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Awakining from a frightening sleep,Kyo's breathing hard and covered in cold sweat.Tohru runs in the room to see Kyos state.

"Kyo are you ok? What happened..was it a bad dream?"said Tohru as she ran to his bed side in worry.

" to worry can go back to bed"said Kyo noticing her worry.

"Kyo,if you had a bad dream..I'd like to help you with it..we are frinds..hehehe..and I want to help."said Tohru smiling at Kyo.

"Tohru,dont worry about me.I'm fine..a bad dreams nothing to worry about."

"So you did have a bad dream.Can you tell em about it.When I was younger and I had bad mom always said telling others about it..made them better.She always said telling others off your problems..make them easyer to bare..because you have some one to help you with them."Tohru said smiling at the thought of her mother.

Kyo thinks to him self If I told her I dremt I lost her to that damn rat..shed think I was carzy..or shed laugh with that goofy laugh of hers and say something else her mother always told her..but she is right..I alwasys fell better when I tell her of my problems..but..I just don't want her to fell intimidated by me or anything.

"kyo-kun,if you dont want to tell me you don't have to..but if theres anything i can do to help you..I'll surly do it to the best exstent of my power"Said Tohru with a small smile,but with worry still writtin all over her face. me..theres no way..the only way to help me is to get her..and make sure that damn rat cant get her in any way..ever..i'd feel safer if she stayed with the night..I gess sence I'm going on that trip's bringing up these fears of loosing her..she'll be here for two weeks..with no one but that damn Yuki and that stupid dog...I want her to stay here.with me where I'm sure I wont lose her.."Tohru..stay with me.."said Kyo.

"I'm not going anywhere."said Tohru thinking he ment leave the house.

"No..stay here..with my room tonight."Kyo said looking down gritting his teeth saying the words trying not to seem pitiful."and dont take that the wrong's just..well..with you in here with me..I feel..a bit.less...worryed."

" want me to stay with you in your room tonight..hehehe..ok Kyo.If it makes you feel better,I'll sleep on the floor in your room tonight."

"No,I couldn't make you sleep in the floor...hmm..I'll sleep in the floor and you can have the bed."

"But Kyo-kun,this is your bed.I can't just up and take it from you.How about we share it..ok?"

"Uhh.."he starts to blush."ok..but don;t get any love dove Ideas..or get used to sleeping in here"

Tohru giggles"Ok Kyo-kun..hehehe.I'll spned the night in her with you."

She climb's into bed and lays down next to Kyo.Kyo starts to blush,but it is covered up by darkness.He lays the covers over her softly and then turns over and faces the direction opposite Tohru.

Everything is silent as they both lay there.Kyo is layig awak thinking to him self shes laying next to me..she feels nie feels nice having her lay there.A sudin movment of the bed makes Kyo freeze up.The movement in Tohru.Kyo's room is one of the colder rooms of the house,and even witht he blanket shes cold.Kyo turns over to see whats the matter with her.

"Tohru,whats wrong...why arn't you asleep yet?"said Kyo inconsern.

Tohru turns to lok at Kyo"It's cold in your room compared to mine.Kyo-kun how can you stand this much cold"

He knew his room was cold,but it never really botherd him.He'd grown used to it.He'd never thought about when he asked her to sleep next to him,and had to think for a minute to find a way to warm her up when he felt this weird feeling like someone was touhing him.

"Kyo.your very warm."said Tohru as she snuggled up to Kyo to get warm.

Kyo looked down and saw the slander figure of Tohru pushed up agianst him for warmth.He couldn't surpress a smile thinking of her body on his.H placed an arm around her to keep her warmer and to hold her close as if never to lose her.

"Kyo,can we sleep like this'll keep us both warm."

"Ok..we can.."said Kyo trailing off thinking if they layed like this every night.Thinking if they were together.Thinking if..she shared the same feeling he had for her for...him.

The next day

"hmm.."said Kyo as he awoke from a perfect sleep.He looked down and saw Tohru's slender figure a sleep up against his own.He thought of last night and begain to smile.He leaned forward and kissed her on the head,and as he did she slowly sturred.She looked up at him and his smiling face,she couldn't help but smile because she saw his so seldomly.Not thinking he bent down and kissed her on the lips like a boy would kiss his girlfriend after there first date.At that same moment Shigure walked in the room"Kyo,yawn..have you... sen.."he trailed off at the sight of them.

Kyo ended the kiss smiling at Tohru when he heard a fimilure voice from the door."Hmm..Kyo..what did you and Tohru do last night..hmm."said Shigure with a bit of a smerk on his face.

Paniking Tohru stood up and tryed to exslain her being there"umm...I..uh..Kyo had a bad dream last I uhh..came in here to check on him..and..uh.."Still panicking she jolted out of the room leaving Shigure smwerking at Kyo.

Tail and ears showing Kyo begain to Yell at Shigure for entering his room unwanted."What the hell are you entering my room with out knocking for..get the hell out."

"Hmm..wait till Yuki hears you slept with Tohru last night.I could imagin him skinning you now."said Shigure snikering thinking of just that.

"What the hell do you mean sleep..she came in her worried about me and spent the night to make me feel better."said Kyo without thinking.

"Oh..was Kyo worryed that the bad monsters would get to he needed Tohru to keep him safe..hehehe."Shigure burst into laughter after his remark..He exited the room leaving Kyo steaming with anger.

Kyo got up from his bed and got dressed in his normal attire then set out to find Tohru.He walked to the Kitchen and found her cooking breakfast as cheary as ever.He aproucherd he slowly and cleard his throught softky as not to startal her.

"umm..Tohru.about up stairs..umm..well..I."said Kyo trying not to sound as if he ment to give her that kiss.Even if he wanted to kiss her,he never ment to was an accident.He just hopped she wouldn'ty hate him for it.

Tohru turnt to him tyring her best to act as if nothing happen,but her voice showed her surprisment that he came and talked to her."Oh...god morning you sleep well last night.."she said trying to get off the kiss subject.

"Hu..well..yea..I slept great..but ..I came down her to say"said Kyo as Shigure walked in the room chanting Kyo and Tohru sitting in a tree..(you know the rest)

Kyo stormed out in anger of seeing Shigure.Kyo ran as fast and as far as he could out of the house,only to have Tohru follow him in worry.They left Shigure behind laughing like no tommorrow.

"Shigure,what are you laughing at...yawn.."said Yuki walking in the kitchen.

'Hmm..hehehe..oh Yuki...I stumbled apon a happy site this morning..hehehehe..and I just saw that site run out the after the other..hehehehe.."Shigure burst out laughing even more hearing himself say these words.

"Shigure,stop medling in everyones life."said Yuki as he left the room."I'm going to my base."

"Ok, Yuki-kun I'll see you at lunch."said Shigure still laughing."Hehehehehe.I wonder what Kyo and Tohru are doing right now.If they are lovers then tohru will be hurt to see him leave this afternoon to participate in that martial arts turnoment with his master..hmm..I do remember him saying Kyo could bring a friend with him on the trip...I wonder..hmmm...hehehehe..oh shigure your evil..hehehehe."

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