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Leo trotted around the sewers for what seemed like hours. The waters were extremely cold and high due to the tremendous amount of rainfall during the night. His brothers had to be asleep by now; Master Splinter was a different story. He knew that his brothers would have told their sensei everything that had happened that night, he would have done the same. Master Splinter would wait up longer than the others. "I hate to worry him, I just can't talk about this with anyone right now." Leo trudged on, his feet becoming numb to the cold. His head hung down and seemed to get lower with each and every step until he realized he was back at the lair door. He cautiously peered inside. The lights were all off, everything was quiet. If Leo were in his brothers' situation he would have used this as a useful ninja trick. This would be an easy way to fool someone into thinking everyone was asleep and then having a chance to confront them alone. Leo just hoped that his brothers weren't hiding in any corners. He stepped inside. Nothing, he could sense no one, and then…"Hello sensei."

Splinter walked up behind Leo. "My son, are you injured? I've been worried."

"I'm fine sensei, really."

Splinter looked into his son's tired eyes, concern written all over his furry face. "You seem troubled Leonardo. Yet, I can understand if you do not wish to discuss this matter tonight. If you will assure me that you will be ok tonight, I will believe you and we can have our discussion tomorrow."

Leo smiled, a sign of relief. "Thank you sensei. I will be ok tonight; I give you my word of honor." Leo bowed to his sensei.

Splinter placed a reassuring paw on his son's shoulder. "I am here my son, whenever you need me." And with that Splinter returned to his room, leaving Leo to his thoughts.

Leo smiled, then sighed. He retreated to his bedroom and closed the door. He sat down on his bed and held his head in his hands. It was pitch black in his room. "What are you doing in my room Raph?" Leo turned on his table lamp to reveal Raphael standing in the back corner of his room.

"Leo…how…how did you know that I was…oh never mind, I shouldn't be surprised." Raph smirked. Then his face grew serious. "You're not gonna get out of telling me what's wrong wit ya that easily. You may have gotten past Master Splinter but it aint gonna work wit me."

Raph walked over and took a seat beside Leo on the bed. Leo looked up to speak but Raph held out his hand. "I need to say somethin bro…I'm sorry."

Leo's head shot up. "You're…what did you say?"

"I'm sorry bro."

Leo's eyes looked sadly at his brother. "What are you sorry for? You're not the one who messed everything up. You weren't duped so easily by Shredder's evil and you weren't hurt…you're not the one who popped off at your brothers…" Leo trailed off as he lowered his head.

"Leo you had every right ta pop off at us…especially me. And I do have something to apologize for. I've been such a jerk to you lately. I yell at you and complain and I never stopped for one instant to think about how rough ya had it!"

Raph looked sadly at his brother before pulling out a small book. It was dark green with images of 3-d vines wrapping itself around the borders.

Leo looked up at him in surprise. "Where did you get that!"

Raph winced, a bit shocked, he couldn't tell if his brother was merely surprised or a bit mad. "I…sort of…found it under yer bed."

"And you were under my bed because?"


"Look Raph, I overlooked the fact that you came into my room without my permission but for you to go through my belongings…"

"I was worried about ya Leo!" Raph interrupted. "Ya've been keepin' to yerself and I didn't know what was wrong. I had ta do something!" Raph took a deep breath. "I read this one…I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have but I…I can't believe it took me so long to realize that this was how ya felt." Raph frowned. Leo wasn't sure of what his brother was talking about so he picked up the book and read what was inside.

I'm about ready to give up. This is just getting too hard. They don't understand me. They've never understood me. Do they really hate me this much? I feel like I'm paying them for their friendship. I'm trying so hard to be a good leader, but nothing I do is enough. I'm such a screw up. Why can't I be better? Why am I such a bad brother? They say that they understand me but I don't see how. Sometimes I just wish that I could change my life…just for one day. I love them…but this is killing me. I had a dream the other night. We were out on a practice run, protecting the city as we usually do, when all of a sudden the foot attacked. They almost killed my brothers and I tried to save them. At the last minute the Shredder appeared right in front of me. He raised his fist and embedded his metal claws into my right side. The pain was so horrible…and then I heard laughing…it was Shredder, but not just him, as I looked around I saw my three brothers, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael…they were smiling? They were happy that I was dying? Moments later I collapsed to the ground and saw my worst fear…the Shredder had destroyed my family…their lifeless forms covered the pavement. I failed…I failed as a leader, friend, son…a brother.

Leo's eyes widened in shock. He had never intended for any of his brothers to read this. "Raph you…you weren't supposed to…I'm so sorry."

"You've got nothin to apologize for Leo. It's us who should be sorry. We're always putting pressure on ya and we don't stop to think about how your feelin. I always thought that I would want to be leader, but ya know what? I could never be half the leader you are."

Leo sat there in awe.

"Leo…your greatest fear is lettin us down, seeing us hurt…heck you would take a blow from the Shredder just so we wouldn't have to go up against him. Don't ever think you're a rotten leader bro. We couldn't make it witout ya."

Raph stood and pulled Leo to his feet. "And we could never ask for a better bro." With that Raph pulled Leo into a tight hug. Stunned at first, Leo just stood there, but once everything hit him, he gratefully returned the hug and did something he hadn't done in a long time…he smiled.

"Now c'mon bro," smirked Raph, finally letting go of him, "I know where there's some pizza with our names written on it…and this means no Mikey to hog it all."

Leo smiled and followed Raph into the kitchen for some late night pizza. what did you guys think? Was it good? Was it horrible? Did it flat out suck? Or was it enjoyable? Gimme some feedback here...I MUST KNOW! I really need your reviews...a few people have already told me that they'd like to see me write another story. What do you think? Should I give another story a shot or should I just quit while I'm ahead? Either way, I really hope everyone liked this and if you do want me to write again, I hope I won't dissapoint you. Please...I'm begging here...REVIEW! gets down on her knees and bows down low to all the readers, hoping that the loyal fanfiction readers won't murder her and willwant her to write again