A Devil May Cry: 'Epilogue'

The wind howled in the halls of the old mansion. Its halls were full of the thick scent of incense. Old carpets covered the wooden floors and the windows were covered with cloths. Amon paced from one end of the corridor to the other nervously, his wild black hair unleashed on his shoulders. His proud nose was broken and bruised but otherwise his appearance hadn't changed that much. His pale skin had become bronze, kissed by the sun on his long journeys.

Strangely though he felt quite at peace despite the worries he carried. He still remembered what it'd felt like, lying on the cold ground after Mio's torture watching Robin cry. He hadn't felt fear or anguish after that. Every new challenge paled in the face of their past experiences, yet he couldn't quite keep himself from feeling uneasy when he wasn't by side.

A door creaked not far away from him and he turned his attention to it. A small woman exited the room, weary from a long night. She had a healthy flush on her cheeks though, even when her eyes remained dark. Robin didn't her age at all nowadays. She'd seen more than other teens her age had by now.

Amon moved by her side, giving her support as she walked away from the room. Another patient had been taken care of and she would finally have rest for the night. Amon often had to tear her away from her duties, as her pure heart was too eager to help others. This had been another case like that. They housed the fallen here, Robin giving them back their sanity and life. She was curing the world one person at a time, but taking away the poison was exhausting some days. Amon stood by her side relentlessly and helped her carry this task.

They were still pursued where ever they went, but as the months flew by STN seemed less and less eager to find them. Perhaps the news of their work had spread onto their ears as well; perhaps they would take their time to perfect their vaccine before coming for Robin again. Amon heard only the rumors passed on by their friends and they moved around accordingly. Now Italy seemed like a safe haven, but a month from now it could become too risky.

Robin brushed her hair with her hand and yawned. She'd had to dig deep into this one. The witch had been a violent drooling lunatic and they had had to restrain her before she could begin her work. Fixing the madness was hard in some cases and easier in others. But eventually she found a seed a goodness that had survived their awakening. She took that seed and helped it grow, nurturing it until the darkness in the witch's heart was vanquished. It wasn't easy and there were days when she thought about Mio's way. When she saw the horrors her race had to endure while being hunted, she thought about what it would've been like to pick the easier way. But ultimately she had no regrets.

"Is she awake yet?" Robin asked, glancing up at Amon as they walked the silent corridors.

"They're both outside, moon gazing as she calls it," Amon answered. He no longer watched her every step, waiting for a relapse. Somehow everything about her was completely different now.

"Good, it's about time she goes outside on her own," Robin sighed.

She was glad to see Amon, as he'd been away for some time this time. He travelled in search of others in need of help. He identified them, passed the information along and made sure she remained safe while she cured them. But she felt lonely when he was away, even when many had stood by her after she had healed them. They were a family, living together, working together and maybe someday dying together.

Several of her friends had once been like the poor soul she had helped today: lost in their power, deluded and hurting. But Robin restored their faith and inspired trust in others. So one by one this family had come together, forming a protective circle around her. Amon had been the first and then… Mio.

Robin had peeled the shame, the hurt and sin from her. She'd held her sister tightly, refusing to give up on her. She'd looked into the abyss relentlessly and her reward had been the sister she'd never had. Amon had proved Mio wrong by being able to change, so Robin had made it her mission to prove Amon wrong. She'd given a second chance to someone, who didn't deserve it according to Amon.

Those first months had been tough. Mio's guilt and pain had been overflowing, but slowly Robin had helped her forgive. And as the poison had left her body, she'd learned to accept her memories and her past and slowly begun her new life. Amon knew they could've still instilled horrible pain onto the world, but he no longer believed they would. Mio was the proof that Robin truly was a new beginning for the race of witches.

They moved towards the front door with ease. Someone was always awake at this hour, making sure that nothing threatened their community. Amon had thought he would never get used to being surrounded by witches, but they all shared a common goal and slowly he had become friends with those he would've hunted in another lifetime. Now he walked these halls without being constantly alert. Someone was always watching over them.

The fresh outside air helped Robin keep awake despite her fatigue. It was dark outside and the moon was a giant in the sky. Robin realized she rarely looked at the painting anymore unless she needed to. She preferred to look at the world with her own eyes. Perhaps she avoided the temptation this way, even though Mio served as a constant reminder of what happened if one got too entranced by her own power.

"Any word from Japan?" Robin asked, hoping their friends had something to say. It was strange how their connection to STN-J had never suffered during these years and how their old friends still watched over them.

"The HQ has been quiet about you. Doujima suspects they might be compromised," Amon told her, knowing it was useless to hide these things from her. Robin didn't use her powers unless she absolutely needed to, knowing all too well that the connection to the painting would corrupt her if she let it. This is why she still needed others – to keep her heart in its place.

"I didn't think they would let me go so easily. Perhaps they are simply waiting," Robin admitted. There was always something in the horizon she couldn't predict and unless she was willing to change the world Mio's way, she never would be safe. This was a tougher road, but Robin was willing to hold onto free will even if it meant she was in constant danger.

Amon looked at the moon, realizing Mio had wandered a bit further from the house than usually, as he could not spot her close-by. "Do you think she should start using her powers again?" Amon asked. Like an addict, they had agreed it was better for Mio to steer clear from her Craft. But the uncertainty of the future worried him. Mio could very well be the champion Robin needed in order to survive.

Robin was shaken by Amon's question. He had truly changed. When she had first met Amon, he would've never trusted a witch. But slowly she had helped him understand them and love them – Even her sister.

"A day may come when Mio needs to cure me," Robin confessed. Her chest felt so heavy nowadays. The craft was a heavy burden and knowing that she could count on Mio to bring her back from the abyss as she had done to Mio, might be the thing to help her sleep at night.

Amon buried her in his embrace, holding her tight. "If you break, I will hold you down until she can."

In the distance Mio lay on the wet grass and looked at the stars. Beside her laid Marcus, his blonde hair covering his eyes as a messy cloud. Their limbs were entangled and their proximity kept both warm in the cool night.

When Amon had carried Mio through his doorstep, unconscious and delirious, Marcus had known Robin had succeeded. He'd been by her side when she had woken from her nightmares and fought the urge to take back her craft. Mio hadn't been able to give Marcus the world he had dreamed of, but she had given him her heart. To her surprise it had been enough.

What Marcus had started had been the basis of Robin's work. The witches freed from the Factory had all followed Robin upon her return and together they had fled Japan. Their community was strong now and Robin was its heart and soul. But Mio knew STN as well as she knew her sordid past. She knew they were still out there willing to freak havoc and destroy everything Robin was building here. It angered her, but at the same time she knew now was not the time for war. Now was the time for healing and building the battlements. Robin had freed her and shown her what a wonderful world this was despite its flaws. For this Mio would fight for Robin as long as there was blood in her veins.

"Do you think they're looking for us even now?" Mio asked aloud. Her voice was saturated with worry.

"Yes," Marcus responded solemnly.

"We need to protect her." Mio rose from her spot and looked back at the old mansion they had claimed for themselves.

Marcus followed her example. "Of course, she's our Eve."