Chapter 6

Atemu stood in front of the Red Dragon of Egypt, restraining the loyal dragon from jumping from the cliff top into the salt water to save her brother. She snarled, and tried to push forward.

"No my dragon, they are turning to leave. You must wait. Or you will meet the same fate" he had his arms around the dragons neck. Keeping her from going too far as his heals dug into the soil. She continued snarling but just about restrained herself. Yugi looked on in horror at the spreading blood, seeing other shapes gliding through the clear sea.

"Yami….sharks!" the others around them gasped as they saw the water tainted by the blood thrash as the sharks went into a feeding frenzy. Atemu looked to the horizon, seeing the sun having set low enough.

"Go my dragon. Be careful you are not seen. Bring him back to shore in the cover of the water." She nodded the jumped from the cliff edge to slip into the waves with barely a sound.

All made there way quickly back to the cove for their return. Yugi stood by Yami's side always, which did not go un-noticed by Anzu. Soon, but not soon enough there was a ripple in the water that showed their return, the Red Dragon burst from the water, Galen slumped over her back. She gently laid him on the cooling sand, croon to him as she tried to get some response.

Yugi ran up, stroking Galen's smooth scales. But he made no movement.

"Sorugoku" Yami shouted, the old one came up; he was also the healer of the men. He looked at the remains of the eye and hissed.

"Nothing I can do for the eye, he's lost that. But I'll patch him up best I can. You all might as well get some sleep." He waved them all off. Some started to file off, either to go to their bunks or their hammocks.

Yami and Yugi lingered, but even they where told to leave. Yami placed his arm around Yugi's shoulder as he led them back to the hut. Yugi glanced back once, to see Red Dragon of Egypt curled around her brother, keeping watch on his form.

"Will he be okay Atemu?" Yugi asked, they had made it back into the hut, and he was sat on his bed as Atemu looked down at him.

"I don't know Yugi, he's strong but not invincible. The legends tell that always two guarded this island. I know Galen's and Red Dragon's parents protected this place before them. So I know they can die, their bones can be found on the other side of the island." He replied, looking out across the cove. The now high sun glinting off the water in the cove.

"I hope he will be ok." Yugi yawned

"Rest Yugi, we will talk more on this later." Yugi laid down on his cot, and made himself comfortable, the mattress filled with goose down easily held his small form in its soft embrace. Slowly sleep claimed the young one, as the mist of dreams drew in.


The ship learched beneath his feet as the deck groaned with the effort of keeping it afloat, all around men wailed and screamed as the sea vented its anger. This cruel mistress angered at the sailors, which claimed to have tamed her. None had the right to claim such. She was her own master.

He looked around as the ship moved as if it was stuck in treacle, time slowed. He same men washed from the deck. He saw his mother, he tried to run to her, the sane part of his brain trying to tell him that she could not be here, did not die here. But died a hollow husk on a white bed. But even as he watched he saw one of the nameless monsters wrap their tentacle around her waist and dragged her into the black sea. He screamed and cried, seeing her death once more. He screamed for his father to save her, but what appeared made him howl his terror. His father, sightless sockets searching for his bloodline, seaweed hanging from his rotting hair, its sick putrid green slicked by the black sea. His flesh bloated and peeling from being in the water for so long in death.

"Yugii..come join your mother and me, we miss you" Yugi tried to run, tried to scream but nothing happened. His fear grew.

"Don't worry my son. You won't be alone"….His mother added, now crawling back upon the deck. "He will join us"

Yugi looked back, to see Atemu, his dead corpse coming towards him. Eyes once red now devoid of any color.

"It's your fault Yugi. The sea gave you the gift of it's self. But it will take all you love as payment. You are cursed, you killed me Yugi"

Yugi screamed and screamed, as they closed in on him………


Yugi woke screaming from the nightmare, he felt arms grasping him and he tried to struggle free, the terror of the nightmare still having it's hold.

"Yugi, Yugi calm down. It's me." He heard the deep voice in his ear.


"Yes, hush young one. You are safe." He stroked Yugi's hair to quiet the young one.

"I was having a nightmare," he sobbed, holding on to the man he had come to trust so much in so little time.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he felt the young one shake his head telling him that he did not. "Well do you want me to stay with you?" the young one then nodded. So Atemu lay down on the bed, Yugi enfolded in his arms. Together they drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


Ryou and Malik had gone to their hut to rest, the beds side by side so they only had to whisper to be heard. Ryou had a big smile on his face; he had been hanging around with Bakura most of the night. He had admitted to himself that he liked Bakura more than he should. But there was just something about him. He would have to talk to Yugi about it, he seemed to like Captain Yami a lot, and maybe he knew how it felt. Malik had also been hanging around with Marik, the elder look alike trying to show Malik how he felt. Must have worked by the fact of them kissing had anything to do with it. It was such a turn around now, before all Marik could do was say how evil and terrible the pirates were, now all he could talk about was Marik this and Marik that.

"Okay, okay Malik, I get the point. You love Marik" Ryou giggled at Malik's face when he said that.

"I don't…..I mean….I….Do I?'

"You should know you dummy"

"Well do you love Bakura?" Malik asked.

"Don't think you could call it love just yet. I like him a lot"

"Think it's the same for me."

"Now Yugi on the other hand. He loves Yami and that's a fact" Ryou turned on his back and yawned. It was getting hot outside, as the sun had risen high in the sky. The blinds over the windows keeping the sunlight out just enough so they could sleep.

"Hum…in love with the king of pirates….wonder what his father would say. Would he agree with this?"

"You knew Yugi's farther. He would have been happy if Yugi was happy. That was all that mattered to him."

"You're right Ryou. I hope we can be as happy as Yugi seems to be…." Malik closed his eyes as his breathing evened out, to dream of a certain look alike.


Pegasus looked out of the window of the stately home he now resided in. he had come to meet the Governor of Sarrenport. His ship, looking proud as it rocked with the small waves in the bay. The biggest ship their, its mast dominating the skyline. He turned as the governor returned from getting the trinket he had just acquired. You see this governor was obsessed over things from different lands, statues, swords, and gold. This time he returned with a large headdress. It as like a crown of some sort, the front fanning back like wings to frame the head.

"What do you think of this Captain Pegasus?"

"Very…intriguing. Do you know what it is?" he asked with mild interest, the only thing to captivate him was the gold, not it's beauty.

"It is said that is was the crown of the pharaoh of Egypt, and that if you return with it you will be the true ruler, not the tainted bloodline. Or so I was told by the man who sold it to me." The governor looked at the crown with gleaming eyes no doubt seeing himself ruling.

"You and your stories" Pegasus turned as the flash of purple caught his eye. There, standing in her purple silk gown, blond hair framing her face.. "Lady Mia, it is good to see you again."

"And it is good to see you also Captain. How went your travel?" she asked as he kissed her hand.

"Well, we only lost a few men"


"They were attacked by a black sea monster, but do not fear. It was dealt with" he replied with a smug grin.

"Oh that must have been awful. I am glad you are safe. Now if you will excuse me. I must get ready fro this evening" Mia excused herself from the room and went to her rooms.

She hoped Galen was okay, sounded like him from that gosas description. She went over to the falcon that Captain Yami had given her to keep in contact for you see Mia was in reality a pirate. She had been sent to scout out this port town for treasure to use. But who could have guessed she would stumble across Yami's family crown. She wrote a small letter and attached it to the bird's leg. Then taking odd the hood that covered the birds eyes she sent it of into the new day. To tell her captain the good news.


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