Have you ever lost a best friend? If you have, then you will know how I feel. If not, I must just tell you, it isn't an experience you want to go through. Especially, if you only have two friends to begin with. Ok, I think I have let you in on enough…

Today was our last day of school, before we were going on spring break. It felt like spring, the air was warm, not hot, but just warm. With the breeze slightly blowing, it felt really nice out. It was now warm enough to not wear a coat, and not shiver everyday on our walk to school. The trees had buds on them now, and the flowers were beginning to pop out of the ground, Everything seemed so perfect, and I couldn't wait for spring break, so I could hang out with my friends, and have fun. Although, I am still not fully on vacation, because I still have the job of fighting ghosts, but we enjoy doing that. Although it is dangerous, we stay safe, and usually, I am the only one that gets hurt.

"So, what do you guys plan on doing this weekend?" Tucker asked Sam and I, after we had just about reached the school. Usually, he talks then, so that we slow down, and don't get into the school as fast.

"I dunno, what do you wanna do?" I asked Tucker, since usually, I didn't like suggesting things, cuz then if it sounded like a bad idea, I would be the one to blame.

"Sorry guys, can't hang out with ya though, I have to go camping with my parents over spring break," Tucker complained, and kicked at the sand below his feet, causing dust to poof all over the place.

"Tucker!" Sam yelled at him, after sand had blown into her violet eyes. She closed her eyes, and then rubbed her hands across them.

"You know, that doesn't help," Tucker teased Sam. Sam blinked a few times quickly, and then opened her eyes all the way, and glared at Tucker.

"Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!"

That then made Sam really mad, and she kicked Tucker really hard on his leg, and then ran onto the other side of me.

"Owwwwwww!" Tucker hollered, as he grabbed his leg, and hopped around. After he had settled down, he was limping on his leg, and I didn't know if it was real, or if he was just faking it, to once again slow down our walking, even though, now we were right in front of the stairs.

"It couldn't have hurt that bad," Sam said, annoyed.

"Hey, it did hurt! You ran and hid behind Danny, or I would have kicked you even harder!"

"Go ahead, kick me," she told him, and then walked right up to him.


"See, you wouldn't have even been able to kick me."

"Ok, would you two stop fighting?" I butted in.

"Ok," Tucker sighed, and then started walking behind Sam and I. The school was crowded as usual, and was the same as usual. Different smells everywhere from the different people, and the same getting shoved out of the way, and squeezing between people. Somehow though, Sam and I never got separated, we ended up by each other the whole way through. Sam also had every hour with me, and Tucker only had three hours with me. Sam and I also shared a locker, because Sam had no locker partner, and I moved into hers with her. After we arrived at the locker, Sam turned the lock, and got it opened really fast. We grabbed out our science books, which was our first hour. Tucker had Social Studies first hour, and we didn't see him until second, for math.

"So, what do you want to do over spring break?" I asked Sam, as we walked towards our class slowly, taking our time. We had 6 minutes in-between classes, so we decided to take it as slowly as possible. In our Science class, we got to sit wherever we wanted, but if we talked, we wouldn't be allowed to sit next to the same person for the rest of that week. Sam and I have never gotten in trouble for talking, because we usually try to pay attention, or either, we talk, and try to keep it hidden.

Once we had entered class, and picked out seats, the bell had rang. Sam and I were sitting alone at a table, while all the other people were at tables according to the groups they were in. Paulina, Dash and Kwan sat at a table together, and were forbidding everyone else from even thinking about sitting at the table with them. Then, there was the normal people, in which, for some reason Sam and I weren't even popular enough to sit there. And then there were the geeks, which we didn't sit there for obvious reasons, because that would lower our social stance even more. Then, there was a table of girls, which didn't like the guys, and a table of guys, that didn't like the girls. Other than that, there were the other kids, which didn't qualify for the groups, which would include us, and a couple of other kids.

"All right class, settle down!" Mr. Lesk asked the class, in the normal dull voice that he always had, that made the class even more boring than it was supposed to be. He had that plain voice, that never changed in pitch, it was just a flat voice that didn't have any tone or anything to it. It made you feel as though you were stuck in one of those science shows, where the guy just goes on and on with that boring voice, as though you are supposed to learn something when someone is using that kind of voice. The only time that his voice did have something interesting to it, was when he was yelling at people to be quiet, or to behave.

"Ok class, we are going to watch a video today. Please make yourselves comfortable, and please make no sounds during this video."

Sam just sighed, and looked at me, and we both rolled our eyes, and turned towards the video.

When you have seen one of those videos in class, and your friend is sitting right across from you, you would know what it would be like to sit through a boring video, and want to talk to them so much. I knew I shouldn't talk to her, but the video was so boring, and it was so tempting. I tried to turn back to the video, but with the person in the video also talking in that flat voice, it was so boring, and all I could do was sit there, and pretend as though I was watching it. I wasn't the one to break the silence around us though, Sam broke it, by saying, "This movie is so boring."

"Yeah," I whispered, and looked up at the teacher, to make sure he hadn't caught us.

"I wish we didn't have this class anymore," she said, and turned away from the video to face me.

"Sam, you are going to get in trouble," I told her, and stayed facing towards the TV, not wanting to get in trouble.

"We never get in trouble," she whispered, and refused to turn back to the TV, just the same as I refused to turn away, because I didn't want to get any one of us in trouble.

"Ms. Manson, is there something you would like to tell the class?" Mr. Lesk asked her, and he paused the video tape.

"Uh, no sir." She replied.

"I would like you to come sit over here," he said, pointing over to a table where the other kids like us, with no group were sitting. Their names were Tara and Abby. They also had one guy for a friend, but he wasn't in this class with them at the moment. They were just like us, only opposite, two girls, and a guy. I had never really gotten to know them though, I just knew their names, and I knew they were losers too. Sam grabbed her book, and walked over to the other table, and threw her books on the table, and plopped into the chair.

Dash, Paulina, and Kwan were teasing her, I, or both of us, because they were giggling, and Dash was looking at me, and the other two at Sam, and they all ended up switching, and looking at both of us. I knew for surly, Sam and I were never going to hear the end of this from them.

After the video, we were allowed to work in the groups we were in, to do a paper. Mr. Lesk moved me with Dash and them, and for some reason, I think he did it on purpose. I sat on the end of the table, trying to stay as far away from them as possible. I was out of the Paulina phase, because I had eventually learned that she was a mean, shallow, bitch. All she was doing, was either teasing us, or trying to steal me from Sam. She was always holding a grudge against Sam, and that made me mad at her, and now instead of having a crush on her, I felt stupid for even liking her in the first place.

"So Fenton, you ready to sit here with us every day?" Dash teased me, and then from under the table, he kicked my leg really hard.

I didn't say anything, but I closed my eyes tight, because it hurt really badly, since he had been kicking me in the same spot for the past two weeks, and the bruise was never going away.

"Aww, did Danny get hurt?" Paulina teased, and then all three of them began laughing. I ignored them, and wished I could have gone ghost right there and escaped from this, but I couldn't. Sam on the other hand, wasn't living through with this, and she was talking to those other two people, like as though nothing had even happened. Wait, was Sam actually talking to someone else? Not that I cared or anything, but she would normally have just sat there, and we would have been trying to talk across the room, but instead, she never even looked at me, and she was talking to those other people, as though she had known them since forever. She was even laughing with them! And I was stuck here, getting teased, while she was having fun.

Yeah, it sounds like as though I don't want her to have any more friends, but it just didn't seem normal. We were a group, there was no excepting other people, or at least, I wouldn't have. Was I jealous? I shouldn't be, I don't even know if they are friends or not. Yeah, I am getting all worked up over nothing. Besides, if she did make new friends, I should be happy, right? Soon, the bell rang, and I had failed a paper, because those three didn't do any work on it. I walked up to Sam, and she waved bye to the other two.

"Those two are really nice Danny. I should have tried to be friends with them a long time ago. They are pretty much like us, outcasts."

"Yeah, I know that."

"Is something wrong?"

"Oh, no."

"You're sure?"

"Yeah, I am sure."

"Ok…" Sam said and then she shut up, as though she knew that I didn't want her to be making new friends. Next hour, I decided to sit next to Tucker, and Sam ended up sitting across the room by herself. I felt bad in a way, but that was how I was last hour, so she was getting a taste of what it was like, and at least she wasn't getting kicked.

"Hey, why didn't you sit next to Sam?" Tucker asked me suspiciously.

"Because, I didn't feel like it."

"Dude, you always sit next to her. What happened last hour?"

"Nothing, why do you think something happened?"

"Well, it is obvious! You always sit next to her, and even in the halls, you two weren't near each other."

"Nothing happened, I guess I just felt like, walking by myself."
"Come on, what is it?"

I was about to reply, when I saw Abby come in and sit next to Sam. They started talking, and then Tucker realized what was going on.

"Wow, she has a new friend."


"So, you are jealous? You don't want her to have friends? Dude, I say you should be happy."

"Yea, I beg to differ."

"Why, you think she will forget about you?"

"I don't know."

"She wouldn't do that. You guys have always been a little closer than friends I think."

"You think."

The teacher just wrote the homework on the board, and let us have the whole hour to ourselves, which wasn't new in this class. Once a week she gave us a lesson, and other than that, she just writes homework on the board, and lets us do whatever we want.

The whole classroom went wacky, and people were getting out of their seats, and talking to other people. Usually, Sam, Tuck, and I would end up talking to each other, but the Abby's other friend, Mike, was being introduced to Sam, and she never came over to us. My eyes flashed green, and then I closed my eyes, and calmed down.

"Wow, maybe she is forgetting us."

I didn't say anything, I just stared at them, and Mike was keeping his eye on Sam, which bugged me. I clenched my fists, and my eyes turned green again, and Tucker noticed this time.

"Settle down, she is making new friends, it is no biggy."
"You think it is no biggy, but…"

"But what?"

"Never mind, let her make new friends, and not even pay attention to her old ones!"

"Don't get mad at her Danny, it is only the first day of her being friends with them, she is probably just trying to make friends and it will be all gone once she can sit by you again in science."
"Yeah, maybe this whole thing will just blow over."

Sam, Mike and Abby came walking over to where Tucker and I were, and I gave Mike an evil glare, and he returned it back.

"Tucker, Danny, this is Abby and Mike."

"I know who they are," I said, trying to stay as calm as possible, but that mike kid was just plane bugging me.

"Danny, are you sure you are Ok?" Sam asked, but then once again, I think she realized what my problem was, and she just rolled her eyes, and walked away back to where they were before, leaving Tucker and I by ourselves again.

The day dragged by really slow, because in every class, one of those three where in it, and Sam was avoiding me the whole day. Once it came to the end of the day, I opened my locker, grabbed my homework out, and slammed the locker door shut, and walked away. Once I had went outside, I waited for Tucker, and we took off. I wasn't even going to wait for Sam, because she was being totally annoying today, and I wanted nothing to do with her.

"You aren't waiting for Sam?"

"Why should I? She never waited for me all day! She never wanted anything to do with me all day! I say she should walk home alone, and know what it felt like for me all day. Every hour that didn't have you in it, I was alone! When I went in the halls, I walked alone, and she had already been to the locker and didn't wait there for me! So, I think she deserves this! When I was getting kicked by Dash in science, she was talking, and wasn't even looking in my direction."

"You know what, being mad at her, isn't going to help anything. You are just jealous, and jealousy isn't a good thing my friend. Just let it go, and try to forget about it happening. Tomorrow, just walk up to her, and try to talk to her, even if she is talking to them."

"How is that going to help?"

"Well, if she still ignores you then, then you have a problem."

"Thanks for making me feel better," I said sarcastically and then walked towards my house. Once I had gotten in the house, Jazz had only had to take one glance at me, and she knew something was wrong.

"Danny, are you Okay?"

"No, not really. My friend just gave me bad advice, since we kind of don't have school tomorrow."

"Umm, what does that have to do with anything? What was the advice for?"

"Nothing, I have had hard enough of a day, I don't need my nosy big sister to be trying to find out what my life is like."

"Ok, I won't try to help you anymore."

"That sounds like a plan."

I ran up to my room, and then laid on my bed. It felt good to actually get a chance to relax, and think about what was going on. Yeah, Tucker was right, I was jealous after only one day of Sam having different friends. I didn't feel as though I was over-reacting, but was I?