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3 months later, at Kari's house

"Happy birthday, Kari!" Davis and Veemon exclaimed. They were the last ones to attend Kari's Sweet 16 party.

"Thanks. I was hoping you would come." Kari said. Davis chuckled nervously, and joined the crowd.

Davis broke up with Emily a month prior to Kari's b-day. He was jealous that Kari and T.K. were together. He has never forgiven himself for telling T.K. about the breakup.

"Ken! How are you? Haven't seen you for a while." Davis said. Just then, Yolie walked right up to Ken and started talking to him; completely ignoring that Davis was even there.

Ken and Yolie got together 4 weeks after Gatomon's ordeal. No one was jealous; in fact, all the digidestineds knew it was going to happen. Ken included Davis into their talk, while Kari went over to talk to Tai, Sora, and Matt.

Tai just got a new girlfriend, Sora Takenouchi. The two were, in everyone's eyes, a perfect couple. Also, Matt's band is doing well, and amazingly, he doesn't have a girlfriend. Except, he is looking for a new female singer… Mimi joined their conversation and congratulated Kari for turning 16.

Mimi had her eyes on becoming a famous fashion designer. But for now, what she really needed was a boyfriend. Kari left the conversation and saw Izzy and Cody talking. She guessed it was about computers or something.

Izzy wanted to become a computer programmer/technician. He isn't interested in a girlfriend just yet. Cody isn't interested in girls yet, either. He would rather make sure he gets to kendo practice on time.

"You guys having fun?" Kari inquired.

"Yeah." They murmured while staring at Izzy's laptop.

"Hey, Kari." Joe said.

Joe was setting his sights on becoming a top neurologist. His mistake with Gatomon only pushed him to work harder next time on diagnosing his patients. To his surprise, he's falling in love with his colleague, Samantha, and one day (when they're not busy) he'll make his move. The two talked for about 10 minutes, until Kari felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see that it was T.K.

Everyone agrees that T.K. and Kari make a cute couple. T.K. writes many poems to Kari, but also is happy writing about their adventures in the Digital World… and would like to publish it someday. But for now, he's contented just being Hikari Yagami's boyfriend.

Kari kissed T.K. on the lips. "I missed you, T.K."

"I missed you too." T.K. replied.

"Well, I can see that you two wanna be alone. Happy birthday, Kari." Joe mentioned, and then walked away.

"So…do you know where Gatomon is?"Kari questioned.

"Yeah, I just gave her the newest chapter to my story."

"Cool. Let's go."

"So, Gatomon, what do you think?" Patamon asked.

"I gotta hand it to T.K., I didn't know he was that observant. Excellent, as usual." Patamon saw Kari and T.K. walk over and told T.K. what she said.

"Hey Gatomon. What's up?" Kari asked.

"Not much. Oh, and happy birthday." Gatomon commented. Kari thanked her. They talked for a few minutes, but then Gatomon felt someone was behind her. She turned to see that it was Wizardmon.

"I was going to wait until you two were done talking, but-" He started.

"It's okay," Kari interrupted, "we were done anyways. See ya."

"Can I talk to you in private, Gatomon?" Wizardmon asked, and she nodded her head.

When they got to Kari's room, she sat down on the bed. He sat down next to her, and presented her with the Sapphire Pendent.

"Wizardmon, what's this for?" she asked.

"Remember when I had that condition?" She nodded, "Well, when I returned to normal, I realized that the pendant and the chain sort of…melted together."

She sighed. "That stinks."

"Not really. It made me think about you and me. We're like this necklace: we'll always be together."

Hmm…that's a cool way of looking at it. Gatomon thought

He put the necklace on her this time. "I want you to have it. The gem matches your eyes perfectly."

"You're the best, Wizardmon. Now let's go back to the party." She said.

Wizardmon was welcomed into the Kamiya family, like Agumon and Gatomon. Kari persuaded her father into cleaning up the office so they could get a bed in there, which is where Wizardmon slept.

Gatomon was happy that her best friend was back for good. She never totally got over Eve's sacrifice for them, but nobody ever mentioned it again. When she went to visit Dr. Pewter, she explained what happened to her. Dr. Pewter apologized and erased every record of Gatomon's 'hallucination'.

Every night Gatomon drifted herself to sleep with 1 thought in her head:

Wizardmon and I are reunited, and we'll always be together…

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