not cease its constant downpour, making the residents of the coastal city as miserable as ever. The streets where all but deserted, most of the citizens safely locked up inside there cosy homes, dry and warm. The few people who where not as lucky trudged with sodden and clinging clothes, going about there business, some grumbling to themselves, others running mad dash to get home. It was just another gloomy winter day for the residents of Jump City.

On an island not far from the coast one majestic building stood erect and proud, a clear warning to all criminals who even thought of committing a crime in Jump City. The 'T' shaped building - creatively titled Titans Tower - cast its wavering shadow over the water, stretching out into the city. At the head of the tower, where the horizontal line of the 'T' met the vertical line, a light glowed in the murky atmosphere.



The soft chant encompassed the dark room, echoing around, mixing into itself as the chant was repeated again and again by the floating teenager hovering over her bed. The Teen Titan Raven had her eyes closed, her legs crossed Indian style, her arms resting on her knees, thumb and finger together, forming a doughnut shape. She was the center of everything in the room. She was at the very center of herself. She was calm, peaceful, and relaxed, almost to the state of nirvana.


In her calm, Raven let her mind wander, her empathic ability searching out her friends. The first one she found - as always - was Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy, the resident clown of the Titans. Although, he had matured a lot over the last few years, becoming more and more tolerable to the Titans, mainly herself. His constant jokes, bubbly attitude, and the fact he never left her alone had mellowed out into a cool friendly banter between the two. Though she would never admit this. She had a feeling Garfield knew anyway.


The next to find was the resident alien from Tamaran, Koriand'r aka Starfire. She was the easiest for Raven to read - followed closely by Garfield – as her emotions where never hidden, always pouring of her body like water from a shower head, pooling and steaming around her. Despite this, Raven really liked Kory, as she was the only other girl in the Titans and had – over years of teaming together, fighting side by side, bonding – become her best friend.


Next came Victor Stone aka Cyborg, the half human, half machine who had the heart, spirit and determination of a hero. Victor was indeed the Tin man with a heart. Raven loved Victor like a sister loves a brother. The two had grown very fond of each other over the years and created a bond that most never get in a lifetime or only through blood.


And the final member of the Titans, the father figure and the leader: Dick Grayson aka Robin. Scratch that. Nightwing. Raven had not yet got used to Dick's new codename. After Batman had taken on a new apprentice, who donned the Robin suit and identity, which Dick had kindly offered him, Dick had taken on a new costumed identity and a new suit. He was now Nightwing. Raven did not know how to classify Dick.

Garfield was like her annoying little brother.

Victor was like her loving, caring older brother.

Kory was her best friend.

Dick was…

Dick was…

…Completely un-definable to Raven.

Before any further contemplating could be done an alarm sounded, her Titans locator began to flash, and Dick's voice rang out clear over the intercom:

"Titans! Trouble!"


Okay then, that was the Prologue. Short I know. Don't worry; my actual Chapters will be a lot longer. If you couldn't tell, my fav character is Raven, so I thought I'd write the intro from her perspective. If you're wondering about pairings, I don't really want to give them away. So reply in your reviews if you mind me doing so or not, and I'll go from there. I just have to say things might not be as they seem. Okay. Review please!