Hope you all enjoy this one. Although, as with all of my poems, you have to read the book before you read the poem. This one is dedicated to the black rose that caused it all, as you can tell.

Black Rose

An evil arose

From a single black rose.

It's thorn pricked my finger

I let the blood linger,

For I didn't know

How my death would be so.

From a single black rose

My fate was closed.

Ather to take me,

Aubrey to hate me.

But my brother knew

What it would do.

The devil chose

Me from a black rose


Now, three hundred years

It's gone, all the tears.

I am Rachel no more,

Risika I soar.

The human is gone,

The vampire moves on.

And this vampire knows

It was a black rose

That started it all.

The devil's call.

Blood is my food,

I'm cursed in this mood

From a single black rose,

The devil's black rose.


Yet I do know

Rachel lives so

The human still stays

With the vampire days.

And the tiger knows

Not a single black rose

Please tell me if you like it.