….He's My Brother by The Lady Arianrod

a/n: Follow-up to the first chapter. Al's POV on his origin.

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA.


"A mask, my first

unfeeling scrap of clothing .."

-Phantom of the Opera

What… am I?

Some people claim that I used to run alongside them, spending day after summer day in some mythological field…

Who is this Alphonse Elric? Are they laughing at me? Am I just a scrap metal alchemist, a foolish pawn of these twisted people?

Even my emotions seem artificial now. They don't even make it past the iron wall of my face…. Instead, I break each and every thought to bits, cursing my so-called brother and that girl who claims to be my friend.

I wish I just knew something—anything—about myself. I can't trust anyone anymore. They're hiding some horrible truth from me between their tired sighs and painful silences…


You are one of the few people who's stood by me during this whole thing. I thought you loved me, that you were the strong and incredibly powerful protector of all that remained in my heart…

But what if I was wrong? Is it wrong to doubt sometimes? Even though I'm just a kid, I've seen a lot—And people often aren't what they seem.

I wish I could believe it all, and, though I'm running from my home, my life, I still wish for the old comfort I felt with Ed.

Please, don't say that it's true.

I'm real… I….


I want to go home.