Life's Canvas

Chapter 20: Epilogue

Several Months Later…

"RICHARD GRAYSON! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Kori yelled from her seat on the foyer floor. She smiled brightly as Richard came stumbling out, blundering down the stairs.

"What's wrong, baby?" he mumbled, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Kori tilted her head to the side.

"Nothing. I just want to finish up this painting before I go in to work. It's for Griffin's room… he's such a sweet little boy," Kori sighed happily. Richard grimaced.

"Should I be jealous?" he asked playfully. Kori had fairly adopted Raven's baby, always eager to see him when Raven brought him to work with her. Kori giggled.

"Perhaps, but now, get over here," she said, motioning for him to come sit beside her. Richard scowled, rather moody this early in the morning.

"What do ya need me for," he grumbled. Kori rolled her eyes.

"I need your hand print," she said with a mischievous grin. She held up a paintbrush dipped in baby blue paint as if to emphasize. Richard groaned.

"Kori… please…" he sulked. Kori stared at him stubbornly and with a reluctant sigh he flopped down onto the floor next to her. "Fine. But you have to answer something for me first," he said. Kori eyed him carefully.

"And what would that be?" she asked warily. He rummaged in the pocket of his sweat pants for a moment and then smiled, triumphantly produced the desired object. A little black velvet box was offered to her hopefully. Kori's breath caught and her gaze flittered between the box and Richard several times. Richard gave her a sheepish smile and opened the box to reveal a beautiful white gold ring with a single diamond displayed elegantly on it.

"Off hand, I was… kind of hoping you'd marry me," he coughed, a nervous shade of red rising to his cheeks. Kori watched as he averted his gaze, finding the marble floor of sudden interest. She bit her lip and grinned. He was so cute like that…

"If I say yes… will you give me your hand print?" she asked, giving him a little wink. Richard nodded furiously.

"Of course!" he blurted. Richard seemed to realize how pitifully hopeful he must have looked about then and he flushed an even deeper shade of red. Kori leaned over and kissed him lightly.

"Then my answer is yes, Mr. Grayson," she chuckled. A grin spread across Richard's face. "Now gimme your hand, Richard," she instructed. Richard laughed and did what he was told, but not before slipping the ring onto her finger.


Richard and Kori were married soon after, Raven as Kori's maid of honor and Victor as Richard's best man. Baby Griffin was the ring bearer… with a little help from Karen Stone, of course. The couple was happily wed and Kori's move into Wayne Manor became official. Even a slightly disgruntled Bruce Wayne wished them the best before catching a flight to yet another business meeting.

Kori Grayson soon gained quite a reputation from the artwork she'd done in the gallery. She ended her internship and became a renowned art teacher of Azerath School of Fine Arts (She also taught a few music classes, because as Raven had said: she was the best soprano Raven had seen). Richard actually took over the full management of several Wayne Co buildings, but refused to take over any outside of Gotham or Jump City. This was mainly due to the fact that Kori would worry incessantly until he returned from a business trip, images of Terra and Roy's bodies never fully making their way from her mind.

Shortly after Griffin's third birthday (and his baby sister Jade's first birthday a week later) Kori announced she was pregnant and nine months later had a beautiful baby girl whom the proud parents named Mari. And so it was that Richard had finally found his match in the most unlikely of places; a little spitfire artist named Kori.

Author's Note: A very short and sweet little epilogue for all of you. Thugette, I thought it quite funny to get your review just after I'd finished writting the epilogue... I guess you got what you asked for, right? Although I didn't name their daughter after you. Mari was actually Richard and Koriand'r's child's name. Only, they spelled it Mar'i. MyMonkeyIsOrange: I'm going to a summer camp for Duke University... some TIP program thingy. Thanks for asking and good luck with finding the towel. It shouldn't be too hard to find it... I mean, bright blue with BB grinning at you... it's quite noticable. FreedomDreamer: An official washcloth... hmm... Somehow I find that entertaining and little disturbing as well. I mean, I love the titans but I'm not sure I'd wanna use a washcloth with their faces on it... hence why I didn't get the towel. Just... I don't know, it was an odd idea to have a towel of all things with their heads on it... Oh, moving on... I'm considering my next chapter story to be released here in a few weeks (you'll have to put up with one-shots until then) and I was wondering if you could give me some input.Like, would you like to see more of a romance/humor or romance/drama or romance/suspence or whatever. It'll be the same pairings as this fic, obviously. So just let me know. SocialButterfli: Yes, the fic has come to theendand I'm probably even more depressed than you are. But I'll occupy my time with hounding you for updates!

So here it is. The end. I bid you farewell for the moment, but I'll have something new for you soon. I promise. Life's Canvas: COMPLETE

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Epilogue Teen Titans "Fun" Fact:

You've probably seen the teen titans action figures, and if you're like me you even have a few because you're obsessivly possesive of all things titans. But, you might not have noticed that if you look through the sets of two they have out you will find at least four sets. There's Robin & BB, Cy&Rae, BB&Rae, and Star&Robin as well as some titan/villan combinations. Now, it could be totaly superfluous, but if you disregard the BB&Robin set you have a rob/star set, a bb/rae set, and a cy/rae set. All of which are possible romantic pairings on the show. You'll also find there are nor rob/rae sets (grins devilishly). If you're like me at all, you'll see what I'm getting at here. Subliminal messages from DC comics, my friends... subliminal messages.