Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dash/Danny
Warnings: slash
Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is owned by Butch Hartman.
Challenge: suutkomgi – Write about Dash and Danny in any scenario. Put a whole lot of slashy or naughty implications between them without them actually having (or wanting) a relationship or having a crush. It can go from slight touch on the rear or having one of them stumble and lock lips (like in Naruto).

Ice Skating

"Danny, you aren't going to learn if you won't try," Sam told him as she watched Danny cling to the rink's wall.

"Don't let me distract you from having fun," Danny said with a nervous grin as his feet slid dangerously beneath him. He would have fallen if he didn't have a death grip on the wall.

"If you insist," Tucker said before skating off with Sam.

"Sure. Let's go skating. It'll be fun," Danny grumbled as he slowly inched back toward the rink's entrance. "Let's completely ignore the fact that I can't skate." Danny's grip tightened on the wall when he started to lose his balance.

"What's the matter, Fenton? Don't know how to skate?" Dash snickered as he skated up to Danny.

"Great. Just what I needed," Danny muttered. He turned to Dash, keeping one hand on the wall while he wobbled on his unsteady feet. "What are you doing here?"

"Ice skating with Paulina," Dash answered. He grinned widely when Danny scowled at him. "I guess this is just proof that I'm better than you."

"Shut up, Dash. So what if I can't skate? Everyone has something they can't do."

"Yeah, and for you, something means everything." Dash started laughing as Danny released a growl.

I'm so sick of the way he treats me, Danny thought heatedly. Why does he have to pick on me? When Dash turned to skate away, Danny pushed off the wall, anger fueling his actions. He nearly crossed the short distance to Dash, but he suddenly became very unstable on his feet. His arms flailed about wildly, seeking something to help stabilize his balance. The only thing nearby was Dash, and Danny's hand grabbed the collar of Dash's jacket. Caught off guard by the abrupt movement, Dash instinctively wrapped his arms around the raven haired boy and drew him closer.

"You really suck at skating," Dash stated bluntly, staring down into Danny's sky blue eyes.

"At least I'm not the one grabbing another guy's ass," Danny muttered darkly.

Dash blinked and squeezed the supple buttocks in his hand. Danny's eyes grew wide while he bit his tongue to hold back a squeak. Had his arms not been pinned to his sides, Danny would have tried to punch the blond jock.

"Quit squeezing my ass," Danny growled, glaring at the other boy.

A flash caught their attention, and they both turned to the source. Sam grinned at them with a camera in her hands. Tucker was on the ice, laughing his ass off at the scene before him. Paulina could only look on in shock at the two boys embracing.

"You better destroy that film, Sam," Danny stated, anger clear in his voice.

"No way! This is great blackmail material," Sam said, grinning, and took another picture. "I think I'll start a collection. Now I have you hugging both Tucker and Dash."

"Hey," Tucker shouted; his laughing stopped immediately. "I thought you destroyed that picture."

"Paulina, this isn't what it looks like," Dash said, trying to convince Paulina. He released Danny to skate over to her. However, Danny lost his balance again. His hand grabbed the back of Dash's jacket as he began to fall.

The three onlookers winced when the two boys crashed to the ice. Sam snapped another picture for her collection while the two were stunned. Tucker's jaw dropped nearly to the ice in shock. Paulina released a shriek of fury before skating away in anger. Dash and Danny stared into each other's wide eyes while their lips pressed together. Dash jerked away, scrambling to climb off the raven haired boy. Danny remained on his back in too much shock to move. His first kiss had been stolen by Dash!

"I hate ice skating," Danny whimpered, wishing the ice would crack open and let him sink into oblivion, as the laughter of the other skaters filled his ears.

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