This was my first attempt at a digimon fic be kind-

Digimon Keepers Ep 1 "And So It Begins again"

Click…. Click…Click…

"I feel it in the stream"

Click…. Click…Click…

"I sense it growing stronger"

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"Much has changed and no data remains"

Renamon ran from the approaching darkness, but no matter how fast she ran it was right behind her getting faster picking up speed, and soon it will overtake her, she dodged into a crack in the rock face, she panted and looked out, she leaned against a rock, and took a deep breath and lookout again and still nothing was there but she could still feel it somewhere near. Then she looked up, and there it was before she could react it dived at her as she screamed.

A red hair girl woke up in a deep sweat and panicked.

"It was only a dream, it had to be that felt so real, was Renamon in trouble she had to find out" said the girl getting dressed.

Her name was Rika Nonaka, and a year ago she had an adventure that took her to another world, with at the time fellow Tamers and now were her friends Takato and Henry, each of them had what was called a Digimon, which is a creature created by electrons, which they lost them in the final battle with the d reaper.

Rika left her room, and headed off to speak with Takato, and Henry, about her dream to see if they had one too.

When she reached them they were already talking about something, and it didn't seem to be pleasant conversation at all.

"What going on?" Rika asked curiously.

"I got an email, and when open the attachment and all it was the End is near" Said Henry

"What was the email address?" asked Rika.

"None all it was gibberish, computer language" said Henry handing Rika a piece of paper.

"0100100010010101," said Rika Reading it out loud.

"I was suggesting that he take it to his father, when you showed up" said Takato

"That's a first Takato with a good idea for the first time since I meet you," said Rika handing the paper back to Henry.

"Ok" sighed Henry.

Henry Turned and headed home, followed by Rika, and Takato,

When they reached there Henry's dad was busy typing away on his laptop computer sitting in a lawn chair in front of the house.

"Um dad" said Henry.

"What is it son," said Henry's dad looking away from the laptop he was typing on.

"I hate to bother you with this but today, I received a weird email and all it had was this computer code as an address do you know what it could means," said Henry placing the paper in front of his father.

"This is just simple computer language," said Henry's dad looking at it briefly.

"I know but is it possible to translate it," said Henry.

"Yes but it will take time" said Henry's dad.

"Time we might not have because Renamon is in trouble" said Rika coming close to losing her cool this mid sentance.

"What do you mean, what is going on" asked Takato.

"I had a strange dream where Renamon was being chased by something I woke up as soon what ever it was has her cornered," said Rika.

"I may have some answers, but even I have questions," said a voice coming from behind them.

"What the hell am I seeing things can someone pinch me?" said Takato

"Who the heck are you and why are you eaves dropping on us" said Henry looking at the awe struck Takato and the stranger for answers.

"Your not seeing thing I am Koushiro Izumi, my friends call me Izzy, and I received that same email that you did." said Izzy "Um you were talking out loud in the middle of a crowded street that sort a invitation for eaves dropping,"

"I thought you were a cartoon character," said Takato.

"Um I get that a lot but the fact is Digimon the series was based on a true story, so you are Digidestined" said Izzy.

"Yes but the digital world didn't look the same as the one in the show," said Takato.

"There are many layers to the digital world you just saw one of them, probably as many as the stars in the sky" said Izzy.

"What is this about you being able to answer some of our questions, I really want to hear it?" said Henry.

"But first I want to ask if you were the Digidestined who were the one who defeated the D reaper nearly a year ago, and lost your Digimon partners" said Izzy looking at Rika who was staring a hole in him.

"Yes we were them," said Takato.

"Ok I decrypted that code and it and it translated into a count down clock," said Izzy turning his laptop around.

"Counting down to what" asked Rika calming herself.

"I don't know and that's what scares me," said Izzy with a look of concern

"What can we do to help?" said Rika.

"Come with me, I can help you get your Digimon back because we need as much help against who or what ever this thing is the digital world might be in danger" said Izzy

Later that day-

Somewhere some a dark force is setting their plans into motion.

A dark figure with glassed dressed in a blue and purple outfit with a cape that looked like wings

"You know what to do partner," said the dark figure.

A figure appeared in front of the dark figure and then disappeared.

The dark figure looked up at the towers, and cracked an evil grin then walked up to the wall, and knocked down the door that read fire exit setting of an alarm which didn't seemed to phase him, he entered through the door he knocked down.

Hey there kid said two men in black running towards the dark figure.

He dodged one figure knocking one of the men in black out with one hit, and has the man hit the ground he vaporized.

"What the hell are you?" said the other man in black.

The dark figure grabbed the man in black and stuck his hand into his forehead.

"That where it is?" said the Dark Figure.

Running the down the hall he bumped into more men in black taking them out as easy as the first two.

He entered a storage room, and looked around till something caught his eye, then let out a loud whistle and the figure that was with him outside the building appeared again.

"Here is one piece of my planned I have Juggernaut" said the dark figure grinning as he disappeared with partner holding the thing they came for.

"This Digidestined HQ this is where we keep track of Digimon sightings all over the world we are called the Digimon Keepers as in Keepers of the Digital World as in we protect it" said Izzy.

"And look cool doing it" said a boy wearing goggles wearing a jacket with flame design.

"Don't pay attention to him that just Davis" said Izzy.

"Sorry this all cool in stuff but why didn't you help us with the D Reaper it threatened to envelope the entire world and destroy the Digital world" said Rika slamming her into the desk in front of her.

'I am sorry about that but we were busy with a bit of a crisis of our own with a virus" said Izzy.

"I kick its ass totally" said Davis.

Suddenly they were blinded slightly by a bright flash

A girl with a pink and white shirt and yellow shorts giggled.

"And this is Kari Kamiya I can tell by the blinding flash of light" said Izzy rubbing his eyes.

"Nice to meet you" said Kari offering her hand to Rika, which she just gave her a dirty look to.

"Um don't mind her, she's not a people person at first" said Takato laughing face turning a slight reddish color putting his hand behind his head

"Nice to meet you too" said Henry shaking Kari's hand.

"Tell her about the crush you had on her" Takato whispered loudly nudging Henry in the side.

Henry face went a deep color of red as he slowly backed away.

"And beside her is another resident genius, the one with dark blue hair wearing totally gray outfit his name is Ken Ichijouji" said Izzy pointing to the person beside Kari.

"Hi everything is ready for Digimon retrieval in the lab," said Ken

A person rushed into the room and said, "The Bureau of Administrative Services has been broken into"

A man with black shades holding a cigarette light entered the room, and walked up to Ken and said Ken Ichijouji AKA Digimon Emperor you're under arrest.

"What are you talking about Yamaki?" said Izzy stepping in between the man with the shades and ken.

"This is what I am talking about" Yamaki said pulling out a disk and handing it to Izzy.

Izzy took the disk and put it in the computer in front of the room and pressed play.

On the video a dark figure appeared dressed in a black and blue outfit with a cape that looked like wings.

"Dude Ken that is you?" said Davis.

"How could that be?" Kari said looking at Ken confusedly

To Be Continued…

"What the heck is going on, and who the heck is this guy and is it really ken? To find out tune into the next Digimon Digital Monsters"