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Chapter 6: Broke Down

"Umm… No, I'm not going anywhere, just outside for a while, is that a crime around here?"

"Well… you wanted to be alone in your room for a while, but now you want to go outside?"
"Yes… is there something wrong with that?"
"It's getting dark out," he grinned, and set his hand on my shoulder to turn me in the other direction. I was about ready to transform and try to fight him, but I knew it was no use, he was way stronger than I was.

"Daniel, you will be staying in your room for the rest of the night, got it?"
"Got it…"
"Good," He said, and let me walk back up to my room….

Yea right, like I was just gonna sit around and wait for the morning, I needed to get back home… or maybe I should call Sam first, and see what was happening with her. For all I knew, she could be hanging out with them still, and maybe Tucker was lying. Why would he lie about that though?

I picked up the phone anyway, and dialed Sam's number. I held it up to my ear, but there was nothing coming out of it, the line was cut. Vlad knew what I was up to, obviously. Which this led me to my automatic escape then, I could just fly through the walls, of course, nothing was simple with Vlad. I tried to, but he had the walls shielded from me escaping.

"Oh Daniel, here's the phone for you," Vlad said, handing me the phone. I looked at him oddly, but reached out and took the phone from him.

"Hey Danny!" Sam said happily at the other end. She didn't sound worried at all, like Tucker made it sound like she was. Maybe she was happy she just knew where I was. I could hear music in the background, and people talking.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked her. It sounded like more than just Tucker, there were a few people talking in the background to each other.

"Nuttin, hanging out," She said, kinda secretive, as though she didn't want to talk about it.

"Oh? Tucker over there?"

"No, why?"

"Then… why do I hear people?"

"There aren't people here," she hurriedly said, and I wished I could see the expression on her face. Over the phone, it was hard to tell if someone was lying, or what they were thinking. When I looked at someone, I could tell if they were serious, or joking, if they were lying, or telling the truth, but over the phone, there were no expressions, which sucked. But I knew for sure, she was lying, by the way she rushed her words, and by the fact that I could hear the people behind her talking.

"Well… then what did you call for? How did you get the number is a better question…"

"Tucker has caller ID you know, and I was calling to make sure you were all right," she said, her words lightening up.

"Oh… I'm fine," I said, although really, I was broken inside. I didn't know what to think yet, especially now that she was lying to me about people being there, and of the fact that I had a feeling it was her dumb friends that I hated so much.

"Really? You don't sound fine," She said, noticing the tension between us. I wasn't my normal self, that's for sure, and she wasn't either. Either we had developed a problem between each other, or we just hadn't come to a solution. I knew for sure, she didn't just dump her friends, but in yet, why wouldn't she? She dumped me with no problem, so why not them?

I hit the end button on the phone, I couldn't handle it anymore. She was lying to me, her so-called 'best friend' that didn't seem to be anymore. She had people over there, but refused to tell me, she was hiding things from me, in which she had never done before. We were always open to each other, and made sure we never hid anything. I didn't know what had happened to that friend I used to know, but maybe she was just a thing of the past, and I needed a new life, to forget about her, and go to something else…

(Sam's POV)

I walked up to Tucker's door, once again, not to sure of myself at the moment. I was afraid for Danny, but had no one to talk to. Not hearing from him was one thing, but for everyone he knows to have not seen him, that made things even worse. I could understand him being mad, but not that mad to run away like that, I never thought he would do such a thing, but it turns out I was wrong.

I rang the doorbell, and stood on the porch waiting for a reply. Tucker must have been home alone, because he peeked through the window before opening the door. He opened it, and I just let myself in.

"Sam, I have some good, yet bad news," he said excited, and I turned my attention to him, at least he wasn't mad at me anymore, or at least it didn't seem like it.

"What?" I asked him, as I followed him into his living room, where we both sat down in chairs on opposite sides of the room. I crossed my legs, and leaned back, getting comfy, waiting for his reply. He sat down in the chair getting himself comfy too, before he decided to give me the news.

"All right, first off, Danny is Ok. I just talked to him on the phone," he said, and I could feel my heart jump at hearing that, but didn't say anything, because I knew there was more to it.

"But… the bad part is, he Is with Vlad," he sighed, but I couldn't tell exactly how bad that was. If he chose to go there, who says it is bad? Maybe he was just using it for a way to take a break. Although, Vlad never brought good news either, so I'm sure there was something bad to come out of it.

"So? How is he? Is he coming home?"

"He sounded good, yet he is stressed out. I dunno if he's coming home. I told him you were worried, and he said he had to go, and hung up on me. I'm sure that either meant he wasn't supposed to be using the phone, or he was leaving. Either way though, I think once Vlad has him, he isn't letting him just leave."

"You have a point… But what would Vlad use him for anyway? And if he wanted to leave, wouldn't you think Vlad would have to let him leave? I mean, if he got caught holding him, and not letting him go, he could get into serious trouble. Especially now that we know about it."

"Yes, but Vlad doesn't know that. And in case you didn't know, Vlad is sneaky, he often knows what he's doing."

I sighed, and slumped down in my chair. Hopefully Danny was coming home, I wanted to talk to him in the worst way. I needed to apologize so badly, I didn't know what I had even gotten myself into. Those other guys weren't my friends, it was almost as if they were there just to make Danny, and me miserable, nothing good had come out of them.

"You Ok Sam?" He asked me, looking at my miserable condition, and I sat up fast, not trying to draw attention to myself.

"Yea, I'm fine," I lied, since after all, nothing was fine right now, my friend had disappeared, and I had almost made enemies out of my two best friends, and still didn't know for sure if they liked me anymore. Tucker seemed to be happier of me now, but there was no telling about Danny, he could still be pissed for all I knew.

"Well, there's not much more to say," he said, trying to rush me out of his house, I could tell. Just then the phone rang though. He got up, and reached for the phone. I studied it, thinking about who could be calling, but it could be anyone.

"Hello?" He asked into the phone, and I waited impatiently to see who it was.

"Hey Danny," he said, letting me know who it was. In a heartbeat, I was up off the couch, and waiting by his side for the phone. He glanced at me, but then turned his attention towards what Danny had to say.

"Oh, really?" He asked, and glared at me, and I looked at him as though saying, "what did I do?" But he didn't give me a response.

"I wanna talk to him," I told him, wanting the phone right then, but he ignored me, and continued to listen towards what Danny had to say. He was making me mad though, the least he could do was put on a happy face, not give me ones as though I had done something. Well… I had done something, but that was all over now, and he knew it. Danny didn't though, so he could have been complaining about me on the other line.

"Danny, you wanna talk to her?" He asked him finally, after what seemed like hours, but was only a short five minutes. He handed the phone to me, and I almost was speechless, until I heard him talk.

"You decided to go to Tucker's now, and act like nothing had happened at your house?" He asked me angrily, and suspiciously. I didn't know what to say, because right then, I was really confused.

"What are you talking about?" I stuttered, and almost broke down for the millionth time since we had started to fight, but I kept myself stable, and continued to listen.

"The people at your house? Abby, and the other two? I know it was them, but you were trying to hide it," he said, and I could tell he wasn't happy to hear from me at all. I wasn't exactly happy either, because I wanted to hear his happy voice, not his pissed off one.

"What are you talking about Danny? No one was at my house! I couldn't have even gotten ahold of you, Tucker just now told me where you were!" I said, starting to raise my voice, but trying to not get to mad at him either, I didn't need/want to make him more mad at me than he already was.

"I was just talking to you a few minutes ago! I was gonna ask you how you knew where I was… but now it seems as though you really didn't know?"
"No Danny, I didn't. Are you all right?" I asked him, softening my voice, trying to calm down a little, I really wasn't mad at him, we were going through rough times right now, and it was all my fault in the first place.

"Yea, I'm fine. I'm just a little confused right now. So you didn't call me? You had to of, I was talking to you on the phone, and I could hear your 'friends' talking in the background," he said, so sure of himself, yet I knew he was wrong.

"I'm confused too, because I swear I didn't call you, and I have been avoiding them. It's almost as though this was their plan, to get us to fight," I said, telling him what I had been thinking about. It seemed the most reasonable. They seemed to become friends with me so easily, get me to tick off Danny, make us both miserable, there was something behind them, there had to have been.

"You may be right Sam. What if this was a way for Vlad to get me to come here? But then again, how would he know I would come here?"
"Who knows…"

All right, it was short, because this was extremely hard to write in the first place. This created a few more openings for me though, so I can have something to write in the next chapter. I think the next one will be about Sam's friends, but I'm not sure yet, but w/e it is, it will uncover a lot of stuff. To tell you all the truth, this story might not last to much longer, I kinda ran myself into a dead end. Anyhow.. I guess we will just have to wait to see how things turn out.