Digimon Keepers Episode 19 "Fear or No Fear"

Izzy called out once more into the darkness, with no answer coming, he slumped against falling into despair, he was alone, and he didn't like, he had no idea where he was or if he will ever be rescued.

"Oh the brain doesn't like the darkness" said a laughing voice, it come from the darkness and seemed to be coming from all around Izzy, and then she appeared, Ushasmon was now standing in front of him.

her presences for some reason calmed him, even though he she was evil, Izzy looked into her eyes, and felt his fears vanish, and all that was left was serenity, as slipped a dark ring onto his arm.

"You know what to do, we need this translated" said Ushasmon, she placed a laptop in Izzy's lap, and then vanished seemingly by walking through a wall. "Once you helped with this, maybe you can help me with something too"

Silver masked figure was waiting for her outside; he was watching Izzy as he started typing away at the laptop Ushasmon just gave him. "I hope he's as smart as we were told" he said not even looking at Ushasmon as she walked by him.

-Outside the Creepy Mansion-

"I still don't like the looks of this place" said Yasyamon; he was holding his partner Kae's hand, as they followed the others.

"I don't care what you don't like, I don't even care if you come along" said Seira ignoring the look her own digimon partner was giving her, and preventing her from speaking her mind.

The sound of laughter started up all around them, many different voices screaming out in horrendous hysterics, like the forest around them was making fun of them, and it seemed like it was getting closer to where they were, then it suddenly stopped blasted them in the face with a huge gust of wind.

Kae dropped to her knees, and started to whimper, she had cracked under the pressure, her partner Yasyamon helped up, placing her on his shoulder, as she sobbed. "Calm down little surfer, I'll protect you remember" said Yasyamon, he smiled at his partner.

"I am starting to think we might be better getting more people where" Kae said shaking from fright.

"No we can handle this we don't need to get anyone else" said Seira turning around, and glaring at Kae, who she was growing more frustrated with by the minute, the child in her opinion was getting in her way of her finishing this mission

Rika stepped in between Seira and Kae "this seems too dangerous for just the four of us to handle Kae might be right about this, and you might be thinking with your Ego again, Seira"

Seira smirked at Rika "Ok fine be cowards I can do this all by myself" she turned away from them and ran toward the castle, and going in the front door.


Alexandria breathed heavily, as she had dodged another attack from the mysterious wall creature, which had suddenly appeared when they reached the end of what seemed like an endless hallway,

Kari had barely dodged as well, and it Gatomon head on knocking her into a wall leaving her unconscious,

Henry stared in disbelief as it appeared like the walls of the room were trying to kill them, him and Terriermon, watched from the hallway trying to think of what to now.

The walls cracked into what appeared to be a face, its white fangs were made out of mirror shards, it howled with rage, and charged at Kari, and slammed face first into a wall as it missed, when she had managed by luck to dodge it, it shattered, and reformed, it's eyes were glowing red with dark flames.

-Flash back-

Alexandria stood at the front door of her; she was calling out, but no sound was coming from her, the house seemed empty, every inch was covered in cob webs, she walked through it's calling out more but no one replied. In the distance was a familiar silhouette, she ran up to it.


Her flashback was interrupted by the howl of the monster that threatened to consume her, and the people who had been captured with her, but everything seemed familiar to her, like she had gone through this before, and it was bringing up memories she rather have not remembered, she carried Metalkoromon wishing he would Digivolve, she felt defenseless without him, she screamed out without realizing, MetalKoromon glowed, and the monster looked away, MetalKoromon Digivolved into Hagurumon, Alexandria stared, she never thought her partner would Digivolve ever again.

The monster separated itself from the wall the plaster cracking as it did so, it left a hole in the wall as it did so, it charged at Kari, it knocked aside Gatomon, as jumped in its way to protect her partner, and it continued its charge.

Henry watch in horror as he couldn't do anything, his partner was too weak to take on that thing, and pulled a card out of his pocket, he swiped it through his digivice, Terriermon Digivolve into Gargomon, he blasted the wall monster, knocking it into the adjacent wall, and away from Kari.

Gatomon Digivolves to Angewomon, and blasts the wall all the way another room, through the hole it smashed in the wall when Terriermon had attacked it.

Hagurumon glided quickly into the room, and hit it with some sort of gear, and it became completely still, then the wall monster began to bash itself to pieces, shrieking as it did so, Kari , Alexandria, and Henry watched in horror as the wall monster tore itself to shreads.

The wails of the monster faded as it crumpled into pieces, and vaporized into its digital data it was made from, They all turned where the hole was, the one that the monster made crashing into it, it was gone, replaced by a seemingly untouched one, which had no damage at all.

"This is completely insane" said Kari beginning to doubt they would ever get out of this place, first seemingly never ending corridors, monsters that come out of the walls, and now regenerating walls, her resolve was crumbling with each set back, she had to be strong for them, she looked at their digimon and fellow Digidestined, and her strength returned to her.

Gatomon turned Kari and smiled "Bring it on, I have plenty of lives, we will find our way out of this place" she then licked her paw.

-Somewhere else in the mansion-

Seira walked into a narrow hallway followed by Bise, Kae, and Rika, with all their digimon partners except Metalgreymon, who was too big to fit through the entrance anyway, this place still gave Kae the keeps, she was being comforted by Yasyamon, who had her on his shoulder, and Rika was observing her surroundings with a calm but wary resolve, Seira didn't seem to care about anything but getting this mission done, and Bise didn't seem care about anything at all, or even any worry about leaving his partner Metalgreymon behind.

The signal for Juggernaut were coming from down a long hallway, that seemed to go on forever, and probably did from there being no sign of any doors being at the end of it, hopefully there were adjacent doors, and this didn't seem like a trap at.

"Yeah not a trap at all" said Kae adjusting her goggles nervously, this was her way of keeping herself calm, she was reminding herself that a leader should lead by example, and never to show fear to you team mates or the enemy, for the battle ahead everyone needs strength, and resolve, even though everyone else didn't seem nervous at all to her, Kae suddenly turned back, "Guys where is the main lobby" she had noticed that the hallway looked the same both ways, like the front door that room had disappeared, this was a trap I know, and Seira had lead them into it, this was her fault for she should have lead instead of letting Seira do so.

"Your right its gone too" said Rika with Renamon appearing by her side.

"I can't find any way out either, I am sorry" said Renamon giving an expression of failing her master.

"Don't give it any thought, all we need to do is find the digimon that doing this and take care of them and this place will fade like a bad memory" said Rika with confidence in her statement, and look reassuringly at Renamon.

"I'll Continue to look around" Renamon as she nodded then vanished once more, like she hadn't been there to begin with.

Rika looked back at the rest of the group, and then noticed that Seira had continued while the others had stopped when she did to speak with Renamon. "That Stupid girl is going to get herself killed, we need to stick together.

-Kari, Alexandria, and Henry-

They finally reached the end of the hallway, after several hours, there was so far no monster to attack them in this room, it was almost completely empty except in the center of the room was a Piano and on the wall to the left was a mirror, suddenly Andromon appeared in front of the piano, and started playing.

"Andromon" asked Kari, as she stepped toward the piano, wary of the situation, and confused about what was going on.

Andromon tried to turn around, but was forced back around by a pair of hands that had her were coming from the piano, and they were the ones making him play, "please help me" was all he was able to say before another hands covered his month.

Kari stared in horror; she ran up and tried to free Andromon, only to get slapped aside by one of the hands, which proceeded to pin her against the a mirror and through like it was some sort of portal, Hands filled the room suddenly, with one going into the chest of Andromon, and with a yell, he was destroyed, all the hand shove both Alexandria, and Henry through the same mirror it put Kari through.

-Seira, Rika, Kae, and Bise –

Rika ran up to Seira, "What is your problems, we need to stick together" she said grabbing her by the shoulder.

"No I can do this all by myself, I don't need any tag a longs only me and my partner are going forward, you guys will only get in my way" said Seira turning her around to face Rika, annoyance in her expression, and some fear showed in the tone of her voice.

"Cutt the bravado, I know you are just as scared as the rest of us, you don't need to pretend to be strong" said Rika after taking a measure of Seira.

"You know nothing, I fear absolutely nothing, now go away, leave this place, and I will take care of it my pure genius, can handle this problem, you are not needed" said Seira, now glaring angrily at Rika.

"No you are not doing this alone, I use to be very much like you, thinking I can do everything by myself, even without my partner, I nearly lost Renamon because of this attitude, do you want to lose Tenshimon like you almost did before, you don't seem to care about her at all" said Rika snapping back at Seira, returning the other glare.

"Don't we have more important things to take care of?" said Kae stepping in between Rika and Seira, she looked from one to the other, looking somewhat confused, she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

"Yes this is totally bogus, we need to get focused on this situation, before We ourselves like, need rescuing" said Yasyamon scratching his long ears.

"It doesn't matter to me at all, let them be spastic, it doesn't change my misery, and the darkness in my life" said Bise, who was for some reason playing around with a knife, before slipping it back in his pocket.

"Whatever you can do whatever you want, I don't care" said Seira marching off, ignoring the looks everyone was giving her as she did.

While following the others, Kae passed a mirror, and swore she saw Kari in it, she back up and no one was there, she stared at it for a few moments, before shrugging it off as her just seeing something that wasn't actually had been there, she ran to catch up with the others.

Everything was scary in this place, Rika never wanted to enter this place, it gave her the same feeling as when she had encountered Icedemimon, and it gave her a chill down her spine even if it wasn't actually cold, it just gave her a bad feeling, and their teams so called leader had led them right into a trap, Kae would have been a better even with her inexperience, she seemingly had more instinct then Seira, Every inch of this hallway seemed alive in some way like there, it creaked from all directions.

-Kari, Alexandria, Henry-

Kari looked back at the mirror, she had just came through, she saw the others come through after her, and Andromon's death, she got up, then crumpled to her knees, Tears flowing down her cheeks "Andromon" she yelled in horror.

Alexandria was the first back to her feet, she looked at Kari "You are so pathetic, showing your enemy weakness, this is not the way of the solder, get up and wipe those tears away now"

"Hey don't talk to her that way, Andromon was her friend, and he was just killed right in front of her, what would you do if someone important was killed"

Henry's words echoed in her mind, almost making her lose her resolve "I can talk to her anyway I see fit, a solder shows no fear, or emotion in the battlefield or in an enemy stronghold, they stay strong" said Alexandria locking eyes with Henry.

"She is right calm down, Henry" said Kari wiping away the tears in her eyes "We have to… Mourn after we get out of her. "She turned to see Kae standing on the other side of another mirror, she ran up to it, but it suddenly went black.

"You saw that too, they might have sent others to look for us" said Henry turning to a Alexandria, who nodded in agreement with him.

They passed a painting, of what appeared to be a man screaming, its eyes followed them without them noticing it as they walked by it, when they were a good distance, its face morphed into a metal skull, it smiled at "Humans, the worst is yet to come, you will slumber in darkness, like the pathetic masses of organics you are" it said before fading into painting.

Alexandria turned back thinking she heard something, she listen to see if she would hear something again, but there was nothing, she turn around and continued on, maybe she had imagined something out of fear, when there had been nothing, all she had heard now was the creaking in the walls, which was putting her on edge, she wished she remembered why this place seemed so familiar to her, it will come to her eventually hopefully before it was too late.

-To Be Continued-

Will they escape mansion of Horrors, or will be taken by the monster in the painting to find out please tune into the next digimon, Digital keepers.