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Pirate King

Such tails have been told of the briny deep, of those who sailed upon her blue waters. Of great ships. Canons ablaze. Fighting for power or wealth. This fickle mistress has claimed many ships. She can be calm as a summer breeze. As if the gods bless the sailors who glide over its glassy surface. But other times it can be cruel, claiming lives in a blink of an eye. This is where my tail begins. It is a story of pirate's treasure, and loyalty to your captain. You be the judge what is right, and what you deem as wrong.

The sea rose with a deafening roar, its black swells seeking to smash the ship. It looked so small in this vast darkness, a name flashed in the lightning that wrought the sky. "The ties of friendship", this Cravel class vessel fought to conquer the swells that threw it back and forth. The dark undulating sea seeked to claim this cargo vessel. The two main masts creaked and groaned, the square-rigged sails ripping in the onslaught. Ropes snapped, hitting men with the force to cut. The crew tried in vain to bring in the sails. But the wind sought to keep them before her. As if to blow it off the edge of the earth. The figure carved in wood looked silently over the seas before her. This was the soul of the ship, an angel. Her wings stretched back to meld with the form of the ship. In her hands she held a heart. This was the symbol of the "ties of friendship" but as the rain hit this intricately carved figurehead, it looked as though she wept, the rain flowing to pour from her eyes like tears. Did she know the fate of her crew, doomed to davey-jones's locker? Perhaps.

The captain stood tall and proud on his ship. He believed none could sink her. But all too often captains were proven wrong. In the belly of this dieing beast, the cargo rolled and crashed as ropes gave way. Nothing much, just silks, and wine. It spilled like blood as the barrels split apart, smashing against the hull of the ship. In the captains cabin three boys sat huddled together. One had long white hair, soft brown eyes showing its terror. Next to this one was a tri-colure haired boy. Blond bangs covering the soft features now showing the same fear. And last was a blond haired teen, his features showing off an exotic continence. All wore cloths that showed they were held in high stead. For the captain of the "Ties of friendship had never been boarded. There were even roumers that he had fought off The Dark Magician. The ship of the pirate king. But now it would seem the "ties of friendship would be claimed by that which she sought to conquer. The three boys clung to each other in this raging storm. There was a loud crack; the mast could stand no longer. It crashed to the deck killing many. The ship floundered, its doom was at hand. The captain looked to his sailors. No time to lower the lifeboat, not even time to go to his son and say good-bye.

"Be well Yugi" as the ship began to list, his men jumping overboard to save themselves. He saw his first mate go into his cabin. He could see the three boys, tied together by a rope lifeline. His eyes locked with the amethyst of his son. He tried to fight to get to his father. Screaming to him. But the wind and thunder took all sound. He nodded to his son. Then the first mate threw the three boys overboard. He saw his son and his friends disappear over the side. And the captain went down with his ship.

The three landed in the cold waters. Tossed by the waves. Finding a part of the mast they clung to it, tears mingling with the salt of the sea. They could not hear each other, nor any of the crew. No sign of the first mate, or his father, Yugi cried bitterly, he had lost his mother only a month before. Now his father also. His friends Ryou and Marik clung to him, trying to offer what comfort they could.

After the night, the storms receded. The boys awoke to a serene sea. Skies a sapphire blue. All around were remains of the ties of friendship; also they could make out bodies of the crew. But they were too weak to care, or to notice the creaking of the ship that came upon them. This black Barque class vessel glided up, as if it was king of the sea. Its sails of white billowing like clouds in a small breeze. Two main masts rose to greet the heavens, to the aft was a smaller mast and to the front was the smallest, this had many small sails, to grab what little wind blew after that terrible storm the night before. The three boys were dimly aware of being pulled from the water, and laid upon the deck. Men croweded round the boys, to see what they had found.
"Well. What do we ave ere" the voice, deep guttural, the smell of rum and tobacco wafting from the rancid breath "capin, think you ort to see this"The crew parted from crowding the three forms. The men, old scars wore proudly, bandanas covering their heads, black and red mingling. Swords by their side ready for any order their captain could give. Through the forms of these men came a regal figure. Hair like a crown, ebony, red and blond. Reaching the skies. Blond bangs covering the face, hiding the emotions in those crimson eyes.
"What have you found Rackum?"
"Boys capin" this new form looked down at the unconscious boys on his deck. He gasped when he saw the boy in the middle, hair so much like his own. He looked to the other two. Then turned round.
"Bakura, Malik. Get your worthless butts down here now"
"Alright, alright, bakka Pharaoh" he stopped when the captain spun round and gave him a glare that could kill. " I mean captain"
"Take a look," the crimson-eyed captain pointed to the boys Bakura gasped when he saw his double.
"What in the name of Davey-jones locker" they turned to see Malik regarding his double.
"Shall we kill em captain?" one man came forward, placing a blade at Yugi's throat.
"No!" The captain backhanded the man across the deck. He got up looking daggers at his captain; he got ready to make a move. But Malik and Bakura were by the capatins side. And behind them all cam a towering figure, brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. By the side of the new comer was a small form, a boy about the same age as Yugi. With long black hair.
"I'd watch it Deadeye." The cold voice came from this new comer.
"Ah Seto, could you have Jou and Mokuba take these three to my cabin" the captain spoke, deep tone of command.
" Yes captain." The tall one known as Seto said a word to the smaller one by his side. This one ran off, and came back a few moments later with a blond haired pirate, who had obviously been asleep; by the way he was rubbing his eyes.
"What is it Mokuba? What ya wake me up for?" said the blond one to the small black haired boy known as Mokuba, so obviously the blond must be Jou.
"The captain says we have to take them to his cabin."
"Ok ok," Jou picked up the white haired one and slung him over his right shoulder, and then he picked up the blond, slinging him over his left. He was about to pick up the form of Yugi. When the captain got in the way and picked him up himself. He turned to his crew.
"Back to work you sea mongrels. We have to reach home by tomorrow. Seto, you take over" The blue-eyed one nodded as his captain passed, then started barking orders to his the crew.
"TIE OFF THE MAIN SAIL! And you Deadeye. You can clean the deck, by your self" the noise of the crew where shut out as the passed through the door, as with all ships it was cramped, but they made there way to the Captains cabin. Inside was a richly furnished cabin. The bed sheets of fine silk, here and there was various things from numerous countries. In one corner was a black flag, skull and cross bones clear upon it. This ship was a pirate ship. They lay the three boys on the bed.
"Jou, go and get some water"
"Aye captain" Jou left, leaving Mokuba with his captain
"What you going to do with them Atemu?" The captain looked to Mokuba, only his friends got to call him by his name. Mokuba was Seto's younger brother and was also happened to be the cabin boy. He was considered a loyal friend. And they were treasured on a ship of cutthroats.
"I don't know Mokuba, let's wait and see how they react first." Captain Atemu rose, with one last glance at Yugi. "Mokuba. Can you take care of them? But tell me when they wake"
"Aye, aye captain" Atemu smiled and left the boys in Mokuba's care. Jou returned, but left also, saying Seto needed a hand. Mokuba smiled, Jou and Seto had been "together" for a while now, so Mokuba considered Jou as another older brother.

Mokuba looked to the bed as the sound of the boys rousing greeted his ears. He reached for the water, placing it at the lips of the boy who looked so much like his captain. The boy drank greedily, the salt in the sea driving his thirst. He opened amethyst eyes to Mokuba. Then looked round the room
"What's your name?" Mokuba asked
"Y..Yugi" the voice croaked.
"I'm Mokuba" Yugi looked round for his friends, but spotted them beside him, he relaxed a little.
"Where am I?"
"We found you adrift. It was Rackum that saw you, pulled you aboard."
"Thank you"
"All I can say is welcome to the Dark Magician"
Yugi's Head shot up, fear crawling in to those eyes. "T…The Dark Magician?" His heart beat fast, not this ship. The most notorious pirate ship. The ship of the pirate King!

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