Author's Note: Thanks to everyone who has reviewed this story! Sadly, this is the last chapter. However, I'm already working on a sequel, and there will be a fluffy little one-shot piece that will accompany this.

Phoenix Fire

Two weeks later, summer vacation had come to an end. Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Jessie were all prepared to return to school: Tuck would be a fifth grader, Jessie would be a sophomore, and Brand and Jenny would be starting their junior year of high school.

On the morning of the first day of school, Jenny put on the outfit she and Jessie had gone shopping for a few days before: blue midriff tank, blue mini-skirt with silver trim, and calf-high blue boots with white soles. With her outfit on and her hair in pigtails, Jenny looked just like everyone would remember her: as a robot. The only difference was that her skin was now a healthy color, rather than paint-white or the paleness of stasis.

"Oh, Jenny, you look great!" Jessie said. She was newly buffed, and shone like Don Prima's sports car.

"Thanks, Jess. You look awesome, too!" At that moment, there was a knock at the door downstairs. Jessie flew down to answer it; a few seconds later, she returned, Brad walking in behind her.

"Hey, sweetie," Brad said, giving Jenny a quick kiss.

"Hey, Brad. What do you think?" She gestured to her outfit.

"Wow! A real live robot-turned-human!" Brad said, mimicking his first reaction to Jenny.

"Wow! A real live teenager-turned-boyfriend!" Jenny countered, playing along. She picked up her black messenger bag, slinging it over her shoulder. "Everyone ready to go?" she asked.

Brad nodded, dangling his keys; he'd gotten his driver's license the week before, and was driving everywhere. Jessie also nodded. Jenny and Brad had already filled her in on how things worked at Tremorton High, and warned her that any initial curiosity would wear off very quickly. With a smile, the three walked way downstairs and out to Brad's car.

When they arrived at school, things went as expected: people were curious about Jessie ("Hey, where's the other robot?"), ogled Jenny ("Hey, baby, you new here?"), and ignored Brad. Nothing really interesting happened until Jenny approached Don Prima and the Crust cousins.

"Hi," Jenny said pleasantly.

Don turned around, caught a look at Jenny, and immediately turned on the charm. "Why, hello. I don't believe you've had the pleasure. I'm Don Prima."

"I'm Jennifer. It's nice to meet you, Don Prima." She looked over at Brit and Tiff. "And who are these two?"

"Oh. They're Brit and Tiff Crust."

"Nice to meet you, Brit and Tiff Crust," Jenny said with an innocent smile, purposely mixing up their names. They glared at her angrily, but Don didn't notice.

"Jennifer, please tell me you'll come to my party tonight. It's a small get-together, just a few close friends. I'd love it you would come." He handed her an invitation.

"Sorry, Don Prima. But I already have plans. I'm going on a date with my boyfriend. Perhaps you've met him? His name is Brad Carbunkle."

"You're dating Carbunkle? Then you must not have been here long."

"Long enough. Don't you recognize me? I'm Jenny. As in Jenny XJ Nine, the robot."

"What?" Don said, dismayed. "But…how?"

"Never mind that. The point is, you didn't like me when I was a robot, so you have no reason to like me now. Yet you do. I've just proven that you're shallow, self-centered, and stupid in less than five minutes."

Don's mouth opened and closed like a fish. Tiff stepped between him and Jenny. "Hey, you can't talk to him like that!" she said angrily.

Jenny just ignored her, turning around and walked over to Brad. "Where's Jessie?" she asked.

"Over there," Brad replied after giving her a peck on the cheek. Jenny looked over at where he was pointing; Jessie was in deep conversation with Sheldon Lee. Jenny smiled. "I told you."

"Told me what?" Brad asked.

"That Sheldon would like Jessie. It's because she's a robot."

"Nah. It's more than that. Look at her. She's actually listening to him," Brad said. "The robot thing might be why he liked her at first, but I bet that he's fallen in love now."

Jenny nodded. She had to admit, Jessie did appear to be interested in what Sheldon was saying. Suddenly, Jenny remembered the invitation in her hand. A wicked smile graced her lips. "I have an idea."


"You wanna crash a party tonight?" She showed him the invitation, explaining the conversation.

Brad smiled and wrapped his arms around Jenny. "I love the way you think."