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The pier was alive with evening activity. Music blared out from different fair booths and lights flashed invitingly. The Ferris wheel was up and running and children ran here and there, hugging stuffed animals and some clinging wide eyed to their parents hands. Couples were everywhere; here a girlfriend pleaded for a prize from a booth, there a boyfriend bought some cotton candy to share. Merriment and cheer were like a plague spreading through the crowd. Everyone laughed, everyone smiled, all except for one.

A girl with purple eyes and a blue cloak slipped carefully through the crowd, dodging the laughing children and blatantly ignoring the calls for her to try her hand at this or that and win a fabulous prize. Carnivals were really not her thing. Sighing, the dark girl began to head towards the end of the pier, it was quiet and calm there and a whole lot better than the loud music that was starting to give her a headache.

"Hey Raven! Wait up!" Raven turned at the mention of her name and found Beast Boy hurrying through the crowd toward her. Sighing once more, Raven crossed her arms and impatiently tapped her foot. It wasn't company she wanted, but Beast Boy wouldn't just leave her alone if she walked away.

As the green human caught up to the sorceress, he grinned and slowed to a walk. "Hey, want some company?" He asked as he raised his eyebrows face full of boyish like hope.

"…Umm not really." The Goth answered and watched his face fall. That hope that had shown so brightly in his eyes faded and his shoulders sagged.

"Alright then, I guess I'll see you later then Rae." He turned and walked away with his shoulders still hunched.

Raven watched him and hesitated before calling out. "But if you really want to join me you can." She smiled very slightly to herself as she watched his figure straighten and saw his face light up. Running back over, he grinned and rubbed the back of his head.

"Thanks Rae, everyone else paired up and disappeared. Even Aqualad and Speedy went of plotting something." His bright green eyes sparkled with laugher as he walked beside Raven. "So what do you want to do?" He asked.

"Well, before you joined me, I was going to go down to the end of the pier, but I'm guessing you have other plans?" She mused and turned to look at her friend as a bright gleam shown in his eyes.

"You bet!" He laughed and grabbed her arm, hauling her off in the direction of the Haunted House. Raven started at the sudden contact and considered pulling away, but finally let herself be dragged along behind him.

"First, we'll go through the Haunted House, then we can go on the roller coaster and then we can play games, and then…"

"Did you say Haunted House?" Raven inquired quietly, watching as the large building loomed up in front of them, the shutters hanging and scary music mixing with the other sounds of light hearted music.

"Yep," Beast Boy glanced back at his teammate and watched as she bit her lip and turned her purple eyes down. "Is that a problem Rae?" He asked as he stopped and turned fully around to face her.

"No, well, I mean…" her voice trailed off slightly and she glanced up at the green boy before her, eyes slightly worried. "Do you remember last time I got scared? How my emotions got out of control?" She asked as she gnawed on her lip and looked slightly embarrassed.

"Oh yeah, we watched Wicked Scary 2 and you freaked out. Are you worried that'll happen again?" Beast Boy studied Ravens' face. She was so hard to read, always hiding her emotions, well except for that time she had been upset about Malchior betraying her. A light blush stained his cheeks as he remembered being hugged by the seemingly unfeeling girl whose heart had been broken.

"Well, yeah, I guess." Raven murmured, she hated being afraid and hated even more the fact that she couldn't control her powers when she in a certain state of fear.

Beast Boys grip slide down from her wrist to her hand and tightened there. "Don't worry Raven; I'm here to protect you." He grinned at her reaction to his bold move, but was delighted that she didn't pull away. "C'mon lets go." And they did.


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