A very short story by W0nderboy

I couldn't remember a thing after I ate the mermaid's flesh. How did I get her. I look around. Blood. Is it mine? Did I die. Or am I truly immortal? Maybe this is a dream. I guess I won't find out until I die again. If I haven't already. If I am, now what. I wonder what I'll do now. Maybe I was too hasty, I have a feeling I shouldn't of ate it, but I did. Too late now.


I stare at the sea. I was just thinking of about when I first died and come back to life with that damnned curse. I haven't given up. I promise myself one day I will get rid of it.

"Yuta, what are you thinking about."

"Nothing important."

Yuta resumed his thoughts however as he and Mana walked into the sunset together...

Mermaid Saga does not belong to me. It was created by Rumiko Takahashi. This series sadly doesn't get enough attention. Mermaid's Scar was an execellent anime. It was spooky and the story was really good. It beat the Manga!!!! Please read and review. ^_^