Kaito's heist gone bad

Kaito sat at the bar, smiling at the police behind him. He had on a disguise that made him look like a rather disgruntled thirty-year-old woman.

There was a thump behind the bar as a new bartender walked up. He had vary chaotic blonde hair and a rough beard. He slid a drink at Kaito.

"On the house." The bartender smiled before making himself one. "Cheers."

The moment Kaito sipped, he got a horrible headache, and his head pitched forward like some heavy had knocked him in the back of the head. Then he was suddenly pleasantly drunk.

Wow, I have got to try this more often, he thought, before another though hit him like a brick.

"Crap! I can't do the heist like this!" He muttered.


Kaito steadied himself on the rafter; his sense of balance was totally off. Grumbling he began the heist.



Kaito had regained his place at the bar, completing the heist.

The jewel glinted in his pocket. Kaito looked at the bartender.

"Well what?" He grumbled back.

"How was the drink?"

Kaito looked at the bartender in surprise.

"H-how did you know?"

"Easy. But I won't tell you."

Kaito gawked.

"What was that drink anyway?"

"My own personal recipe. It's a pan galactic gargle blaster."


A/N: Wee! I finally wrote this! It's been bugging me for a while. Well there MIGHT be another chapter, or a sequel. Anyway I really like this. It's a HHGttG/MK crossover. Yay!