Hanging in the moonlight – 4 – My baby

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Months started to pass and little word was getting to Doctor Drakken about Shego's problem. Nurse Caroline was keeping close watch upon her and informing Drakken when she knew something new.

"How long do you think I am going to be in this rats cage?"

Nurse Caroline lit a cigarette and puffed the smoke in Drakken's face, "Don't know. What, you want me to bail you out or something, sorry love, I can't do that."

Doctor Drakken sighed and muttered a curse word under his breath. He walked around his cell in circles for hours at a time. Caroline would just sit there and daydream.

"You're boring to be with, did you know that." He questioned, shooting her a look.

"Shut up." She growled, lighting another cigarette. "Want one?"

"Yeah, give it to me."

Slipping him a slim dirty looking cigarette through the bars, the doctor grabbed it and whipped her lighter from her hands.

"You know you're being a mega bitch lately Drew."

"Yeah," He coughed from the smoke that was now trapped in his lungs, "so what!"

"So what is that I might recruit and not be your nurse anymore."

"Shucks, I think I'll live."

"Suite yourself. Start treating me better… you know you're not well."

That caught Drakken's attention. He dropped the cigarette from his fingers and it fell to the ground, everything around him was silent.

"Pardon me?"

"Yep, I found out… from Shego."

"S-Shego! W-when did you talk to Shego!" Drakken was now gripping the bars that were holding him inside the cell. Nurse Caroline was resting her tiny body against a cold wall across from him smirking evilly.

"Oh, just last week."

"Y-you mean to t-tell me that she is up and alive and talking!"

"You got it buster brown." Caroline nodded; Drakken's face was turning pink.

"And you didn't even dare to tell me!"

"Thought you would figure it out… you know?"

"Wow… she-she's alive! My baby is alive!" Drakken cheered and Caroline's face dropped. Mama Eve looked up from her magazine and glared at Drakken. DNAmy popped her chubby, overflowing with flesh face, between the bars of her cell and smiled at Drakken.

"You're baby, is she now?" Caroline smirked more, walking seductively over to Drakken who had hearts in his eyes.

"Yeahhhhh… I mean! Oh my god! I can't believe I just said that… shit!"

"We all heard it honey!" Mama Eve laughed as everyone around Drakken burst into laughter. His cheeks were turning boiling red as he slugged back to his bed and curled under the covers, not being seen.

"I'll see you in a while." Nurse Caroline smiled, after he was under the sheets she re-locked his cell and walked away.

Doctor Drakken's heart was beating extra fast in his chest. Beads of sweat were forming at his hairline, and his lips were curled into a smile that was hurting his face. 'My baby…'. Those where the words that were ringing through out Drakken's mind as Shego's face popped up before him. He wanted her. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to kiss her; he wanted to hear her moan out his name romantically. He missed Shego… and he wanted her back.