" Don, what's wrong?" Charlie asked oblivious to any thoughts his brother had.

Don stood there shaking. What did the old legends say again? That someone who touched the house died the very same night. He didn't believe much in ghost stories, but seeing Charlie there sure challenged his faith.

" Don," Charlie called out to his older brother. His brother didn't move. Charlie was starting to get scared.

Acting purely on instict he approached his older brother and took his hand. Don flinched and backed away.

" Donnie," Charlie whimpered out, about to cry. His big brother had never backed away from him before. What had HE, Charlie, done?

Don looked at his little brother. He could see the tears glisten and felt his heart break. This was ridiculus, there were no such things as ghost. Charlie was okay. CHARLIE WAS OKAY!

The relization hit Don and he rushed to his little brother, picking him up in a huge hug. Charlie returned the embrace, somehow knowing everything was okay. The two brothers hardly noticed that the tall man had crept up behind them.

" You should know better then to send a little kid to the porch like that," the man said in his grim voice.

Don jumped up, ramrod straight, " Yes...yes, sir," he mumbled.

" You won't do it again?"

" Yes, sir."

" Good."

Feeling as if the conversation was over, and that he had more trick-or-treating to do, Charlie headed off but was stopped by his brother.

" Sir," Don said, " What happened? I saw Charlie jus..."

" The floor broke," the man replied turning around, " The kid there is lucky I grabbed him when he did."

Don thought about his words for a second. Suddenly he felt sick again.

" Thank you," he said.

The man nodded, " Happy Halloween."

" Happy Halloween," Don said letting Charlie drag him off.

The man watched the two youngsters run off. Sighing he let the faintest smile cross his lips as he disappeared into the shadow.

Don didn't let go of Charlie until they got home. Both kids ran immediatly to Charlie's room, where the younger proceeded to dump out his vast supply. Don watched, his mind elsewhere.

" What's wrong, Don?" Charlie asked noting the others lack of enthusiasam.

" Nothing, Buddy, I was just worried about you is all."

" I was safe, Mr. Baker wouldn't have let me fall."

" M-mr. Baker," Don said looking at Charlie incredously.

Charlie nodded, and went back to the candy. Don smiled. I guess anything can happen on Halloween.


Charlie waited for his Don to come pick him up. It was Halloween night and everyone else had left. Don was late so Charlie decided to walk. He found himself enteringa graveyard outside of campus. One stone in particular drew his attention. It read:

Harry Baker I. 1920-1942

Next to the grave lay a framed photograph. Charlie kneeled down and looked at it. Gasping in suprise he fell back. The man in the photo looked like the man who had saved his life when he was seven. Charlie looked closer.

" Na, it couldn't be."


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