The Luck of Luffy

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Luffy found the remaining two crewmen still asleep, although Sanji was not asleep by choice but rather due to a severe head contusion. 'Guess the wave did a number on Sanji, wonder if he can still cook the meat I caught?'

"Oi…Sanji? You alright?"

Shaking the stars from his eyes, Sanji refocused on his captain, "Hey Luffy, where the heck did that wave come from?"

"Don't know, Nami and the others are checking it out now."

"Oh…Nami-swan….She is outside? It is too dry outside she needs a drink, why didn't you give her a glass of lemonade?"

"Jeez calm down, there are more important things, I caught us some meat. Can you cook it?"

"Well that depends on how well you caught it, did you bruise it in any way?"

"Well, I might have broken all its bones with my bare hands, does that count?"

Hanging his head in disgust, Sanji just gave up and went outside to see if any of the meat was usable. 'Guess a bruised dinosaur is still better than no meat, I wonder if he will grill it?'

Getting back to the task at hand, Luffy went in search of Zoro, he soon found the master swordsman lying in his hammock fast asleep. "Oi Zoro, wake up, dinner time."

Almost immediately Zoro's eyelids started to blink rapidly, "Oi….You coming to eat or what?" Shaking the last drags of slumber from his person, Zoro headed through the door and toward the main deck. 'Guess that was it, hopefully Sanji cooked the meat already.'

Following his crewmate, Luffy soon saw the light of the sun once more, "Ahhh….Meat!"

"Luffy not all things revolve around food."


"Oh never mind, let's just go eat."

Luffy and Zoro headed to where the rest of the gang was eating with Brogy. "Hey Luffy-kun, come over here the meat is delicious."

"Hey leave some for me."

"Don't worry Luffy-kun, I'll give you something much better later on."

Looking at Alvida-chan, Luffy felt shivers run up and down his spine. "Hey what is she doing here?"

"What's it to you Long-Nose?"

"Long-Nose? Who you calling Long-Nose, you smooth demon."

"Demon am I? Well we'll just see about that when I crush your bones into cream for my skin."

"Alvida-san, stop it. Let's just eat the meat."

"Alright Luffy-kun."

"Luffy-kun? What the heck is happening here?"

"Well I don't mind it, Alvida-swan….would you like a parfait?"

"I'm not talking to you love cook, now what the heck Luffy?"

"Well, it's a long story, how bout after lunch?"

Hearing his own stomach growling, Zoro let it go and dug into the monstrous slab of meat that was currently slowing roasting over the fire pit. Eating like a man possessed, Zoro soon finished all he needed to fight for the next couple of days, "Who are you Ossan?"

"I'm Brogy, I cooked this food."

"I got that much, but why are you 100 feet tall?"

"I am a giant, it is normal for me to be this tall."

"Nevermind, you're just as bad as Luffy."

Looking for a nice spot to rest, Zoro patiently waited for Luffy to finish his 18 course meal consisting of all the meat that he could see. "Oi…Luffy you done yet?"

"Almost….chomp…..chomp….ahhh….done." Patting his stomach Luffy was satisfied, for now. "Mind telling us what's going on? And where the heck are we? And why the pirate Alvida is here?"

"Uhh….well this is Brogy the giant, were on Little Garden, and Alvida followed us…is that all?"

"Could you elaborate on that?"

Watching as the young man tried to comprehend what the heck elaborate means, Nami felt sorry for him, "Zoro just know that Brogy is a good giant, he won't eat us or kill us."

"I guess…whatever I'm going to sleep."

"Nami-swan….would you like a drink? I have iced tea?"

"Thank you Sanji-kun."

"Anything for you Nami-swan."

"How bout the rest of us?"

"You can serve yourselves, I'm not your maid."

With a snort of contempt, Ussop went toward the pitcher of iced tea, "Hey Luffy you want some?"


"Jeez, it's just tea calm down." In the distance a tremendous boom sounded, Brogy seemed to look off into the distance, "Well thank you friends, I must be off, I am sorry I have to just leave."

Without another word, Brogy went east in the direction of the tallest mountain range. "Wonder what that was all about, hey look over there, it's another giant, and he's bigger than Brogy."

"Yeah, but less stout, I mean look at Brogy's muscles their bigger than a Sea King width wise."

Weapons drawn, the two giant's faced off, one held a giant axe while the other a sword of immense proportions. Delivering a battle cry that shook the very earth itself, the two combatants joined arms, and they seemed evenly matched. While Brogy was the more muscular of the two, it seemed the other giant was the more agile one. Soon the two were at a stalemate, each trying to suppress the other and gain dominance to deliver the final blow. Each strike was targeted at a major artery and/or organ, it was not a game or show but a battle to the death by two honorable men.

"Wow, look at them go. Their so cool."

Ussop was impressed with the way they handled themselves as well as the way that they seemed to be trying to beat the life out of the other. "Cool…I wonder if they can teach me."

"Oi…Luffy….We better get going."

"Nami, but the Log Pose has not set yet."

"I know but I don't want to be around when they finish their fight. The other giant could be a people eater, we don't know if he is or is not."

Nami had nothing to be worried about, the two soon delivered a major blow to the side of their opponents head. The fall of the two titans shook the ground the crew sat on, "Whoa….that was cool."

"If you are done with the melodrama of two idiots beating the heck out of each other, can we leave?"

"Right away Alvida-swan…"

"Knock it off love cook."

"Oh…are you going to make me Long-Nose?"

"I told you not to call me that, Zoro get him."

Unfortunately for Ussop, Zoro was in another deep sleep cycle, "You have got to be kidding me, you just sleep on the boat, is that all you do Zoro?" All that followed Ussop's question was silence, "Not so tough now are you Long-Nose?"

"Back off love cook, I can take you."

"Look their getting up, how the heck can they stand such a direct punch to their heads?"

"I don't know Nami, but it looks like their coming this way."

The two giants brushed off the dust from their clothing and headed in the direction of the crew. "Well what do we have here? Humans?"

"Yeah, these are some friends of mine Dorry. The one with the straw hat is Luffy."

"Hey Ossan!"

"Hey yourself little one, who are the others Brogy?"

"Well, I really don't know, I didn't get their names….hahahahahahahaha."

Everyone that watched the giant felt an urge to sweatdrop, "Hahahaha…..Brogy you haven't changed a bit in 100 years."

"You guys have been fighting for 100 years?"


"Sugoi! That is so cool, isn't it Luffy?"

"Yeah, but why do you fight?"

"Why do we fight? Hmmmm……I don't remember."

"You too? I have forgotten as well Brogy."

The two giants had a laugh at their utter stupidity and then went toward the fire to finish off the rest of the meat and drinks. "So you guys fight whenever the middle volcano erupts?"

"Yeah, I don't know when that came to be the signal but it is now."

"I guess we have forgotten that as well."

The crew of the Going Merry looked on at the strange people that inhabited this island, 'If I didn't know better I would guess they are smarter then they seem, but with their stupid fight they have no outlet for their intelligence. There is also the fact that they keep punching each other in the head, a number of those and anyone would be as stupid as an ox.'

While the party was in full swing, another group of travelers were forming on the opposite side of the island. "Is everything ready? I don't want any screw-ups this time."

"Of course Mr. 5, but it wasn't I who screwed up."

"What are you talking about Miss Valentine?"

"Well I don't remember you being much help against the Straw Hat pirates."

"Let's just go, I don't need to be reminded of that fact."

"Of course Mr. 5."

The two goons went in search of Luffy and co. 'When I find that pipsqueak he'll wish he never saw my face.'

Luffy and the gang were a little more lax then recommended, it seemed that they drank more than their fill of the ale and eaten too much of the meat. The whole gang decided a little nap would do them some good, because what is the use of waiting around for the Log Pose to recalculate, it would take over a year.

Although Sanji suddenly wished that he was Luffy, 'What the heck is going on? Why are Nami, Vivi, and Alvida doing curled up next to Luffy?' The four had combined into a human sandwich with Luffy as the filling, and all the girls were much obliged to that fact of life.

While the crew was asleep, the giants were talking to each other, "So you don't know why we fought?"

"No idea, how bout you?"

"Nope, guess were just fighting for pride now, eh Brogy?"

"Sounds good to me Dorry."

The middle volcano erupted once more and the two giants again followed the call, 'I knew it would come to this, those stupid ignoramus's don't know the difference between honor and stupidity.'

Waiting in the treetops, Mr. 3 had a clear view of the giants, 'I will make them pay for their stupidity, and I might even make Mr. 2 with the capture of those idiots.'

"Mr. 3 what are you doing?"

"Huh? Oh Miss Goldenweek, you came out of the hut? Well, were going to kill those giants over there."

"Huh? Okay, but I don't want to use too much of my power, you do most of it."

"What? You had a three week vacation, why are you tired?"

"I am not tired."

"Then why are you so lazy?"

"Because I can be."

"Oh never mind, let's just get this over with, I want to go back home."


Planning the perfect trap, Mr. 3 wanted to lure away the Straw Hat crew, but unfortunately for him they were all asleep. 'How the heck can Miss Goldenweek lure them away when they are all asleep? And who the heck sleeps in a place like this?'

"Oi! What are you doing here Mr. 3?"

Turning around, Mr. 3 came face to face with Zoro. "How did you know my name? Are you a spy?"

Looking at the 3 weaved into his hair, Zoro could only shake his head, "I asked you what you were doing here, now answer me."

"Don't get so cocky you pea brained simpleton."

"Who you calling a simpleton? I will slice you into tiny little pieces."

The battle was drawn, Mr. 3 ejected a gelatinous mess at Zoro, and it stopped Zoro in his tracks. "What the heck is this stuff? It looks like icing on a cake."

"That is no icing, it is super strength candle wax, now prepare for death swordsman." Ejecting more of the substance from his hands, Mr. 3 wanted to coat Zoro and make him into a sculpture fit for a king. "Thanks for the warning stupid, I'll cut through this like nothing."

With a quick slash, Zoro was free and off and running, he brought the battle into Mr. 3's face. "Hey, how did you do that?"

"I wouldn't worry so much, I mean you are going to be dead soon."

"I don't think so swordsman, Candle Champion, now my body is encased in a wax form that is as strong as steel and twice as light."

Slicing against the substance, Zoro soon learned that the idiot wasn't lying. 'How the heck can I cut steel?'

"Give up swordsman, and I might give you a quick death."

"Shut up, Oi Luffy wake up, Hey Sanji, idiots wake up." Kicking the stupid crew, Zoro successfully awakened them from their slumber. "Oi spike head, don't kick me."

"I could use a hand love cook."

"What's that Zoro? A new playmate?"

"Baka, that is the enemy, now get him."

"Okay, here goes Gomu Gomu no Pistol." Unfortunately for Luffy, when he hit the armor it hurt like heck, "Ouch, what the heck is that made of? Ouch, ouch."

"Idiot, use something stronger, his armor is like steel."

"Like steel eh? I wonder if he can take a kick."

Launching himself at the candle coated freak, Sanji delivered a series of masterful kicks, each one connected with the armor, and each one did little to no good. "Okay, that's new."

"Oi! Who's that? And why are you fighting him Luffy-kun?"


"He's the enemy, right Zoro?"

"Yeah, though he is a bit stronger than before."

"I'll help then, with my Sube-Sube powers he won't know what hit him."

Running toward Mr. 3, Alvida wasn't surprised when he hit her, although Mr. 3 was, it bounced right off her skin. "What the heck?"

"I told you so, now die like a good man. Club Smash." Delivering a massive club attack onto his armor, Alvida was surprised when he didn't crumple up and die. "Huh? What happened?"

"As I have told them beforehand, your attacks are worthless, now you die like a good girl. Champ Attack" Although the attack did not inflict any damage onto Alvida she still flew into Luffy's arms. "Oh Luffy-kun my hero!"

"Damn you Luffy, I was supposed to save her."

"Okay, here catch Sanji." Throwing Alvida at Sanji, Luffy went in for the attack, Gomu Gomu no Stamp

Delivering a seismic kick onto his armor, Luffy was not surprised it did no good. "What did I just finish saying?"

"I don't know, I wasn't listening. Gomu Gomu no Pistol"

Hammering against the armor it again did no damage, "Are you stupid or just deaf?"

Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun Delivering punch upon punch, Luffy was hoping to split the candle wax. "Give it up, it's futile."

Unfortunately for Mr. 3 it wasn't, the candle wax was soon splintering, "Impossible, how could this be?"

"It just is, now take it like a man, Demon Slash" Zoro crisscrossed the candle armor, with that extra little pressure it collapsed without a fight. "Now Luffy!"

"You got it. Gomu Gomu no Axe"

"Impossible!" With a mighty kick Mr. 3 was down and out, or more accurately his image was destroyed. "What the heck? He was made of wax?"

"No stupid, someone switched him, he got away!"

"Oh, guess that's over."

"Are you crazy? He's out there, we got to hunt him down."

"And how would you consider doing that spike head?"

"Shut up love cook, I'm thinking."

"Oi, he's getting away, think faster."

"I say a contest, first one to get him wins, how bout it love cook?"

"I say your on, time limit?"

"No time limit, let's just see who gets him without the other knowing. Meet back here when you here a whistle."

"Fine, let's go."

With that the cook and the swordsman were off on a contest of skills, and that left the rest of the crew asleep or just barely awake. "What idiots, that guy is not dumb, he'll hide better then they can find him."

"They'll get him, I know."

"How are you so confident Luffy-kun?"

"I know."

Watching as the love of her life stood there, Alvida found a new reason to love him. 'I guess even when the odds are against him, he will always be Luffy. I like that.'

"Oi Alvida? You okay?"

"Yeah, let's go wake up the rest of them. Then we can finish what we started."

"And what's that?"

"You'll see."

Luffy soon wished he had not asked that question, 'I guess it can't be helped….though I do wish sometimes that it wouldn't happen.'

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