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How was the first chapter? Pretty good, or bad? I really want to take a different approach, and because Fatal Frame 3 is coming out, I was hoping to get in touch with our infamous yuurei again. After all….Miku will be returning to Himuro in her darkest nightmares, and she will be waiting for our young heroine.

Well, in our first chapter, Takamine and his crew went to Himuro Mansion to research material for a book…and disappear. Mafuyu says that he is going to go, and Miku fears for his safety…So what will happen to our bishi? Read on, for this is Mafuyu's chapter.


Chapter 2: Mafuyu

Mafuyu Hinasaki, 21, sat in his car, sighing sadly. He had driven everywhere around town…but no one would tell him exactly where the path to Himuro was. Many people said that they didn't know, but it was obvious that they did. Others told him that he shouldn't be asking such questions. He pushed his hair back with his hand. Is Himuro's story truly this frightening? No wonder Mr. Takamine wanted the story for his book…

But that still didn't explain how his mentor had gone missing in the few weeks that he was in the Himuro Mansion. Mafuyu looked down at his map and looked through it. He started up his engine again and tried a different route on the other side of the hill.

Thirty minutes later, he did find a path, oddly enough, with a lot of undergrowth in front of it. He had passed it twice before finally seeing that it was there. He drove his car through the undergrowth up down the path, finally coming to a stop when he saw another set of tire tracks that stopped. "Mr. Takamine's cab must have dropped him off here…" he muttered. He continued on the path until it stopped just near a broken bridge. Mafuyu got out of the car. "Damn…" he muttered. "Guess I gotta go on foot." He went back into his car and grabbed his camera and a small bag, slinging it onto his shoulder. He looked around for his mentor's footprints. Once finding them, he went after them quickly, hoping to find the mansion before it became darker. The moon was already up.

By the time that the moon was in the sky, Mafuyu had found a break in the woods, and finally, a bridge. He came to its edge and put his hand on it. The wood was old, rough, hard. He looked up, and his eyes widened as they fell upon a large, ancient Japanese mansion. "So this is Himuro Mansion…" he whispered. His sixth sense immediately began going off, and he put a hand to his head. What's this? Something in the air…Is this what Miku was so frightened about?

Mafuyu shook his head as he walked onto the bridge. He looked around at the mansion's scene as he made his way up the long stairs. It's only an old mansion. Why would Miku be so upset about it? Mafuyu continued to walk, as his mind wandered to his sister's worry. She was so frightened about him going to this place…but why? Did she see something that I did not? He froze. Did she see Mr. Takamine dead! His pace quickened, and he ran up the last flight of stairs to the door. He opened up the door quickly and looks inside. The room was trashed – a portion of the upper floor had caved in into the room and debris lay about. Two huge lattices with cross beams were on either side of the room beside him, and a few steps led into a higher portion of room in the back. Mafuyu stepped into the mansion, taking out his flashlight and flicking it on.

"I have to find them. Who knows what could have happened…" Mafuyu stepped towards the mess in the room and heard the door shut loudly behind him. He whipped around. "Must've been the wind…" he muttered to himself, walking towards the upper part of the room.

Behind him, her hand on the lock, was a young woman in a white kimono, her head down. Slowly, she lifted her head and looked at the man in front of her. She smirked.

Mafuyu looked around the room curiously, searching it for any signs of his boss or co-workers. Only finding a lit candle, two holes in the floor, a mask on the wall, and a door, he sighed. "Mr. Takamine…where are you?" he asked aloud. Going to the door, he opened it and stepped out into the hallway. He froze in awe and wonder. Long ropes attached to beams hung above his head. Mafuyu walked into the hallway, looking around a bit more. The entire hallway was ripped along the walls, and there was blood on the floor.

"Looks like a wild animal ran through here," Mafuyu commented. He continued on into the hallway until both the camera at his side and his sixth sense began reacting wildly. He brought up the camera as he looked forward. What looked like Takamine walked through the hallway ahead of him.

"Mr. Takamine!" Mafuyu yelled. Takamine didn't respond to him, just kept walking. Mafuyu hurried after him, brushing aside some of the ropes in his way. He came to the end of the hallway, met with his own reflection in a huge mirror. A loud sound caused him to turn to his right, where a door closed. "Mr. Takamine?" he called, opening the door. He walked into the next room.

The entire room was filled with oddities and assortments of antiques. An old samurai uniform was nearby, and a sword lay on an antique dresser. An old fireplace was in the center of the room, which Mafuyu inspected. The dust had been moved recently. "They were here recently," Mafuyu whispered. A loud creaking sound came from above him, and he looked up. Takamine was looking down at him. "Mr. Takamine!" he called. The writer suddenly vanished. Mafuyu ran over to the other side of the room and up the steps that were there. "Mr. Takamine!" he yelled, looking around. The writer was nowhere in sight.

"What…what was that…?" he asked quietly. "A ghost?"

Down below, by the fireplace, the young woman in the white kimono watched him. "Is it you?" she whispered.

Mafuyu walked forward, then turned around, thinking he heard something. He tripped, falling onto his back. He looked down and saw the thing he tripped on – a notebook. "A notebook? It's…it's Mr. Takamine's…" he breathed. Suddenly, he grabbed his head as a vision took hold of him…

Takamine, Koji Ogata, and Tomoe Hirasaka walked down the main hall of the Himuro mansion. "

"This'll be great for my magazine…" Koji said, smiling.

"What great architecture," Takamine commented.

"This place…so strange…" Tomoe breathed. The trio walked towards the mirror, when behind them, several hands shot out at them. Tomoe jumped and whipped around. Takamine turned to her. "Tomoe? What's wrong?" he asked. She looked at him.

"Oh…it's…it's nothing, Mr. Takamine, sir," she lied. They both followed Koji into the next room. The woman in the white kimono appeared behind them, around the hands, smirking.

Mafuyu came back to reality. "If that was Mr. Takamine…then he was here…! But…where is he now?"

Suddenly, a ghost grabbed Mafuyu from behind. He yelled, both in surprise and fear, and whipped around, knocking himself away from the spirit. The spirit was of a bald man, his arms tied to his sides. He groaned in pain.

Mafuyu raised his hand with the camera to take a picture. The spirit ran its hand out towards him, and the flash went off. The spirit gasped and staggered backwards. Mafuyu looked at the camera. "It hurts him?" He stood, holding the camera tightly. He held his ground, keeping the viewfinder on the ghost. He shot several more pictures, until the ghost screamed and disappeared.

"I…I captured a ghost…with this camera…" Mafuyu stammered, his legs shaking. "But…how…?"

The door where he came into the room suddenly creaked open. Mafuyu went to the railing of the steps and looked down. A shadow, female, was leaving the room. Mafuyu hurried down the stairs and went over to the door, which stayed open even after the shadow left. Mafuyu left the room, coming back to the main hallway.

"Hello? Is someone here?" he called. No answer came. He walked further into the hallway, the door slamming shut behind him. He walked into the hallway, a rope brushing his head. As he looked around the hallway, he heard…no, felt…something behind him. He slowly turned around, a hand on the camera.

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