Chap 1: I wanna be a Newsie!

It was the beginning of Math class (3rd Period) at Lincoln High. It was only Wednesday and only February but the kids were bored. Plus, I hadn't gotten much sleep so I was very tired. Yet, since I'm weird, I attempted to take notes of what Mr. Burns was teaching.

"Kat?" my friend Liv whispered.


"Can I look at your notes; I've been half asleep all morning."

"And I haven't, Liv?"

"Well, umm, PLEASE, Kat?"

I sighed. "Sure, Liv, go ahead. But ya owe me one."

After a long time, Mr. Burns finally finished so we could work. Actually, so we could sleep. I bet about two people actually worked. And Liv and me? First we almost fell asleep, but Mr. Burns glared at us. So we gave up and absent mindedly drew sketches on my "homework" paper. Then I noticed I was drawing a sketch of Spot Conlon (horrible).

"Hey, Liv, look!" I exclaimed.

"At what? The blob?" Liv replied.

I looked myself. It was bad. Still, I said, "No, it's not a blob! It's Spot!"

"Really?" she tilted her head. "Yeah, you're right. At least, from this angle you are."

"OK, so we've established the fact that I can't draw. Can we get on, though? SPOT!"



"Race! Draw a picture of him!"

I shook my head. "Un, uh! I already drew one. You do it! You're the one who likes Race, anyway."



We sat for a couple seconds in an uncomfortable silence. "So, ya gonna draw 'im, Liv?"

"No! You'll make fun!"

"Yah, well ya made fun of me!"

"Alright, sorry. Friends, Spaz?"

I tried to glare, but instead giggled. "'Couise, Dead Beat!" Then we did a spit shake.

When we looked up, the whole class was staring. Then came the waves of laughter. Mr. Burns was trying not to laugh. He kept a straight face as he said, "Kat. Liv. Get to work." Then he lost it. Mr. Burns laughed so hard his face turned red.

"'Couise, sir. We'se sorry!" I said, keeping a straight face myself.

"Yes, sir. Promise we'll be good goils and get to woik!" Liv replied.

And we did work, giggling randomly every couple of seconds.

The day went by slowly. Liv and I stayed away from Newsies references until our last class, English. Actually, until after it. Ms. Jenkins had given us another homework assignment.

"I wanna be a newsie!" I cried as we walked towards the hall with our lockers in them.

"Me, too!" Liv agreed.

"They didn't have to go to school!" This time it was a chorus of four voices instead of two. Sam Ladenburg and Riley Karin had come up behind us.

"Sam!" Liv cried. "Hi!"

"Hi to you, too, Olivia!"


"Of course!"

And so they hugged for a while. Riley and I kept walking. "Hi, Kat. Happy Birthday," he said.

"Hey Riles. Thanks for remembering. How was your day?" He groaned. "That good?"

Riley shrugged. "I don't like school. Who does? And I just had geometry. But the party should do it." (My sweet sixteen party, in case you are wondering)

"I hope! Well, meet us at the front doors, Riles?"

"Yes. Bye, Kat. Much love!"

"Bye, luv ya!" And we hugged. Then, Liv finally caught up with me at our lockers.

"Kat, ya could've waited!"

I shook my head and laughed. "Sam's going to meet us, right?"

Liv looked worried. "Oh, did he say so? Maybe he forgot." I gave her a stare and she laughed. "Aww, he said he would. But I truthfully wouldn't trust him! Short term memory loss, eh, Kat?"

I nodded, and we kept walking to the doors. Riley and Sam were waiting for us.

"Sam!" Liv cried again. "Hi!"

"Hi to you…" Riley and I looked at each other. They did this every time they saw each other. Without saying anything, I knew we were thinking the same thing. It was going to be a long night.

For my birthday, sweet sixteen, Liv, Sam, Riles, and I were going to my dance party (my house, lots of kids). Then Liv was going to sleep over.

Well it would be a fun long night, anyway, I thought as we walked towards my house.

Liv and Sam were still talking randomly. Riley and I smiled at each other again. We kissed and he put his arm around me.

It didn't take long to get to my house. We stood in front of it a while, thinking of the big party.

"Well," said Liv, breaking the silence, "We should at least get ready to face all of them!"

So we walked inside.