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Summary: When looking for that someone out there, always look around you first because you never know; that someone special can be someone close by. A Miroku & Sango story.

Dream like you're going live forever,
Live like you're going die tomorrow
Dance like nobody's watching,
Love like it's never going hurt -Anonymous

Someone Out There
Chapter one: Such as a life of a Lady's Man

It was a pale September afternoon. The sky was covered with a dreary blanket of grey. The trees almost shed all of their brown, red and gold leaves, and with each breeze, the tree was stripped bare, one leaf at a time. It was a cloudy day at the campus. Students were clustered in pairs, holding on each others' hands to keep warm. Clouds of breath fogged the cold atmosphere.

Sango blew her brown bangs out of her eyes and sighed. Autumn was such a beautiful time of the year. She shifted, adjusting the books in her hands and looked around. Where could he be? He was suppose to be here 10 minutes ago! She tugged on her caramel sweater, looking around anxiously.


Sango whipped her head around, startled by the approach. Breathing in the scent of aftershave, she looked into the grinning face of Miroku, the guy who was 10 minutes late!

"Fuck! You're late!" she shrieked into his eardrums. She tapped her foot expectantly.

"I had to take some things over with Stacey that's all," he muttered quickly. Sango groaned, exasperated. He blew her off to go flirt with some girl! "It's not what you think," Miroku said with his eyes wide, "I was…"

"Was what huh?" she scoffed waiting for another one of his lame excuses.

"Breaking up with her," he said.

Oh. Miroku was known to be the lady's man, even he knows it. Heck, he must've went through 3 girls in a month. "Isn't this the third time this month?" Sango said skeptically. Miroku shrugged nonchalantly. It was true, an undeniable fact. Sango blew her bangs, something she did when she was frustrated.

"Another one! You're unbelievable! Why do you even date in the first place?" she scolded.

Miroku ignored her scolding and looked up into the grey sky, expecting an answer himself.

He stared back down at her, "Oh come on, don't be jealous…you'll always be my favorite frister." He grinned at his shorter companion.

Frister. More than just friends, almost like sisters. Miroku and Sango knew each other since she was four and he was six. Sango was the sister of Miroku's best friend. When her brother had died, Miroku stood by her the whole time. They had been close friends longer than they both could remember. They attended each other's birthday parties, dressed as bride and groom on Halloween, went to each other's high school graduation and dances. They knew each other better than they knew themselves!

"C'mon, I'll buy you ice cream, hmm, how's that huh?" Miroku grinned. Ice cream was his secret weapon. The corners of her mouth turned up a little. She fought to keep it down. "Humph, nice try mister."

Miroku gave the puppy eyes look. Oh no. Not those eyes… Sango turned away so she couldn't see them. "Aww come on Sango…please?" he whined a little.

She caved in. "Fine, but I get to order whatever I want."

… … … … …

There was an ice cream parlor and a club two blocks down the campus. They visited the club when one of them feels downcast, and the ice cream parlor when they celebrated about something, or most often: when Miroku needed to redeem himself. He was a frequent customer there. Sango pressed her face against the glass of the window, looking at each flavor with solemnly.

"It's just ice cream," retorted Miroku. "WHAT?" she whipped her head around boring eyes through his skull, a couple heads turned. He waved her off and sat down at a booth. "I'll sit right here waiting." He added dryly, "Come when you've made your life-changing experience." Sango nodded missing the sarcasm.

After sitting down, Sango dug vivaciously into her cold treat. "So what was wrong with Stacey?" she asked with her mouth full of ice cream. She wanted to know back at the campus. Now seemed like a good time to get some juice from him.

"She wasn't…my type." he replied lamely, drumming his fingers on the table. "What do you mean?" Sango asked, raising an eyebrow. "She was trying too hard. It gets…tiring."

Swallowing her ice cream she warned, "Miroku! You can't go on forever just playing girls like that. One day, you just wait, your heart will be broken, and you'll know how it feels!"

Miroku dismissed the fact as he tossed down the spoon from his sundae. He ran his hands through his thick black hair. It wasn't his fault that girls just like him, right? He didn't want to disappoint them…that's all. Seeing a girl cry was his biggest weakness. No matter what he's doing, if a girl cried, he'd stop doing whatever he's busy with and go over to comfort her, even if he didn't know her. Maybe that's why girls like him so much: he's got a heart. Yeah, he plays girls, but inside he's got compassion, something most guys lack. That formula seemed like a contradiction to him, but that's the way things were.

It doesn't hurt to be good looking either. Girls usually lust after the well built body that the many years has shaped him into. And with high school, peer pressure of society, his life, personality and his insatiable love shaped into the lady's man he was today.

"Sango…do you think girls will ever like me?" She looked at him dumbly. He continued, "I mean… like-like me. Love me. For who I am, not because I'm hot or something?" Sango laughed, "You're kidding right?" Miroku winced, looking hurt. She continued, "Well no, if you keep playing them like that, you're going to run out of girls. Sooner or later they'll all learn and turn away from you." Miroku's face showed no hint of emotion.

Sango stood up, "Relax, I like you for who you are," she grinned and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. She chuckled at his confused look and walked out.

Miroku smiled dopily, touching the spot she kissed. Maybe there was someone out there. Sango could always cheer him up. She was the burst of sunshine in his life, the strong tangy essence that he loved. The only one that took him seriously...at yes, at times, not seriously at all. But really, who else's window can he climb into at night just to say hi? Or call during midnight because he can't sleep?

"Come on slowpoke, I'm tired of waiting in the car!" she yelled from outside.

Or yell at him like that with ease? Only his frister can.

… … … … …

"Hold still would you?" he complained, "I can't cut your bangs straight if you keep moving!" Miroku held the scissors, expectantly, waiting for Sango to stop giggling like an idiot. He carefully trimmed the front part of the hair. Sango squirmed. Why is he standing so close? Because he's cutting your bangs, stupid, said a voice in her head. Miroku moved in to get a closer look at her hair. She instinctively moved back again.

"Jeez Louise! Sango, it's not like I'm going to kiss you!" he said exasperated. "What!" she spluttered. She looked at his eyes crinkled with laughter. "Your hair is lopsided, which was why I'm here in the first place: to fix it! Now, hold still so I can finish cutting." She opened her mouth the closed it, standing there woodenly, waiting for him to finish.

She wanted to go outside. It was sunny, and the sunny days in September were numbered. Okay fine, standing so close to him made her uncomfortable. And the fact that he stood there so casually made her even more nervous. "Okay I'm done. Look in the mirror." he stood proudly. "Not bad" she murmured, tilting her head from side to side. At least it wasn't crooked any more. "Now that you're hot, you can go pick up guys!" Miroku said gleefully. "Hurray," Sango replied with a less-enthusiastic tone. "So, want to come grocery shopping with me? I'll cook for you tonight." asked Miroku. Sango was an awful cook. Seriously, never let her near a stove with food. Last time that happened it knocked him out cold for the entire night.

"Okay, let's go." relieved that she didn't need to eat another night of instant noodles.

… … … … …

"You are the worst cook in the world," said Miroku as they strolled through the supermarket, "And we are going to fix that." Sango laughed, "That would be impossible." Agreed. "The first thing to know is that there is no such thing as a shitty dish; to make a good dish you just need the right ingredients, and that is why we are here." he flourished.

"The key thing is to have good relations with the people." Miroku broke off and smiled at the middle-aged lady behind the counter. She was clearly flushed at all the attention the young man was giving her. "How's my beautiful Priscilla today?" he winked. Geez, so this is how he sets good relations? she eyed dubiously. After paying for the purchase they continued, watching Miroku charm and flirt with all the vendors. Needless to say, the market was bubbling with excitement when he left. "You are unbelievable!" she cried. "I know right," winked Miroku.

If Sango was any other bimbo, she would've swooned at his flirtatious gesture. But she knew him since forever, she knew his tactics all too well to fall for it. Why other girls fall for it stumped her. But she was glad she won't give in to his charm, she liked the way things were…them being best friends.

Watching Miroku cook was one of the things Sango secretly like to do. She liked the way he took charge of the skillet or whatever he was holding in front of him. A man taking charge was sexy. This feminine quality was something she hoped her future husband would have. "The pink apron looks nice on you," she tittered. A pink apron that says "Kiss the Cook" was worn proudly on him. She gave it to him a few months ago as a joke, never expecting he'd actually wear it.

Miroku smiled as he continued frying. After a few putting in his 'secret sauce' he finally called, "Dinner's served."

Sango entered his bathroom to wash her hands. The bathroom smelled of Axe, deodorant spray. She liked that smell. The counter was lined with a few shampoos whilethe mirror above the sink had lipstick prints all along the side. Obvious traces of his old girlfriends. "Dayum, does he bring each one of them home?" she asked incredulously. She took a piece of paper towel and began rubbing each lip print off with determination. "There," she smiled standing back to admire her handiwork.

"What took you so long?" asked Miroku. He sat down. He cooked spaghetti with meatballs with her favorite tomato sauce topped off with his secret ingredient nonetheless. "This is good," she said digging in. Sango loved eating.Ice-cream was only one of her many passions she loved. If Miroku was to get a nickel for every item she loved devouring, he'd be rich. Miroku laughed watching tomato sauce land on her nose as she slurped up a strand. What a little pig. He took his finger and wiped the spot off. Sango was unfazed.

Looking up from her meal, "I helped you clean your mirror." she grinned. "My what?" "Your mirror, you know…the one infested with lip prints of past bimbos you've dated?" she reminded. It dawned on him. "Oh, that one, heheh." He replied adverting her gaze.

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