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Author's Notes: I know I made home ec sound like some really stupid girly-girl class. Sorry if I offended any of you over this, but I made the class this way to fit in with the story. The characters are probably OOC but I'll try not to make them overly OOC as the story goes along. Alternate universe, the characters never went to the Digiworld and Mimi never met Yamato. The school system is based somewhat on the US's, and if you have issues, there's a nice X on the top right. Later on, there'll be more flashback chapters to explain how the story came to the point it's at.

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Summary: Yamato's in his senior year of high school. What is he doing in the junior class filled mainly with girls, home economics?

—Chapter One—

by Ascendo Tuum

Reclining in the hard molded plastic chair with his feet stretched out, Yamato Ishida was bored. It was a sweltering hot day, probably around ninety degrees Fahrenheit, and here he was stuck in Odaiba High School for a brief orientation. Never mind the fact that he was a senior, the administration seemed to think that even incoming seniors needed to come to school a week early for a reintroduction into the blissful world of academics. Not that the ten minute orientation had enlightened him any.

"Man when's he going to give us our schedules?" Taichi Yagami grumbled angrily, looking at his sports watch. "We've been here for fifteen minutes, sitting on our asses in this room. It smells worse than the gym!"

Yamato shrugged. "You know Hiro-sensei takes forever."

"Bet he got lost."

"Whatever you say, Tai, whatever you say." Yamato said, bored out of his mind. He hadn't brought a single thing with him, having only a wallet, his keys and a pack of chewing gum in his pocket.

Mr. Hiro, a sixty-year-old physics teacher finally strode in, carrying several manila envelopes. "Hello everyone," he greeted as he set down the envelopes and made himself comfortable in the wooden teacher's chair. "Did the air conditioner break? It's rather hot in here," he said, eying the ancient machine.

"No shit," Yamato muttered under his breath.

The teacher glared at him before continuing. "I'll be distributing your new fall schedules. Did you enjoy the speech about senior responsibilities?" Silence answered him. "Anyway, let's get started. Mina Abe?"

A petite brown-haired girl walked up and critically eyed the sheet listing all her classes. She grinned as she sat down.

Mr. Hiro droned on repeatedly, doling out papers as he called out names. "…Sora Takenouchi… Taichi Yagami… Hmm Yamato, looks like you are the only one without a program," he commented.

Yamato stared at him. "Huh? How do I not have a program?"

The teacher rechecked the now empty folders and his briefcase. "Hold on, I'll call the office and ask. It may not have been printed out yet, or it might even be in another homeroom's folder," Mr. Hiro responded as he went over to the telephone.

"Damn," Yamato said. "How dumb are those secretaries?"

"Great! Sora and I have three classes together," Taichi said happily. "That means I can relax even more!"

The reddish-haired teenager rolled her eyes. "Tai, you know I'm not going to let you get away with being lazy. Just because I'm your girlfriend doesn't mean you get my homework. Do it yourself."

"Aw come on Sora, it's senior year!"

"And it's your last chance to do homework," she retorted with a grin. "When we go to college, you'll be like 'Aw Sora-chan I wish I did my homework senior year. I miss doing homework!'"

"Hey universities give homework too!" Taichi protested but knew she wasn't going to budge. That was one of the qualities he loved about her, she stuck to her beliefs and had an iron will. Even her own boyfriend couldn't make her change her mind unless it was something extremely significant. They shared a quick kiss.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Mr. Hiro hung up the telephone, and opened the door. A slim girl strolled in, piece of paper in hand.

"Is Yamato Ishida in this class?" She asked pleasantly. "His schedule was stuck to mine."

Mr. Hiro nodded, pointing out the student. "Ishida-san! Come get your program and thank—may I know your name?"

"Mimi," she replied, "Mimi Tachikawa."

"Yes. Well Yamato, get a move on and thank Tachikawa-san. She was kind enough to deliver your program to you."

The blonde haired teenager rolled his eyes. He yanked the paper from Mimi, almost giving her a papercut and folded it in half as he went back to his seat.

Miffed, Mimi stuck her tongue out at his retreating back and stormed off. What nerve, when she had done him a favor!

"Now Ishida-san, that wasn't a very nice thing to do," Mr. Hiro admonished. "She did you a favor and you couldn't even show her some gratitude." Shaking his balding head, he glanced at the clock on the wall. "We still have five minutes before I'm to dismiss you. Remain in your seats and talk quietly."

Now sitting, Yamato opened the paper and eyed his schedule. He almost fell to the ground in shock when he noticed his last class. "What the hell!"

Taichi sniggered. "What's wrong? Fail a class? Need to take remedial lunch?"

"Shut up Tai." Yamato snapped, shaking his head in disbelief. "How am I in home economics!"

"You're in what?" Sora asked.

"Home economics." he deadpanned. "What did I do to be in home economics… I never signed up for such a dumb class!"

"Oh hahah, you're stuck in a ninth period class," Taichi laughed. "Sora and I have the last two periods free!"

"Damn it! I was suppose to get ninth period off along with my lunch and third period free! What the hell am I gonna do in a freaking class like home ec! I don't wanna learn how to wear frilly dresses or put on make-up!"

Sora rolled her eyes. "Yamato, you are such a… ugh. Home economics is a really easy class."

"It's a junior class. It's for junior girls who want to know how to bake like cherry pies and carry around parasols in the sun!"

"Aw is the high and mighty senior getting all worked up?" Taichi asked gleefully.

Sora punched Yamato in the shoulder playfully. "You are so sexist. You know, now I'm glad you're going to have Sato-sensei as your teacher. Your ass is going to be grass in her class!"

Yamato swore under his breath as the name dawned upon him. "Isn't she that crazy old lady who wears those flowery dresses and has that creepy smile?"

"No, she happens to be one of the nicest people in the world. You'd be surprised what some courtesy could do for you in her class. I got a 100 in her class last year."

"Well I don't know flower arranging like you," Yamato shot back.

"Hey hey, take it easy Yamato! No need to shout at my girlfriend," Taichi said, a hint of warning in his voice.

He groaned. "How could I be in home economics? How? I took the woodshop class last year for my requirement."

"Oh stop fretting. Home economics will be one of your easiest classes if you're nice and do the work."

"What work?"

"Oh you know… you're going to learn about family values. You'll also bake and do some gardening. It's a really helpful class," Sora said. "And the end of year project is the most fun! But I won't tell you anything so as to ruin it," she added hastily, smiling.

"I know how to cook perfectly fine!" Yamato smacked his fist on the desk angrily. "Argh, why couldn't Tai be in home economics and I have the free?"

"Hey I believe in karma."

"Well I didn't do anything to deserve being placed into a worthless class—"

"Class, you are dismissed. Have a good break and see some of you in a week in the honors advanced physics class," Mr. Hiro announced as he placed some envelopes into his briefcase.

Tai grinned cheekily. "This is hilarious, man oh man. Now I sort of want to be in the same class as you just to see you suffer!" He was answered by a scowl.


"Hey Mimi, let's see if we have any classes together," Hoshiko Yamada said, leaning over her desk as she handed her schedule to her best friend.

Mimi nodded, comparing the two girls' programs. "Aw, we only have home economics together, last period with Sato-sensei. But we have the same teachers for math and physics, Sugiyama-sensei and Hiro-sensei."

Hoshiko frowned. "We don't even have lunch together?"

"Nope, you've got sixth period lunch and I've got fifth."

"That totally sucks," the blonde-haired girl lamented. "What's gonna happen to our friendship without our daily exchange of notes and whispering?"

Mimi giggled. "Oh come on, Hoshiko. You act as if we're never going to see each other again. At least we still have a class together!"

"Eh I guess… hey where'd you go before?"

"Oh this guy's program was stuck to mine so I told the teacher I was gonna go give it to him." She shook her head. "He was so ungrateful, he didn't even say thank you to me. Just ripped the paper out of my hand like it was my fault he didn't get it in the first place. What a complete jerk!"

"Oooh who was this jerk?"

"Some guy named Yamato Ishida or something like that."

Hoshiko's green eyes nearly bugged out in disbelief. "Are you serious? Yamato Ishida's schedule was stuck to yours and you didn't tell me anything! I could have checked to see if I was in any of his classes!"

"Oh my god Hoshiko, don't tell me you think he's some hot guy or something, like half the school does." She rolled her eyes. "I honestly don't see what's so great about him. He's so arrogant. He acted like I was his maid or something when I gave him his program."

"Ah but you saw him you lucky girl!"

"Am I supposed to be fanning myself with delight now? 'Yay! I saw Yamato Ishida!'" Mimi asked dryly. "Really, Hoshiko. Find someone better worth your time and love. I can tell he's a complete asshole just by the way he acted today."

"You don't even know him!"

"And neither do you," Mimi shot back. "Besides," she began in a kinder tone, "we don't need to fan his ego anymore. All this attention's only going to further explode his already over-inflated head."

Hoshiko laughed. "Alright Mimi. I trust your judgment because you tend to be a good judge of character. But you've got to agree with me when I say he's the hottest guy in this school."

"Maybe yes, maybe no. With an attitude like that though, he might as well be a gorilla for all I care."

The other girl pouted. "Ah you're hopeless."

"No, just sincere," Mimi laughed as she took out her lotion.

"Wow, you know it's so quiet in here. Normally, we're all so loud." Looking up, Hoshiko then realized the rest of the class was gone. "Oh my god! Everyone else already went to the auditorium for the junior orientation!"

"Let's go then," Mimi said, dumping the bottle back into her bag. "I'm surprised no one told us anything!" They ran off.

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