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He watched as his big brother entered his latest lair and closed the door. His Mother had told him of the plan that she and Thomas had in mind. The only thing that he had to do was get his brother to the warehouse where they had set this up. He smiled at that. He knew that Jarod and Miss Parker loved each other and knew it was a matter of time that they would realize that. He walked up the driveway and up the steps and knocked on the door.

"Ethan, what are you doing here? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine Jarod."

"Come in, then."

"No, I have news to tell you. Miss Parker's in trouble."

"She is? What happened?"

"She's in a warehouse right now and she's in trouble. Please help."

"Of course I'll help." He said as he picked up the keys.


"He's not going to show."

He'll show. He's coming right now.

"How? You never told me how you were doing this."

Ethan is helping us. I knew that we could talk to you, but we could never talk to Jarod like this. And I could talk to Ethan and he agreed to help us.

"He's going to be mad. He'll think that I set this up and think that I'm going to take him back."

He may be angry, but he'll get over it.


Jarod stopped the car where Ethan had told him where Miss Parker was inside. He quickly looked around and there was nobody there. He wondered if this was a Centre trap and then discarded that idea because Miss Parker would never lead him here if her brother were here. He opened the door and listened for a while finding nothing he crept inside and went further in the warehouse. The door shut and was locked. He tried to open it, but it wasn't budging. Would Ethan betray him? He didn't think that he would. He inched further inside trying to find another way out when the lights flicked on. He could see Miss Parker sitting on the chair by a table. He looked at her in fear and panic and stepped back.

"It's okay Jarod. I'm not going to take you back."

"You're not? I thought the deal was to get your freedom that you had to bring me back."

"Yes, that was the deal, but I know that they will never let me go even if you are back. Please Jarod sit down."

Jarod looked around. There was nothing inside the warehouse except the two chairs and table.

"Jarod stop looking for a trap because there's none."

"You are the one that's trying to take me back there."

"And I'm wrong to be doing so. I admit it. It took a while, but I finally realize that you don't deserve the life that you are living and neither do I. We just got caught up in the Centre through no fault of our own. I know that you don't believe me and I don't expect you to do so right now, but I'm hoping in time that you will."

Jarod walked up to the chair and sat down.

"What changed your mind?"

She smiled a beautiful smile that took Jarod's breath away. "Because of what my Mom said and what Tommy said."

"You heard them?"


They started to talk to really talk and never heard the door unlock.

"I miss this." Replied Jarod

"Miss what?"

"Talking to you like this."

"I miss this too." Replied Miss Parker as she put a hand on top of Jarod's hand.

Jarod stared into her eyes and and saw warmth there. He smiled and then inched his face toward hers.

The three figures watched as they kissed. The little girl named Faith who always told them that she would watch out for them smiled and then skipped away. It looked like her job was done now that they found each other again. Mrs. Parker and Thomas both smiled and they too disappeared.

The End