Chapter 1: Hometown

One day on their journey to Paradise, a land promised to the believed to be extinct wolves, the four wolves -Kiba, Hige, Tsume, and Toboe- stubbled across a large city.

"Where the hell are we?" Tsume asked.

"I don't know." Kiba answered. He turned around to see that Hige had his nose in the air and was sniffing around. "Um, Hige what are you doing?"

"It smells so familiar." Hige answered.

"What does?" Toboe asked.

"This place. It seems like I've been here before."

Hige began to walk around the city as if he knew where every thing is. If one of the guys would ask what is that place, without looking at a sign, Hige knew the name of the store and what it sold. They wondered around for a good hour till they came across a billboard advertising the largest restaurant chain in the world, Lunar. Hige stared at it for a minute then smiled and without warning ran off. The boys followed him not sure where Hige was leading them, but soon found out an answer. Hige reached a gate that surrounded a huge roman styled house. He smiled and stood infrount of the closed gate.

"What is wrong with you? Where are we?" Tsume said.

"We are at my sisters' house?" Hige answered.

"Wow! You have sisters? Their owners must be rich." Toboe commented

"What? My sisters' don't have owners. Elena is too stubborn for that. Elena, my twin, owns Lunar. It's been so long I forgot about her and Chichi, and the fact that she lives here." Hige stood, staring at the house for several minutes wondering if he should go say Hi to his sisters or just leave. "She'll kill me if she ever finds out I didn't stop and say hi." He told him self. He then pushed in the code on the code panel to open the gate, and they walked up to the door. Hige stood in front of the door hesitating to ring the door bell.

"What's wrong?" Kiba asked

"Nothing it's just the last time I was here, I was in some trouble and Sissy had to get me out of it."

"It figures." Commented Tsume.

"Is Sissy your nick name for Elena?" Toboe asked.

"Yea." Hige laughed. "Sorry Chichi and I have called her that for so long it's hard to call her by her name." Hige then looked at the doorbell and went to ring it but stopped. Maybe we should go he thought to himself. He looked at the others, sighed, and turned to leave.

By that time it didn't matter if Hige rang the doorbell or not because without warning the door flew open, and a long hair version of Hige flung her arms around Hige.

"Elena, How did you know I was out here."

"I walked past the security room and saw you and your friends at the gate. By the way, who are your friends?"

"Well the blue-eyed one on the right is Kiba, the little one about Chichi's age is Toboe, and the last one is Tsume."

Elena looked at each one as Hige introduced them and smiled, but when Tsume and Elena locked eyes; they both then stared at each other.

"Hello, Earth to Sissy." Hige waved his hand in front of Elena trying to get her attention.

She turned her head and looked at Hige and asked. "What brings you here?"

"Nothing, just thought I would stop by to say hi."

"What kind of trouble are you into now?" Elena asked in an annoyed tone.

"None, other than this guy that is hunting us."

"You are being hunted? Oh, Hige, don't tell me you boys have been running around in your wolf form. What is wrong with you? Does that hunter know what your human form looks like? Well it doesn't matter come on in. You boys are filthy and must be starved to death."

"Are you sure, Sissy? I don't want to make any trouble for you."

"Hige, since we have opened our eyes you have been making trouble for me. Any ways I already thought you were dead, I don't want it to actually come true. Now you boys are safe here. Come on in."