Hanging in the moonlight – Chapter One – Many doubts

(( Hey guys! Here is a brand new fresh story that I am going to be writing and it is called, 'Hanging in the moonlight'. This story takes place after the night of 'So the Drama.' Now if you haven't seen the movie, err this story might be confusing but if you have than you will be right on track! Booyah! Lol.

The reason I am writing this story is because I have been kind of depressed lately. Yeah I know, you can read my xanga… my latest journal entry explains everything (sigh). Anyway this story I must warn is going to be depressing and sad, not to mention dramatic. I rarely write stories like this… besides Obsession! (wide smile, lol). So tech. I shall be putting all of my upset and depression into this story. Right. Well I hope you all enjoy this story I know I will have fun writing it and please review! Also my two other stories, 'Year 1904' and 'Obsession part 2' shall be updated soon as well, and I will be updating this story shortly! Hehehe. Enjoy everyone and please review …

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"She isn't going to make it." Whispered a man by whom he liked to be called 'Lord Monkey Fist' who shot a glance at a man dressed in a black prison suite who was looking out at the large moon that hung high outside of the prison bars that led to freedom.

The man dressed in black was named Doctor Drew Theodore Pious Drakken Lipsky. His black hair that most of the time was in spikes was drooping down over his eyes. The doctor needed a haircut badly.

Glancing back at the man who sat in the far dark corner of the jail cell who lit a cigarette that his lips were holding Drakken shook his head,

"She will be fine, I know Shego."

"Aye, but you don't know her well enough do yah now ladie?" Questioned another man resting his circular body on the jail bars on the front of the cell, shaking his head and his red stubby beard scraping him against his throat as he spoke.

"What are you talking about Killigan!" Snapped Doctor Drakken who narrowed his uni-brow in the Scottish man's direction.

"Ole' monkey boy over here says she wont make it and next thing I hear you say she will. I say that bitch needs a break, you work her so hard!"

Monkey fist pulled his cigarette out of his mouth in surprise to hear his pal Duff Killigan speak such langue about a lady, Duff was always polite, but when it came to Shego they all treated her like one of the guys. She had that kind of power.

"You call her a bitch again and I'll make you lose what makes you a man!" Growled Drakken looking away from the moonlight and Killigan let out a 'pfft,' and rolled his eyes.

"Now don't you two start fighting, not like I don't like fighting, just if you do you both will get even more beat from the guards than you did by Kim Possible."

"That's not what I need, not after last night."


Both men asked in unison as Doctor Drakken glanced up at them and rolled his eyes turning to face them on his cot. Sitting his sharp head gently on the brick wall, he closed his eyes and twirled his fingers. "If it wasn't for that little rat… I would have won."

"Trying to take over the world again Drakken, eh you never will."

"None of us will!" Cried Killigan turning around and resting his arms on the bars and shaking his head in dismay. "What's the point of being a villain anyway if you never succeed anyway? We all had bad childhoods, that never helped."

"The point is D-UFF," Drakken sputtered with his eyes still closed, "That we can release all of our anger that we have been holding and hiding back since we were children out on our enemies and have high hopes of winning."

"Drakken has a point." Monkey Fist nodded his way and lit another ciggeret. His hands were rather large and had rough dark brown and black patched hair on top of them also upon on his two feet. His greasy brown hair was messed up and his sideburns were extreamily long. All the men needed a hair cut, the barber just didn't enjoy cutting their hair because he never got it right and was yelled at when finished if they didn't like it.

The three men in the cell were villains. Each man had a sad and terrible history which led them to become a villain, it was rare to hear them even say the word past.

"Where did Kim mostly beat Shego up anyway?" Monkey Fist asked.

"From what the doctor said she has a concussion, pneumonia, burses all over her body, and her uterus as been damaged badly." Drakken whispered keeping a steady voice as both men shook their head and let out angry/sad sighs.

"What was her childhood like?" Duff asked,

"I don't know, Shego never really talked about it."

"But ch-yah never asked man?"

"Why do you even care! What you like her or something! Go, go get Shego to fall in love with you, I would like to see you try!" Drakken whined and rolling his eyes.

"I'm not in love with the lassie! You crazy…" Duff Killigan whispered taking a cigarette from Monkey Fist's pack and lighting it with his own lighter.

"Crazy!" Drakken growled jumping up from the cot and making his way over to him,

"Drakken no," Monkey First started, "Crazy you say! Oh Duff-y boy I will show you crazy!"

Drakken than threw his arm out to punch him but Duff luckly ducked down and out of the way and jumped behind him placing his own arms in the fighting position.

"First you call Shego a bitch, than you call me crazy and get away with it, I really don't think so!"

"Cut it out now I said!"

Barked a guard from out side of their prison cell as he bashed his black coated club against the bars making all of them jump and step back.

"Now I don't want any more fighting in this cell or I will have you all starvin' for a week, yah hear?"

Nor Drakken, Monkey First or Duff Killigan answered, they just glared at the guard as if he was their mother telling them to pick up their toys as a child and not be aloud to watch their favorite show.

"I came down here with news from the doctor, about ah a gal named Ms. Shego." The Guard nodded tipping his hat a bit as a long blonde curl fell from his hat. His gray eyes could not be seen that well in the darkness of the cell but his voice and body outline could be seen and heard quiet well.

"Oh is she alright!" Drakken asked biting his lower lip.

"Well, she ah…"

"… s-she died, didn't she?" Drakken asked his face dropping and his hands falling to his sides.

"No, no not yet."

"What do you mean not yet?" Monkey Fist asked getting defensive, "Is she dead or alive what is it!"

"She is alive, not doing that well, but she is hanging in there."

'That's my Shego.' Drakken thought as a tiny smile appeared upon his blue face as he walked back to his cot but the man stopped him by reaching his hand in and grabbing his shoulder,

"You're coming with me doc, she wants to see you."

Duff and Monkey Fist exchanged glances and shrugged as they walked back to their cots and started to smoke again. Duff mumbled the words 'sorry' to Drakken and he just nodded as the guard open the steal doors as he walked out.

Handcuffs were placed on Drakken immediately and he just rolled his eyes as they dragged him down a long water dripping, rat running, and spine-chilling hallway with prisoners in every cell.

Rubbing his pudgy and small blue nose he felt as if he could cry all of a sudden.

'What's the matter with me?' He thought as they started to push him as he grumbled curse words as they passed the murderers.

"Ah here we are doc, you can have as much time as you like with her."

'That's new, since when are they nice to a man like me?" Drakken thought puzzled as they un-cuffed him as he walked into a large white room and towards the back laid the beautiful and life less looking Shego.

Shego was a woman of power. She could get any man she wanted, she could beat any man she wanted. Her long silky feeling raven black hair was pulled onto a pony tail and tucked underneath her. Her arms were folded nicely over her chest that was moving up and down and she had suction cups all over her body. Her legs were spread, she was going to have an expectation done when she would awake.

"Shego?" The blue doctor whispered to her as he sat down on the white chair that was next to the examining room.

"Listen, if you can hear me… I wanted to say I'm sorry. I feel down in my heart that all of this is my fault. I only pray that you will wake up while I am still here… I will be by your side for as long as I need." He whispered as he bit his lower lip and made sure no one was watching. Picking up his right hand he started to stoke Shego's left cheek and 'hum' a song to her.

A half hour later Drakken was pacing back and forth in the white room. Her monitor's were beeping and making odd noises from time to time and Shego's heart rate slowed down several times and some doctors flew in and asked if Drakken was ready to go but he told them he would wait until she woke up.

When an hour had passed he decided that it was getting late and that he would just see Shego some other time when her lips opened and she let out a small cry. Drakken turned around to find her eyes wide awake and her limp hand quivering out to him.

"Shego!" he gasped in happiness as he hurried back over to her and sat back on the chair.

"Can you speak?"

"A-a little." She squeaked blinking her large green eyes at him, Drakken really needed to clean himself up, he looked terrible.

"Oh Shego, I am so sorry for all of this."

"I heard you the first time." She whispered, and winced in pain as she moved her legs a bit, she had needles dug into all over her arms and legs and tubes in uncomfortable places.

"How do you feel."

"Look at me and where the tubes are and than ask yourself that question again!"

"Oh, right." Drakken blushed as there was a long silence between them.

"So you were awake when I um… kind of told you how I felt?"

"I was sort of awake… sort of asleep. I am going to murder Kim after I get out of this rats cage."

"Uh Shego… I have some news."

"What? What is it?"

"Well first of all have the doctors told you anything about your condition?"

"No, why?"

"Well, Shego you could have died if Kim had done any more damage,"

"I wish I was dead right about now." She mumbled and Drakken's eyes buldged from his head in fear, feeling his heart sink in his chest.

"You-you don't want to be with me anymore?"

"Did I say that idiot?"

"Just this once I will let you curse at me." He whispered sadily looking away feeling like he was talking to his mother again when he was a baby.

Shego let out a heavy sigh and looked around the room the best she can only moving her eyes and not her head that was flushed and weak, "Listen, I just am in so much pain that I just want to die. You know that feeling Drakken… anyway, am I still going to die?"

"I don't think you will. You have held up long enough not too die, I um… I really hope you don't. I wont ever find another side kick like you." Drakken whispered biting his lower lip again as he slipped his blue small hand into her frail one and she glanced him a look. His warm smile than did something amazing to her heart. She felt as if she was walking on clouds. His tiny blue hands were so soft and… pudgy.

Giving him a squeeze he squeezed her back as they started to talk for some time with out any arguments what so ever.

"Well your brother's came by and I begged them to let us out, they aren't going to because they said you need some discipline,"

"Oh they have the nerve!" Shego growled as she the best she could scratch her tummy and the door at the end of the white room burst open. Shego jumped and let out a cry of pain and Drakken leaned over her in fear hoping she didn't hurt herself.

"Okay times up!" Barked a large man. He had what looked to be three chins and his dark skin was shinny from the light.

"You scared her!" Drakken cried seeing Shego's breathing had picked up and her toes were starting to curl. He could tell that the needles that were injected into Shego were put in to far and if they were moved in more she would surely be so uncomfortable she would pass out.
"What? I just opened the door!" Barked the man again,

"Well when you opened the door neither she or I knew that you were coming, she got scared, jumped in her bed and must of hurt herself! Shego, Shego can you hear me! Oh please answer me!" Drakken begged seeing her body was starting to shake and her eye lids were opened a bit, all he could see was white.

"Call the doctors in here now!" Screamed the man who ran over to Drakken to help Shego.

"I am sorry for frightening her, my name is Rupert by the way."

"Drakken, Doctor Drakken."

"Nice name, now where the hell are the doctors!" The man called hurrying out of the white room as several nurses came in and pushed Drakken out of the way.

Falling down to the ground Doctor Drakken heard just ringing in his ears… only ringing. Shego's body started to shake more and more as goose bumps burst out onto every part of his body that had skin over it. Things were flashing before him and everything looked to be in slow motion for him. Male and Female doctors rushed into the white room and started telling the nurses what do to in a panic as they started to wheel Shego out of the room and Drakken called after her trying to follow, but his legs would not let him.

Her left hand was shaking and started to hang from the right side of the table as her face dropped to the left side as well. Calling out to her, Shego's eyes than suddenly burst open, wide, big, shiny and beautiful and Drakken's heart stopped. He just felt like he had encountered a ghost, starting with the atmosphere.

Not being able to move Shego's lips started to move up and down but nothing was being said.

"Take her down this hall, quickly!" Jabbed a doctor to one of the nurses who nodded fairly as they started to wheel her out Drakken called out her name once more, hearing it echo in his ears and in the white room as her head turned to the other side and her eyes blinked and than shut for the final time.

"… Never leave me Drakken… never leave me."

Sitting where he had falling, his hands were still in the air, reaching out to where Shego had been wheeled away from, his heart inside felt as if it had stopped. Shego's words still rang in his blue head as he fell back and hit his head on the wall and suddenly felt dizzy. His eyeballs felt and looked to be like two magic eight balls that had just been hit with the stick in a game of pool.

"Hey doc you okay!" Called Rupert who had entered the white room to see if he was still in there, "Doc?"

Rushing over, he picked up Drakken's head and body and gave him a tiny shake.

"Wha? Where did they take Shego!" Drakken gasped grabbing his friend's large muscular arms.

"They are taking her to the hospital, you passed out sir, you might have been hallucinating,"

"But what made her start to shake! Was it because you scared her!"

"No! No, it was her heart! A doctor thought it might be that in the hall!"

"Her-her heart!" Drakken gasped falling to his knees and dropping his head. He than knew that Shego would not survive. It would have to be a miracle for her to survive; she had already been through so much damage already.

"I … want to see her."

"I am sorry sir, but I am ordered to take you back to your cell."

"But I must see Shego!" Drakken growled jumping up and grabbed Rupert by the collar and glared at him.

"Doctor Drakken let go or I will have to call extreme measures."

"You are treating me like I am crazy! What is this, some secret nut house for people who are messed up!" Drakken cried. His head was spinning and all he could think of was that he would never be with Shego again.

"No! You are going to take her to me now! Now!" He screamed as Rupert started to call the guards.

"Get off of me!" Drakken kicked as several men tackled Drakken and held him down on the ground. "No! I must be with Shego, she is my only,"

"Take him into the medical room and hook him up with …"

"What! Don't give me anything!" He screamed as nurses came in and picked Drakken up who was pushing them away and kicking them as they tied him down to a white bed and held his head still.

"What kind of hell house is this!"

"Don't worry Doctor, you will be fine when we get you to the medical room. We are just going to inject you with some medication that will make you drowsy and forget about what happened,"

"Oh no, you mustn't! I must not forget about Shego!" Drakken cried as they tied his legs down and his arms down as well. They started to wheel him out of the white room and down a hall. Drakken kept his eyes closed hard as tears leaked from the sides. He couldn't believe what was happening. For he only wished he was back in his lair, in his bed, in the same house with Shego. Sleeping with his fuzzy teddybear that had the stiched mouth and nose with black button eyes that had a tiny scar under its left eye… just like Drakken.

"I just want to be with her, please, don't let them take her away." Drakken sobbed as the nurses whipped his hair out of his eyes and 'shhhh'd' him to calm him down. Opening his eyes a bit he looked up at the nurses who were smiling above him and running their hands down his blue wet face.

Started to feel strange, from being tied down and woman comforting him Drakken started to wish if one of the woman was Shego so he could see her beautiful face again. Just once more. For he had a feeling that when she left the white room and spoke those soft words that, that was last time he would ever see her and hear her.

"Just because you are in jail dosent mean you don't get treated nicely when you get sent to the medical room." Smiled a nurse with blonde hair which fell to her shoulders and had navy blue eyes. She was helping the two male doctors at the bottom of Drakken's bed pull and was patting his legs making him nervous.

"Here we are…" Ensured one of the male doctors as he pushed open two steal doors and bright lights seemed to burn Drakken's tiny eyes as he let out a moan and they wheeled him under them.

"Now we are going to stick a needle into your arm Doctor Drakken," whispered the nurse with the blonde hair and blue eyes. She was leaning over Drakken and whipping his tears away. "I know you miss that Shego gal, you guys made a cute couple."

"What! Oh Shego and I never were… together."

"Really? But are you sure?"

That question did make Drakken think. He did have feelings for Shego, but the last time he checked they weren't romantic… not last week at least… but than Drakken thought of the night… the night that changed everything.

Untying his right arm one of the nurses pulled up his black sleeve as a different nurse looked for a plump vein as she tapped it a couple of times and pulled tight a rubber snot colored band around his arm followed by injecting the needle.

Drakken let out a small gasp of pain as he felt his blood flow out of his vein and into the vile.

"W-why are you taking my blood?" He asked getting a little queasy by the sight of it.

"So we can run some tests."


"Shhh doctor, don't speak." Smiled the blonde nurse quieting him with her finger and placing it over his blue lips and he melted from her touch.

"Now, you might start to fee a little,"

"Dizzy, yeah I know, I am a Doctor remember?" He laughed as the nurses chuckled.

"One… two…three…"

That was the last thing Doctor Drakken heard as they placed a new needle into a new vial and injected him with a clear liquid that made him pass out completely. Soon he would be waking up, back in his cell and nurses would be checking on him from time to time. Waiting in his bed Drakken started to stir and groan out Shego's name. From the moment he would open his eyes he knew he was going to dread the news if Shego was alive… or dead.