Email: Complete

Category: Drama

Pairings: Jack/Sam-ish

Spoilers: Affinity, Season 8

Season: Season 8

Sequel/Series Info: New

Rating: Twelve and up, probably

Content Warnings: No

Summary: Sam asks his thoughts, and Jack tells.

Disclaimer: The SG-1 characters do not belong to me and I don't own them, nor do I profit from this story. The characters belong to Gekko…and those other guys.

Author's note: The title reflects what Jack doesn't say. A little late on posting this, it was written prior to THREADS and therefore takes place a week or two before it. I didn't have time to post it, then. Enjoy.

Pete's A Bastard

By Lynda Mayfield

Sam was in her lab when General O'Neill stopped in. She looked up in greeting, then returned to her late evening's work. His boots slid to a stop on her floor.

"Some people go home at five o'clock. Especially those who have been here since seven thirty." Jack leaned over, so close to her that she could smell his cologne.

She grinned. "I'm not 'some people,' sir."

"True. You're the soon-to-be Mrs. Shanahan."

"Yeah, that'll be a hard name to get used to."

"Hmm, for all of us." He leaned back, looking down at his hands, as if wondering what to do with them. Seeming to settle for activity rather than inaction, his fingers began a staccato drumming on her desk.

"Sir, I've been wondering," She paused, finally lifting her gaze from his musical fingers to look right at him.

He kept his head down.

"You don't want me to marry him, do you?"

"Me? When have I ever said that?" He quit drumming, and stood completely still, the action so rare it gave her a strange confidence to continue on. .

"Tell me what it is you don't like about him."

"You're going to marry him, what's the point?"

"Tell me. I know you'll be honest."

He quirked an eyebrow at her, but said nothing, at first. "Carter, he had the FBI investigate you."

"Which he admitted to me."

"Yeah, AFTER he almost ruined our mission to capture Osiris. Do you have any idea how upset Hammond was about letting another civilian know about the Stargate and its history?"

"Yes, sir, I do. But now that his curiosity's satisfied, he won't be following me anymore."

"Once was enough?"

"More than enough. The point is, he can handle it, he's a cop who has risked his life on numerous occasions. He knows how my life works."


He was about to walk away, she could tell. But there was still something unsaid. "What else?"

"Let me ask you something, Carter. What is it YOU see in the guy?"

"Well," she looked away a moment, remembering everything she could about her fiancé. "He's funny, just a bit taller than me, he's always home when I get home, full of surprises—"

"Oy, surprises."



"Something, come on."

"Carter, he doesn't deserve you. From the spying to the misplaced anger about your job." He backed away from her desk, toward the doorway.

"Hmm. And do you know someone who does deserve me?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." He exited the room, gone in an instant, the rest of the sentence frustratingly absent.

"Sir!" Her voice echoed down the corridor he had abruptly vanished into. She wasn't about to follow, suspecting whom he would suggest. If he was keeping it to himself, he must have his reasons. Whether he did not want to spoil her happiness, or not risk their jobs, she was unsure. Maybe, one day soon, she'd have it out of him. Strangely, she didn't mind waiting.

The End