Arwen quietly closed the book she had been reading and placed it on the nearby table before looking back at the sleeping human on the bed. She had arrived earlier that morning from Lorien and a frantic ride through the wilderness. Athernon had sent for her to inform her that the members of her family were ill. Nothing else needed to be said. She had rushed from her room and leapt upon the first horse she saw. Thankfully Galadriel had foreseen her leaving and had a fast horse ready with provisions for the long trip. Arwen sighed and silently stood from her chair to leave the room.

A simple pale gray gown draped her lithe body as she moved down the hall to the suite where her brothers bedded when they were in Mirkwood. She softly knocked on the door before pushing it open to see her brothers and father seated in the main room as well as Legolas. Legolas sat in front of Elrond with his eyes shut and Elrond's hand gently touched the side of his head. Elrond's eyes were also closed and the twins were sitting quietly on the sofas waiting for them to be done. Elladan shifted over and patted the cushion next to him. Arwen sat next to her brother and gently kissed him on the check in greeting.

"What are Legolas and father doing?" she asked softly near his ear before glancing over at the two again.

"Father is helping Legolas work through the nightmares he has been having. Estel helped some but he could not help with the remaining…issues. Right now he is also unable to help. How is he?"

"He has not awoken yet," she replied and Elladan could hear the worry in her voice.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gently squeezed her. "Our brother is strong. He just takes a longer time to awaken. He is stubborn like that."

A smile graced Arwen's lips and a soft giggle escaped as she looked over to see Elrond's eyes opened slowly and his hand lowered from the side of Legolas' head. Legolas' eyes also opened and he seemed more relaxed than when Arwen first saw him.

"Thank you, my lord. My mind is much clearer now," Legolas said with a smile.

"I am glad to have helped, young Legolas," Elrond said and moved to stand from the floor.

Arwen stood and moved towards her father and into his open embrace.

"We will be in Legolas' rooms, Ada," Elrohir said softly before all three stepped out of the suite.

"Are you well, Ada?" she asked when they pulled apart.

"Yes, dear. I am well. No worries about me."

"And how is Legolas doing? I know you were concerned about him after the whole Bretharso incident."

Elrond nodded and sighed softly. "His mind is clear but there is still worry in his mind about Estel. It will not be completely gone until he speaks with Estel and they talk about what all has happened. It will happen in time."

"I know it will. Their friendship is strong and has weathered far worse things than this," she replied with a smile and Elrond could see the love in her eyes for his foster son.

"You should probably head back to be with your beloved. I imagine he should be awakening soon. I know you would want to be there when he does," he said and gently kissed her on her forehead before turning her towards the door.

Arwen left the room feeling better than when she originally went in. She nodded with a smile at other elves she passed in the hall before reaching the healing ward doors. Opening the door, she slipped in silently and closed the door behind her before turning to the only occupied bed in the room.

"I must say that you are the most enchanting healer I have ever seen in all of the healing rooms I have been in."

Arwen smiled brightly to see the grey eyes of her beloved watching her from the bed where he was propped up on his elbow. He weakly smiled as she rushed to the bedside and kissed him before helping him raise the head of the bed so he could be propped up. She seated herself on the edge of the bed and held one of his hands in hers.

"How are you feeling Estel?" she asked and looked him over critically before he could answer.

He chuckled dryly and coughed gently as his dry throat protested. Arwen reached over to the table and poured some water into a small cup from the pitcher there. Helping him drink from it she placed it back on the table as he rested his head back against the bed. Aragorn raised an eyebrow as Arwen's critical eye and waited until her eyes met his again.


"Hardly. Now tell me how you feel," she replied and Aragorn sighed.

"I am sore and achy but overall I feel well. How are my brothers and Elrond? And Legolas?"

"Everyone is well. You are the last to awaken and get out of bed. Do you think you can stand?" she asked and stood from the bed.

"I think so but why? Everyone is usually threatening to sit on me or drug me to keep me in bed yet you are asking me if I can get out of bed," he asked as Arwen pulled the covers off Aragorn and reached for the robe draped over the back of the chair.

"Have you not learned yet to not ask about my motives, my love?" Arwen asked with a sly smile on her lips.

Aragorn suddenly felt very worried for his well being but he couldn't figure out why. He didn't remember doing anything to warrant Arwen's wrath. Did he say something that he shouldn't have? Arwen held her arms out to help him as he carefully swung his legs to the edge of the bed. Tight bandages were wrapped around his abdomen and shoulder. The burns on his chest were not bandaged to let the wounds breath and begin to heal the raw flesh. Glancing up at Arwen, she brightly smiled and nodded as he shifted closer to the edge and put his feet on the floor. He gripped her forearm and slowly stood. Thankfully the room didn't shift or tilt or spin or grow a funny color which was a first for him after being in a bed in the healing ward. When Arwen was sure he wasn't going to fall over, she helped him into the robe and tied it loosely around his waist so it wouldn't bother the burns or other wounds.

Offering her arm again, they walked slowly from the healing ward and towards the family wing of the Mirkwood palace. She headed straight for Legolas' quarters where she knew the three trouble makers would be.

"I expected one of my brothers or Legolas to be waiting by my bed. How did you get the job?" he asked quietly and concentrated on placing one foot in front of the other.

"Athernon sent for me and I came a few days after you arrived. Ada forbade Elladan and Elrohir from hovering over you. Legolas had a few other things to work through before he would let himself be near you. But Ada checked you over before you awoke and he said you were quickly on your way to mending and that no one needed to hover over you," she answered as they slowly walked through the hallways.

"What were the other things that Legolas had to work through? Is he still having nightmares?"

"Have no worries, my love. Ada was helping this morning to cease the nightmares. The remaining issues can only be cured by your friendship for each other."

They had reached the doors to Legolas' quarters and both could easily hear the notes of laughter coming from the room on the other side of the door. Aragorn smiled and glanced over at Arwen.

"Go to them. No matter how brave they act they will always be worried about you. I will see you later," she whispered and he curled a hand around the back of her neck to kiss her softly.

"I adore you. I love you," he whispered and kissed her again as she smiled.

"And I adore and love you also. Now go," she giggled and gently knocked on the door before pushing it open with one hand.

Keeping a hand on Aragorn's elbow she guided him into the room and heard Elladan and Elrohir leap to their feet and reached their brother at the same time. She smiled and released her hold before closing the door and quickly walking away.

Aragorn was warmly hugged by his brothers and assured them that he was well. Looking over their shoulders he saw Legolas standing by the sofa staring at him with wide eyes. Accepting Elrohir's offered arm for aid, he walked slowly towards Legolas with a tired smile on his face. Legolas looked him over to assure himself that the human in front of him was real and not a figment of his mind.

"A hug for your human brother?" Aragorn asked and held open his free arm.

Legolas was silent while he looked at him before answering. "You are not my human brother."

Aragorn's arm started to lower. Did he miss something? Did something happen that he was not aware of? Arwen had not implied that anything was amiss.

"You are not my human brother. You are simply my brother. And Valar, how I have missed you," Legolas said with a bright smile.

Aragorn laughed and help open his arm again as Legolas stepped forward and gently hugged the human. Elladan and Elrohir laughed as the two friends hugged tightly. They all moved to sit on the plush chairs in the room and talk to dispel the remaining shadows that each harbored.