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Daily Prophet Special Edition

Harry Potter is Going Underground!

Just one week after the humiliating defeat of the Dark Lord and his Death Eater followers, Harry Potter has said goodbye, perhaps for the last time. Rumors of his apparent dislike of the Ministry as well as many ancient traditional pureblood practices may have had some truth behind them. He is well known to value his privacy above all else and freely admits to having much contempt for the media in general. We here at the Daily Prophet appreciate his fairness with respect to our publication, particularly considering he is our majority owner. He has reportedly turned down several offers to play professional quidditch, as well as offers from several Ministry departments. His life has been almost entirely devoted to fighting the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters ever since he graduated from Hogwarts last year. Perhaps he just needs a well deserved vacation. Or perhaps he really has disappeared forever. He only sent this missive, and it is certainly open to speculation as to what it means:

Dear Wizarding World,



P.S. – I'll be watching you!

We here at the Daily Prophet are hesitant to draw too many conclusions about what can be inferred from this, but it seems we may have heard the last of Harry Potter for a long time and perhaps ever. We thank him for the services he has done for all the Wizarding World and wish him the best. We certainly feel better knowing he will be watching out for us.

The response to the article spurned on several manhunts to locate the powerful young man. Nothing became of any of the leads. After several months of fruitless searches the Ministry and most other people gave up looking. One group who never gave up is the Order of the Phoenix. Its leader, Albus Dumbledore, did little to help them, as he simply was respecting Harry's wishes. Hermione Granger dearly missed her best friend. She and Auror Nymphadora Tonks were the most persistent members trying to follow any leads they had. After nine months, over two dozen useless trips around the world, and no concrete information at all, they were still trying strong. Harry's finances were still his, and the goblins wouldn't give out any information, particularly on one of their most affluent clients. The Order knew he had far more properties than they could have imagined, and far too few life experiences in his childhood. They were undeterred, even though they knew Harry was somewhere most likely laughing at them. So far, there had been numerous completely unfounded Quibbler articles, including a weekly update, but not a single confirmed sighting or legitimate photograph. In truth, the only thing of substance they had was the letter he had written them the day he disappeared.

Dear Order of the Phoenix

I'm taking a permanent vacation. It's going to start with a worldwide tour. See all the things I wanted to see, and go all the places I wanted to go. I doubt I will ever be back. Feel free to look for me, but don't waste too much time. I doubt you'll have much luck. I can be a pretty tricky guy when I want to be. I'm not angry or disappointed in anyone in particular but Harry Potter has no place in normal society. So take pleasure in knowing I'm somewhere better off. Harry Potter can be called on, if there is a real threat and the public morale needs him. But I honestly do not foresee a need for Harry Potter for a long time if ever. I've had to be the most disgusting poster boy and hero for too many years. It is time for me to take advantage of a conclusion to a prophecy and start to live instead of just surviving.

Clark Kent'

Author's Note: This idea was inspired some by Daily Prophet Reporting's The Season (News Articles to tell the story), Rorschach's Blot's Make A Wish (Harry going out to live and having a blast doing it), and epholge's Catch Me If U Can (Harry staying a step ahead of friends and having a little fun with them). Harry will be ridiculously skilled and/or powerful. This is just a fun light-hearted post-Hogwarts story. Posting the first chapter right after this prologue, and will explain some timeline things in an author's note at the end of that one.