If there be Monsters

3 year old Susie looked up trustfully at her mother. "Mommy," she said in that sweet serious way that young children have. "Are the monsters?"
Startled by this question, her mother asked, "Why do you ask that, Susie? Of course there are no monsters."
Little Susie leaned over the side of her bed. "But, can you look under there for me, Mommy?"
Sighing a little, she leaned down and lifted the corner of Susie's bedspread. "Nothing there," she said cheerfully, not really bothering to check.
Still Susie seemed unsure. "But, Unca Ted said monsters are sometimes imvisble."
"Oh," her mother said knowingly, finally understanding Susie's sudden fear of monsters. Leave it to her bachelor brother to put false ideas in her children's heads. "Well Uncle Ted's wrong, Susie. There are no monsters."
"None?" Susie asked nervously.
"None. He was just trying to scare you." She shook her head, and pulled Susie's bedspread up to her chin. "Now, go to sleep honey."
She left the room, and turned out the light on her way.
Outside the window, 'Uncle Ted' sighed, and slowly put on a pair of mirrored sunglasses. "You never did listen, sis. Yes, there are monsters, and all of you that remain in the system are potential monsters." He sighed, and looked back once at his sister's house. "But if there be monsters, there will always be us."
Then he turned, and ran into the night, long black trenchcoat flying in the wind.


Well? What do you think? I really like this story, though none of these characters are used later. They were only created for this story, so that's why they're not indepth. Please Read and Review!