A Love Hina fanfic
Written by Axel Terizaki
(2001 February 6th-March 22th)

NARU's Diary: coming soon
ASUKA's Notebook:

Drafts bounced back and forth for retooling between Axel and Dave Watson,
2001 2 19-3 21.

-=Chapter One: A Stainless Night? GROWN-UP WOMAN!=-

It's funny; two years ago exactly, I began to write my first fanfic, Neon
Genesis Evangelion: The Child of Love...and now I've switched series and
am ready for some fresh work!

So far, I've only read up to the 5th manga volume, and watched episodes
1-24 plus the Winter Special. If you notice any mistakes (particularly
about exam dates and such), feel free to E-mail me and let me know.

This story happens in kind of a different time line in Love Hina. Everyone
knows Mutsumi but she hasn't reappeared yet, and Seta and Sara are gone on
an excavation for now (but of course, expect them to come back sooner or
later :). I think that's all...

Oh, of course, needless to say, there is lime content in here. The series
is full of slightly ecchi content, so you know what to expect here. :)

* * *

"Congratulations, Keitaro, for such a high average!"

As Urashima Keitaro, almost 21 years old and kanrinin (dorm
manager) of Hinata-sou, stepped into the living room, the five residents of
the all-girls' dormitory were holding a streamer showing what they just
cried in unison at his arrival. Needless to say, Keitaro was very

"Wow, thanks, everyone! I'm really happy about it myself!"

"Hey, who thought you could get only 65% after failing twice?"
This remark from Mitsune immediately made Keitaro's morale drop.

"But's the best you've ever done, sempai! I'm happy for
you!" Shinobu immediately exclaimed, trying to cheer him up a bit after
Mitsune's puncturing.

"Thanks, Shinobu-chan..."

"Congrats, Keitaro! That's the way!" The young Kaolla struck a
pose, smiling sunnily at Keitaro and holding her thumbs up. Despite her
usual childish behaviour, she cared very much about all her roommates, and
especially Keitaro.

Keitaro just looked overjoyed to see that everyone was happy for
him. His eyes were a bit teary from all the excitement around him and the
overwhelmingly joyful atmosphere.

"Urashima, that score is good, but you'd better not let your guard
down, or I'll personally deal with you," Motoko warned him, still in a
gentle tone. She didn't like him at first, but learned how to enjoy (or
rather, tolerate) his presence in the dorm over time. Looking briefly at
him, she then headed for the kitchen, in order to help Shinobu prepare some
drinks. Kaolla followed her, jumping up and down as she did.

"Keitaro, keep up the good work." That time, it was Naru's turn to
praise him a bit. Keitaro wouldn't deny that he liked his study partner
very much. Even if she was often mean to him, she sometimes showed him her
softer, kinder side. He cherished those rare moments, and always hoped to
see more of them in the future. That was one of the reasons why he was
trying to get into Tokyo University now: To show Narusegawa that he wasn't
a stupid pervert, like she often accused him of being.

"T...thanks, Narusegawa! What was your average this time?"

"My average...? Err..."

"She got only 60%! Five points below you, Keitaro!"

"Kitsune! Shut up!" Naru exclaimed, since she hadn't wanted
Keitaro to know.

"Ah..." He scratched the back of his head. "It isn't really the
score that counts, right? I mean, it's okay if you got lower than me. The
most important thing is that we get into Tokyo U together, right!?"

Naru smiled. Sometimes he spoke wisely, and it reminded her of her
Seta-san--always finding the right words for comforting people. In some
ways, he and Keitaro were alike...

"Yeah, you're right!" She took his hands in hers. "Let's do our
best! I promise I'll do better than you in the test next month!"

"Is that a bet!?" he asked, suddenly excited.

"A bet? What would be the prize?"

"Hmm...I dunno."

"What's the point of making a bet if there's no prize!? Idiot!"


"Hey, Naru! You could go out on a date with him if he does better
than you again!" Mitsune suddenly took part of the conversation, being as
interested as she was in such things. Naru just narrowed her eyes at her

"That's kind of a cruel punishment, don't you think?" Naru said, in
a comically sceptical tone. Keitaro just facefaulted.

"What if I win anyway? What do you suggest, Keitaro?" she added.

"Huh...I could be at your service for one week? What do you

"A personal slave, huh? Sounds good. It's settled, then!
Kitsune, you are the witness!"

"Count on me!" Mitsune exclaimed, suddenly excited about the idea.
Naru just smiled, as Keitaro looked at her strangely.

'She seems to be in a good mood today. That's nice to see. I wish
I could see that side of her more often,' he thought.

As his strange look switched to a stupid grin, he suddenly fell
backwards. A bottle of sake had just hit him in the face with a very loud,
resounding *bing!*

"She shoots, she scooooores!" exclaimed Kaolla as she jumped up and
down, visibly happy about the bull's-eye.

"That's the spirit, Su-chan! Let's have a PARTY!!!" Mitsune
whooped, too, raising her fist in the air.

Shinobu and Motoko poured glasses of sake for Naru and a dazed
Keitaro, and then took some soda out of the fridge for themselves. Mitsune
knelt down, picked up the bottle sitting next to Keitaro and began to drink
straight from it.

"Aaah, now that hits the spot! Come on, Keitaro, Naru! Let's
drink to your future success in Tokyo U!"

Naru and Keitaro just exchanged glances and shrugged before
drinking from their glasses together, looking at the rest of the girls
getting the party started. Keitaro then rubbed his forehead, right where
the bottle had hit him. Naru just smiled back at him.

"It's already been a year since you arrived here, ne?" began Naru,
as they both sat off to the side of the living room, drinking a bit, and
watching the others. They both preferred to not get directly into such
parties; Naru mostly because she always wanted to appear serious and
studious, and Keitaro mostly because he didn't want to look like a party
animal to her and lose her trust in him (maybe it was also survival

"I've never been among so many girls like this in my life. You're
all so kind to me, despite the silly things I've done, heh heh..." He
scratched his head while saying this, feeling a bit embarrassed by Naru's
talking to him like that.

"I feel more alive than I ever have in my life since you arrived
here. And I think everyone else here thinks the same way, too."

"Well, I'm happy just being here you kn..."

"Hey, you wallflowers! Get over here and have a drink with us!"
Mitsune and Kaolla rushed towards the two with a bottle of sake and
refilled their glasses without even asking them if they wanted more first.
They both started drinking them immediately, because they knew that Mitsune
and Kaolla would leave them alone again after seeing this token gesture of


Unfortunately, they wouldn't this time.

They lost count of how many times they had to drink, but didn't pay
it much mind. There were no tests scheduled for almost a month, so they
could relax a little more now. Naru would scream if she was in this state
of mind, as she always had studies and Tokyo-U as goals. But what if it
was a slightly drunk Naru, who was in this state of mind? It wouldn't hurt
much, she thought.

As Keitaro was beginning to get pretty drunk himself as well, he
was slower than usual and unguarded; in other words, easy prey. Kaolla
noticed this, and, with that swift move of hers, launched one of her flying
kicks at Keitaro again, while laughing and screaming, "Party! Party!" like
Mitsune, who was chatting with Motoko nearby, had earlier.

"Su-chaaan! Leave him alone, will ya!? He's wor...worked-ed

"Naru! You're drunk already?" Kaolla asked.

"A-am not!" the girl replied, shaking her hand. She looked back at
Keitaro and saw him sprawled out on the floor from drunkeness (and from
Kaolla's kick). She then got up, and took his arm in her hand and pulled
on it a bit, as if she trying to wake him up.

"L...les' go study, Keitaro...we can't s-s-stay here. They won't
leave all of you, err, us al-lone!" Naru stammered as she talked to the
multiple Keitaros she was seeing. She grabbed another arm and somehow
helped all of them stand up at the same time, even though she was not
entirely steady herself. He just nodded and followed her, a bottle of sake
in his hand.

Unfortunately, being drunk doesn't help studying very much.

* * *

Two eyes opened.

Keitaro woke up from what seemed like a long, long sleep. His mind
was all blurry, a deep fog covering what he did the night before.

The night before...he couldn't remember why; it might have been
another obscure reason, but Mitsune and Kaolla, his two fellow tenants and
charges as a kanrinin, dragged everyone else into a party. And since his
mind was very foggy right now, this must have been quite a party...probably
with lots of alcohol, judging from the hangover that sat on his brain like
a filthy, annoying cat.

It had been a long time since he last felt like this. And it
wasn't like he wanted to remember how it felt to be hung over the morning
after a party. Actually, his mind wasn't the only thing blurred right now.
His sight was as well, when he realized that he wasn't wearing his glasses.

The next thing that came up on his realization checklist was the
fact that he was naked under the covers. 'Must have been too out of it to

put my pajamas on,' he thought.

Then he turned his head to his left, as he first looked along the
floor. That's where he saw something that caught his bad eyesight...



Narusegawa's glasses.

"What the...hell?" he heard himself say aloud. He tried to look
around, and even if his eyesight was almost as bad as a mole's, he could
very well distinguish what he was seeing.



Narusegawa's room.

"What am I doing here!?" His mind raced too fast for his body to
follow, as he laid still under the covers.

His brain having processed a total scan of the left side of his
present settings, he decided to try looking to the right. Turning his head
the other way, his eyes met...




Well, it was Narusegawa after all, right?

"Na-na-na...Narusegawa!!" he almost screamed. His voice was just
loud enough to wake the young female Toudaisei-wannabe up.

It was her turn to look around her surroundings. Her eyesight
slightly better than Keitaro's, she realized what was happening before he
could actually decide on an escape route from his imminent death sentence.

"Kei...taro?" Naru asked suspiciously. She sat up, never taking
her eyes off him, as she used her sheets to keep her body covered.


"Keitaro?" Naru blurted out, all at once this time.

"...I-I...I...what the...? What am I doing..."

"IN MY ROOM!!!?" she screamed at him, knocking him backwards. She
blushed as she saw his male attribute. Realizing this, he grabbed his
boxer shorts off the floor, turned away from her, and put them on quickly.
The two students then looked at each other for a minute that seemed to last
for hours.

"Get the hell out of here before I grab something to wear and put
you into Pluto's orbit," Naru declared calmly, frowning at him, and then
put a hand on her forehead, trying to calm down her own drink-induced

"Ah y-yes!" He quickly searched the room for the rest of his
belongings, grabbed them one by one, put his glasses (found on the floor
near Naru's) on, and headed for the door.

"Naru? Why are you being so noisy this early in the morning?"
Keitaro's glasses came into eye contact with Mitsune's all-seeing closed
eyes as she opened Naru's door before Keitaro could reach the doorknob.

Mitsune looked down at Keitaro's body, noticed the boxer shorts,
looked further into the room, and saw Naru clutching her sheets around her
nude body. Needless to say, Mitsune came to a quick conclusion.

"At last!! I knew you two were doing more than just studying! It
was just a matter of time before I found out!" Mitsune exclaimed, with a
big grin on her face.

"I--it's not what you think!" Keitaro and Naru replied in unison,
both confused.

"Oh? Then you mean you two didn't have sex last night?" Mitsune
asked, with an even wider grin. Both Keitaro and Naru blushed a deep shade
of red.

"Wait a min-"

"Don't worry, I'll go and leave you two lovebirds alone. See ya!"
she said before closing the door in Keitaro's face.

"Oh, god...I'm dead..." he said, in a deep, doomed tone, two heavy
streams of tears running down his face.

"Get out...of my room!" Naru almost screamed, throwing her alarm
clock at him. He tried to dash out quickly, but the clock bounced off of
his head anyway.

Keitaro opened the door and stepped outside, then ran to his room
to get dressed. Naru didn't know what to think. What could they have
possibly done last night? Her mind was so blurry...Mitsune must have made
her drink a might even have been a plan of hers to get them
together...then, a thought struck her. Did they do *it*? Did they have
sex like Mitsune said? In her head, she quickly put together a theory of
probability. If you take into account that they were both drunk, naked,
under the same covers, and without their glasses...they *must* have done
it. She thought about that for a few minutes, then decided to go take a
shower, as she tried to persuade herself that none of this ever happened.

Unfortunately, as she got up and inspected her sheets...

"Oh, damn..."

* * *

"Sempai, are you all right?" Shinobu asked Keitaro as they finished
preparing breakfast for everyone in Hinata-sou. Shinobu always liked to

help Keitaro when it was his turn to cook. Actually, it was often his
turn, since Mitsune was always reminding him that he was the kanrinin of
the household. She couldn't deny she had kind of a crush on him, even if
she was too shy and considered herself too young for him.

"Oh, yeah...I guess. Just a damn hangover..."

"I see. You drank so much last night."

" much?" Keitaro began to sweat.

"You and Naru-sempai drank three bottles of sake each, from what I
remember. I went to bed early. Why do you ask?"

"Three...bottles...?" This time, he added some shaking to his
sweat. Now he began to roughly realize what might have happened that

"Are you sure you're all right, sempai?"

"Don't worry. I just have a terrible headache..."

"Maybe you should get some rest...I'm worried about you..."

Keitaro looked at her, touched by how her expression perfectly
reflected her sincerity behind that statement. 'Oh, Shinobu-chan is
worried about me! She's so kind and nice to me! Ah, at least there's one
good presence in this hostile world...' he thought, smiling a bit.

A voice suddenly made him snap and almost drop the kitchen knife he
had in his hand.

"So, how was your night with Naru, Keitaro?" Mitsune asked, as she
walked down the stairs.

"Wh-what the hell are you talking about!?" Sweat increased. Pulse
rate quickened.

"Sempai?" Shinobu asked, puzzled.

"Hey, don't tell me you spent the night in Naru's room and didn't
do *ANYTHING* with her!"

"Don't talk like that in front of Shinobu-chan!" A puddle of sweat
began to pool at Keitaro's feet as he turned around. His heartbeat reached
a BPM comparable to a good hardcore techno song. How cruel of Mitsune! He
was unprepared, his defence wasn't set yet...Damn, it actually felt like he
was being judged...


"Urashima Keitaro. You slept in Narusegawa Naru's room, and
sexually assaulted her whilst she was under the influence of alcohol. Do
you acknowledge this?" Judge Mitsune Konno asked from her seat, placed so
high that Keitaro had to look straight up to face her. She was dressed in
an Old Bailey-style judge's robe and powdered wig, to assert her superior
position to Keitaro.

"I...I...I didn't do that..."

"Liar!! We have proof!" She hit the desk with her gavel, and

displayed several items on a table, as well as slides on a screen. The
first three slides showed Keitaro and Naru drinking sake, the next two
showed them both unsteadily walking towards Naru's room. The items on the
table were Keitaro and Naru's glasses, and two piles of obviously roughly-
discarded clothes belonging to each student.

"All of this is overwhelming evidence of your crimes!" Judge
Mitsune said, in a scary tone.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Keitaro screamed, putting both his
hands on his head.


"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Keitaro scr...ahem, came back to

"You didn't spend the whole night there? So how come you were in
her room just a few minutes earlier?"

"Sempai...? You didn't...?"

"I don't know! Stop harassing me like this!!" he shouted to no one
in particular. He remembered shortly afterward that doing this when
Shinobu was talking to him was a big mistake.

"Sempai..." Shinobu's eyes began to get watery...

"No, no, Shinobu-chan, don't cry!"

"Awwwwwwwuuuu..." The youngest of the girls at Hinata-sou couldn't
help it. She began to panic. Besides, it's kind of her trademark, isn't

"Please, Shinobu-chan...! I'm not mad!" Keitaro exclaimed,
realizing that he wasn't controlling the situation anymore. And that was
bad, especially when Mitsune was there.

"But, Urashima-sempai..." Shinobu said through teary eyes, a bit
confused by the whole situation.

"Keitaro...!" Naru announced her entry downstairs by just calling
his name. The last person he wanted to see right now, after Mitsune, was

"Sempai...?" Shinobu said to Keitaro, trying to get an explanation
from him. However, she faced nothing but an empty space, as Keitaro was
already running to his room...

* * *

"Dammit, this can't be! I can't have done *that* with Narusegawa!"
Keitaro screamed to himself as he beat a quick retreat to his room, knowing
he'd find some peace there...maybe.

As he opened the door to his room and stepped inside, a familiar
foot greeted him by knocking him to the floor face first, resulting only in
a slight bruise on his cheek. Being in Hinata-sou for over a year now had
accustomed him to physical abuse, somehow.

"Hiya, Keitaro! Sleep well?" the little Kaolla greeted the Hinata-
sou kanrinin as usual. But she had never dared do that in his last line of
defence...uh, room before.

"Suu-chan...I don't need that right now. I already have a

"Headache? Is it delicious?"

Keitaro's mouth felt like the cat that he'd woken up with on his
brain had used it for a litter box while he slept, and his stomach churned
like it was trying to make sake butter. "No, no, it isn't. Errr...could
you leave me alone for a while? I need to rest..."

Kaolla looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Keitaro don't wanna play with me?"


He had a bad feeling about this for some reason. Kaolla just

* * *

Naru sprayed her curvy body with the detachable showerhead. She
had a terrible hangover as well, and thought that maybe a good shower and a
bath in the hot spring afterwards would help her get rid of that uncom-
fortable sensation. She looked at the ceiling, and whispered to herself.

"That's weird, I don't feel like anything has changed...yet."

* * *

"AAAAAH!!! Stop that, Suu-chan!"

"Hiya! You're doing good, Keitaro!"

The poor kanrinin was wearing a kind of mechanical turtle shell,
and was walking down the first floor hall, but his body was aching too
much. He could only move his hands and feet, since the shell covered most
of his body...and worst of all, Kaolla was riding him. No, not THAT way,

"What do you think of my TamArmor-kun, Keitaro!?"

"Not very...comfortable...unnh..." Keitaro moaned in pain.

They were both passing in front of Aoyama Motoko's room, when the
door opened.

"Suu-chan, please be quiet, I'm trying to concent...AAAAH!!!
TURTLE!!!" she exclaimed, instantly drawing her sword. Kaolla jumped off
of Keitaro's back as fast as she could, thanks to her sharp self-
preservation instinct.

"Motoko-chan, listen..."

"Hiken Zankuusen!!!"

Another satellite suddenly entered Earth's orbit.

* * *

L O V E H I N A - Keitaro's Journey To Hell (Above Average?)
Not for sale, rent or auction! :P

* * *

"Sorry, Urashima."

Motoko bowed her head. She was sitting next to Keitaro, who was
laying in his futon.

"That's okay, Motoko-chan. It didn't hurt that much." Actually,
it couldn't possibly hurt more than the headache he was enduring. Still,
it felt like the pain was beginning to fade.

Without a word, Motoko stood up and left the room, only to discover
an eavesdropping Mitsune...

"Ah, err...Keitaro? Can I have a talk with ya?" Mitsune asked.


Mitsune entered the room, closed the door, and leaned against the
wall in front of Keitaro. Feeling a bit better, he sat up and listened
carefully. Whatever she had to say, it had to be important, if she wanted
to talk to him in his own room. Did she want to reveal her true feelings
to him? Was she going to undress and give herself to him right here and
now? 'No, no way. That only happens in hentai games,' he thought.

"So, what's the problem, Kitsune-chan?"

"Actually, Naru is the problem."

"Ah...I guess I can understand that..." He looked down, his eyes
obscured by his glasses.

"You know what you did to her, right?"

"Err...I'm...I'm not too sure. Actually, I'd prefer to not think
about it."

"WHAT!? You just had your way with her and you don't care about it
at all!? The first time is important for a woman, and you just ruined it
for her!" Obviously, Mitsune was winding him up. Such an outburst didn't
sound right at all, especially coming from her. Keitaro wasn't going to
fall for a play like this.

"I...I did...that?" Oh, well, never mind the last comment.

"Of course you did! And I'll bet you she's pregnant now!!"

The lenses of Keitaro's glasses instantly disintegrated into little

shards. Narusegawa...pregnant? How could this be possible? What about
Tokyo U? She wouldn't be able to get in, or even pass the entrance exams.
Everyone would be angry at him, and the girl of his childhood promise would
surely turn him away, considering that he would have a child with another
woman, and...most of all, Narusegawa would be upset about what he did, and
not talk to him anymore...

"Nah, just kidding," she chuckled, as Keitaro's face registered
that he was about to faint.

"Don't joke about things like that!!" he screamed back at her.

Mitsune kept her composure.

"Just...think about what you did. I know it's kinda normal for
people our age, but still...I won't say anything to the others. They don't
need to know...yet."

"Thank you, Kitsune-chan!" Keitaro smiled, visibly happy that she
finally admitted she was on his side.

"That is..." Mitsune continued.


"I need 15,000 yen for tomorrow. Can I borrow it from you?"

"15,000 yen!? savings..."

"Thanks, Keitaro!" she grinned. "I knew you would understand! I
won't tell anyone that you and Naru had sex!"

The door of his room exploded and hit the opposite wall, surprising
them both. As the cloud of dust lifted away, Keitaro could distinguish
Motoko's figure.

"Urashima...KEITARO! How dare you take advantage of a girl while
she's drunk!? I will never forgive you for that! Fear my wrath! Hiken
Fuujin Ran..." She prepared herself to strike at him again, but someone
interrupted her.

"Please, Motoko-chan..." Naru softly said. She was standing next
to Motoko, who gasped in surprise. Keitaro had just wet himself because of
the surprise from Motoko's outburst, but, since this isn't that kind of
series, it happened out of the viewers' sight. Naru was wearing her usual
yellow pullover and dark skirt with matching tights.

"It's not all his fault..." Naru continued. "...I'm to blame as
well. I shouldn't have drank so much at that party. I was irresponsible
as well."

"But, Naru..." Mitsune, said, a bit surprised by her friend's
reaction. Naru just lifted her hand up in response.

"As for Keitaro..." She gave him a dark glance.


"...never mind. I'll think about your punishment later," she
intoned evenly as she added a wide grin to her dark stare. You know, the
really mean kind of grin.

She then turned and walked down the hall, out of Keitaro's view.

"Naru-sempai, are you alright? Wait for me!" Motoko put her sword
back in her scabbard and chased after Naru. Mitsune did the same, after
taking a quick look at Keitaro's shocked face.

* * *

One month had passed since this 'incident'. Mitsune kept the
secret well, in exchange of some of Keitaro's savings, of course.
Actually, it was pretty useless to keep such a secret, since Mitsune, Naru
and Motoko knew already. If you add the fact that Shinobu isn't stupid and
kind of guessed, the only ones left who didn't know were Kaolla and Haruka.
In a month, though, they both heard the news from one source or another.
Actually, Haruka had to question Naru about her strange behaviour with
Keitaro for the past month, whereas Kaolla just discovered the fact while
surfing the web.

Wait a minute...surfing the web? How did this get out of Hinata-

"Because I needed money! Naru-Idol's fan club offered me good
money for the info!" Mitsune appeared on the screen...err, her words,

"Kitsune-chan!!!! I thought you wouldn't tell!!!" Keitaro
appeared next to her, screaming at her.

"They had more money to offer than you had in your bank account,"
she explained calmly, crossing her arms over her stomach.

"Damn..." Keitaro lowered his eyes, in pure despair. The situation
was REALLY getting out of hand.

Well, anyway, Keitaro and Naru had a self-test scheduled at a
nearby test centre, in preparation for the real Tokyo U exams in May.

That was when everything was going to change.

* * *

Narusegawa Naru was prepared for this test. She had been eagerly
waiting for it since her first failure of Tokyo U's entrance exam. She
wanted to see if she could do better than last time. Her now-braided hair
and thick glasses just reinforced, for her, the feeling that she was
prepared for it. Every detail counts, right?

Urashima Keitaro was prepared for this test. He had been eagerly
waiting for it since his third failure of Tokyo U's entrance exam. Naru
teased him by making a bet with him. Could he do better than her?
Actually, it was pretty much impossible, considering his unluckiness with
exams...still, the last self-test went pretty well. Maybe he would be just
as lucky this time.

"Ready? Start!"

The examiner announced the beginning of the test, and everyone in

the room flipped the test textbook open.

'I won't lose! Not only is this test important, but I have to show
Narusegawa that all those days and nights of studying weren't in vain!'
Keitaro said to himself while frantically reading and answering the
questions on the test one by one.

He briefly looked at where she was sitting, only to see her reading
her paper. She was actually shivering and looked uncomfortable.

'What's happening to her?' he thought to himself. 'Wasn't she
prepared? Is she cracking up because of the stress? Oh, no! I might be
one of the reasons she's cracking up! Oh, man, she's gonna kill me if she
fails!' By the time he was finished thinking, he had his head in his
hands. He looked up and saw her seat...


Looking up further, he caught a glimpse of her as she ran out of
the testing room.


He suddenly put his pencil on his desk.

* * *

The women's washroom. A light-brown-haired woman was bending over
a sink, looking into the mirror.

"My face is a mess..." she thought aloud. Her face looked sad
through her glasses.

She emitted a slight moan of pain next, and then the unpleasant
sound of vomiting.

"Now it is confirmed...Keitaro, you're dead. Awfully dead," she
said, frowning, as she took her glasses off, turned on the faucet and
splashed cold water on her face.

Narusegawa Naru shook her head in front of the mirror, dried her
face with a tissue and left the test centre, unable to finish her test...
and unable to look Keitaro in the eye after what she fully realized...


End of Chapter One ^_^

NEXT CHAPTER: "Havoc at Hinatasou! SPEECHLESS!"

Author's notes:

So, here's the first part of my newest fic :) I hope you all liked it,
because I'm putting a lot of heart into it ^_^

People who have read my previous Evangelion fanfics will scream at me, I
know. But actually, the idea seemed so full of possibilities, even more
than with I did it :)

I would like to thank my beloved pre-readers. They include Alain Gravel,
Disaster, Dave Watson, DJ Lesser and Eyes. You've all been great help
again :)

I will try to write faster for the second part, but it's not as easy as you
might think. :) I have lots of other work to do, mostly for school, but
also for my other projects.

On a final note, I'd like to announce the creation (if you don't know it
already) of the first (to my knowledge) Love Hina Mailing List. "Gold"
drafts of this fic are posted in this a few days before going to the
outside world :). You can also discuss various Love Hina subjects
(merchandise, questions about the series or the manga, announcements about
your fan works, etc.)

In order to subscribe, just send a mail to
with "subscribe" in the subject field :)

See ya soon!

Axel Terizaki