The Luck of Luffy

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A dark cloud passes overhead, the winds die down to a whimper, the very heavens ask for blood, and while all this is happening a young man is laughing his head off. When a person first looks at the young man there seems to be nothing unusual about him, although he does seem a bit out of it, at least from the way he is acting. Wearing a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a red vest, to top it all off he carries a straw hat in his hands. Twirling it like a disc, the young man seems to be overly calm considering the weather that greets the horizon. Only one thing characterizes this individual as extraordinary, he is a rubber man, or more precisely he can stretch and bounce like he is made from something similar to rubber.

"Luffy! Get down here, it's too dangerous up there. The storm is getting worse, hey are you listening to me?"

Turning his head, the youth looks into the eyes of a young woman, she radiates warmth, the very look in her eyes conveys all the emotion needed. "Nami, come sit outside, it's just getting good."

Shaking her head, Nami walked toward her comrade and captain. "Are you insane? The storm will throw you into the water, don't you understand? You will drown, no one will be able to save you once the storm grows worse."

"You worry too much, it will be fine."

"And you worry too little, now let's just go inside, I don't want to be swept away by a tsunami wave."

Watching as the girl walks toward the cabin doors, Luffy goes into a sort of trance like state, 'Nami has gotten more pretty…hmmm….she needs more meat…mmmmm….meat…I wonder if Sanji can cook up some more?'

Failing to see the upside to staying outside anymore, Luffy heads toward the cabin, hoping with all his might that there is enough meat for a good meal.

While the crew of the Going Merry relaxed in the cabin, the storm took on more water and soon was becoming a maelstrom of destruction. It was if the heavens themselves wanted to destroy the tiny ship, Luffy must have pissed off one to many of the deities that ran the world. Although it may seem impossible for the ship to survive, it will, because of the determination and overall stubbornness of the crew and captain of the Going Merry.

In the lower cabins Luffy and co. were enjoying a hot meal away from the biting winds of the maelstrom. "Hey Sanji! More meat……meat…..meat…."

"Enough already, you had 3 pounds of it already, I refuse to cook you anymore."

Hanging his head in disappointment Luffy decided to steal some from Ussop, "Hey Luffy get away from my plate, it's my food."

"Who says?"

"It's on my plate!"


While Nami was watching the two argue, she thought about all the things that she had gone through with the crew of the Going Merry and with Luffy. 'I guess a little more meat here and there won't kill me.'

"Hey Luffy, you can have mine, I'm not hungry."

A smile illuminating his face, Luffy snatched the meat from Nami's plate and devoured it in under 5 seconds. "What the heck do you think your doing? That was Nami-chan's share, give it back you maggot."

"But Sanji, she said it was alright."

"I know what she said, now hand over your plate. Here you go Nami-chan, my extra special Five Alarm Chili."

Looking at the beautiful bowl of chili, Luffy's mouth was watering and he was drooling all over the boat. "Hey can I get some of that Sanji?"


Nami feeling pity for the captain of the ship, spooned a mouthful to the insatiable youth. "Now let me finish this chili Luffy, and thank you Sanji-san."

"Ahh…no need for formality Nami-chan. Call me Sanji-kun, I mean if you are going to be having my children it is only right."


"Something I said?" Delivering a slap that was heard around the world, Nami exited the galley and headed downstairs toward her sleeping quarters. "Uhh…you okay Sanji? And is she coming back for that?" Not waiting for an answer, Luffy scooped up the chili and downed it in one gulp. "Ahhh…that really hit the spot, oh well, I'll see how Nami is doing."

Sanji stood dumbfounded as he couldn't comprehend what he had done wrong, 'Did I come on too strongly? Did I scare Nami-chan away?'

Knocking on the door lightly, Luffy waited for admittance, he had learned the hard way what happened when he didn't knock. in…"

"Nami? You okay?"

"Luffy? Yeah…I'm fine…sob…I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"For running out of the galley before I could explain why I did it."

Not quite on the same page as Nami, Luffy tried a different tactic, he started to worm his way over to where Nami was currently lying down. When he had reached a good distance, Luffy sprung into action, "Hahahahahahahah….stop Luffy….hahahahahhaha….I mean it."

Soon the both of them were rolling around on the ground, "Gotcha…now who's going to get tickled?" Nami was straddling the captain's waist, tickling him mercilessly while he was just trying to get away from the quick fingers of Nami-chan.

Fortunately for Luffy, the storm chose the right moment to slam into the boat, effectively flipping their positions with Luffy on top and Nami on the bottom. Unfortunately, it left Luffy in a most uncomfortable position, he was the one straddling Nami-chan. "Uhh…Luffy….do you mind getting off of me?"

Luffy was trying but the fall had entangled his arms and legs, he was stuck in that position until he untied himself. With a final slam, the pair of youths rolled once more, but this time their mouths came together by accident.

Nami was trying to savor the moment, while Luffy was trying to figure out what the heck was happening. 'Mmmmmm….Nami tastes good….kind of like meat….mmmmm….meat…."

Soon Nami was massaging the contours of her captain's body, she could feel all the war scars and the amount of muscularity that Luffy had built over time. 'Hmmm….he's definitely more muscular than I remembered.'

Moaning into the kiss, Luffy wrapped his arms around Nami and held on gently, letting Nami do all the things she always wanted to do. But as with all good things in life, they must always end, at least until another begins.

With another rock of the ship the two were separated, "Ummm….Luffy….I'm…..uh….I have to go to bed."

"Uh….yes Nami….good night…."

Walking a bit uneasily Luffy tried to get back into his own hammock, 'Good night Luffy…thank you.'

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