Someone Out There

Epilogue (3 years later).

Miroku woke up bright and early in the morning. The sun was up and a few rays peeped through the curtains. Miroku looked beside him to see his significant other slumbering away, breathing softly in her sheets. Miroku leaned over and gave her a light kiss on the temples. He laid there a while, enjoying the quietness of the morning. The house was quiet, their kids were asleep and the only sound he could hear was him rustling in the sheets.

He carefully wrapped his arms around her bare waist, making sure he wasn't waking her up. He laid there, breathing in the fruity scent and basking in the ambiance. The bed was warm and he didn't want to get up. Lying there with his Sango in the quiet morning was the best thing to do in the world.

He sighed softly and got up, hastily picking up a white button up shirt off the floor and putting it on. He crept down quietly to go downstairs to make some breakfast. He adjusted his boxers since they were making him uncomfortable. "Much better," he said to no one.

He got eggs out and started whipping them in a bowl. He turned on the radio at a low volume so he wouldn't wake Sango up, He danced a bit singing off-key to the song. It was an oldie, but coming from a man in a dress shirt and boxers beating eggs definitely remixed it up a little. He swayed his hips a bit, making it look like he was shaking his butt. He turned around to pour the egg batter onto the pan when his eye caught his wife staring at him amusedly.

"I didn't know you could move like that," she said between chuckles. Miroku's eyes glinted as he caught her eyes pausing midway to the opening of this shirt. "Like what you see?" teased Miroku. Sango laughed and hugged him, "Good Morning Miroku." Miroku hugged her back with one arm while the other held an egg flipper.

Sango stood on her toes and kissed Miroku's jaw line slowly. Miroku dropped the egg flipper and carried her bridal style to the couch. He kissed her on the neck, noting the spot where she gave in. "Miroku …" she said softly but teasingly, "I don't think Tommy wants another little sister just yet."

Miroku stopped to think what she just said, and slowly it dawned on him. "I wasn't think that," he hissed, squinting at her.

Sango laughed and pulled him towards her again. "I was," she whispered, half-joking. Miroku stopped and stared at her, "When did you become such a slut?" he asked, raising his eyebrow. Sango laughed again, giving him three quick kisses on the lips. "Just kidding, geez," she chided.

Miroku crawled onto the couch and landed on top of Sango. They looked at each other contently. "I'm so thankful," whispered Miroku. "For what?" she whispered back. "For us still so in love," replied Miroku. Sango smiled and looked at the promise ring on her finger. She still wore it, after all those years.

"Hey Miroku," she said suddenly, "Are you happy to see me or do you have a chopstick in your pocket?" Miroku's eyes widened at her statement. "Ah yes, all these years uncovered many things I didn't know before," he said, mentioning the lascivious charm that Sango possessed reserved only for him. He kissed her again, growling softly as he felt her finger tips trace the outlines of his abdomen.

"You need to control your subconscious urges," he joked. Sango smiled but continued drawing little circles on his chest. They laid there in silence until… "Your eggs are burning," said Sango.

Miroku grinned, "What did I say about controlling those urges?" he said wagging his finger. Sango smirked, "I'm not talking about those eggs," she patted his pants, "I meant the omelets you're making." Miroku's eyes widened and an 'O' formed on his lips and he quickly got up Sango to save his precious eggs.

"I'm going to go wake up the kids," she said, standing up to stretch. She yawned sleepily as she climbed up the stairs. Miroku smiled and continue cooking breakfast. Ding Dong. The doorbell rang. He hastily wiped his hands on the dish cloth and went to open the door. Who could be visiting this early? thought Miroku.

"Pretty boy!" said the voice gleefully behind the door. Sandy leaned over and gave Miroku a hug. Miroku awkwardly tried to return it. "Oh you're no fun to hug," teased Sandy. "I'm not particularly skilled in the area of hugging like you gay men are," Miroku joked back. Sandy winked and laughed along. "Well you're a sight for sore eyes," commented David, who's arm was wrapped around Sandy.

They both took in the sight of Miroku in a dress shirt and boxers, briefly stopping their gaze in the opening of the shirt. "You and me both," said Sango cheerfully, catching them doing what she was doing earlier. Sango winked, seeing David's blush. "Come in you guys," she ushered.

Sandy sat casually on the couch and David plopped right beside him. David sniffed, "Something smells good!" Miroku grinned boastfully, "Can you smell what The Miroku is cooking?" he joked, cribbing lines from The Rock. They adults heard someone thundering down the stairs and in seconds Tommy jumped out and Sandy ran over and caught him and swung him around. "Ooo, you're growing bigger Tommy." said Sandy as he put down the 8 year old boy. Sango went up to wake up the baby for her milk.

Tommy grabbed David's hand and pushed him over to show him his new model that he built. Miroku went back to the kitchen to make some more breakfast for the guests while Sandy trailed behind. "Aren't you glad I told that little white lie?" asked Sandy suddenly. Miroku glanced up, his brows knitting together to try and remember what he was talking about. His expression relaxed as the truth dawned on him. "Yes I completely am glad," said Miroku.

"What lie?" asked Sango as she came downstairs with the baby on her arm and a bottle in her free hand. "The one where I said your dad is trying to marry you off to some bachelor," grinned Sandy wickedly. "You what!" cried Sango, her eyebrows shooting up. "Hey, hey, hey," said Sandy, holding up his hands in protest, "If I didn't call daddy to phone you about this and set you guys up, you guys would be no where like you are now!" Sandy crossed his arms, grinning with pride.

Sango stared dumbfounded. "Did you know about this?" asked Sango. Miroku shook his head, "Not all of it." Laughter rung around the living room as the grownups and children gathered around the table for breakfast.

Miroku smiled, grinning with the greatest contentment and feeling more proud than any accomplishment he has ever made. He had a family: a wife, a son and a few months old baby daughter. He had come a long way from being play boy to part-time teacher, part-time father. It's funny how the most unpredictable happens; he searched so long for someone out there when she was so nearby.

The end.

Author's Notes

Well there you have it: my first complete story that I wrote. I might write one-shot sequels, but that's as far as I'll go with this story. Writing this meant a lot to me. I had to take risks of writing a story that wasn't just filled with random silliness, rather I had to try new things and engage the reader in an actual storyline. This story is a first and definitely not a last. I will be writing more and hopefully my writing will drastically improve from this story. Although I am proud of this one, I think I can do a lot better and rid myself of clichés like the ones I used in this story. Thank you to all the people who have reviewed me, especially the people who have reviewed me since my story started (you know who you are!). Your support really kept me going, and I dedicate this to you. Thank you once again.