Wedding Bells

By Tenshi Noyo Ryu Taiga

summary- Sequel to Eurothrashed's "Safety Scissors"

Buffy's episode "Pangs" with a little Spawn

Chapter One: Kissy Face

"Well, if it isn't the 'Bit. Long time no see, Cream Puff." Spike smirked at the youngest Summers girl.

"I have a name, ya know. It's Dawn. Daawwnnn. Capital D-a-w-n. Dawn. Can you repeat that?" She asked in a slow "you're a retard" voice.

"Yes, I can, Nibblet. Bitch. Biiitttccchh. Capital B-i-t-c-h. Bitch." He replied with amused clear blue eyes.


"My, my. Does the Slayer know about your particular vocabulary?" Spike laughed.

"Oooh, big words. I'm impressed. Have you moved up from your "ABC" books and "I See Spot" to "The Cat in the Hat"? Or have you just been listening to First Graders, again, because we've talked about this. You shouldn't use words you don't understand." Dawn used in a disapproving tone while using his same smirk right back at him.

Spike just stared at her with a slightly dazed, surprised look for a moment before laughing outloud, "Does your sister know you're bloody evil?"

"Who says I'm evil or even bad for that matter?"

"Then what are you?" He smirked tauntingly while raising an eyebrow

" Let me explain something to you, since in all your years of wisdom-" Dawn said sarcastically.

Spike snorted.

" you have apparenly not learned this yet. There is a difference between a good girl and a bad girl," Dawn said quietly, getting really close to where Spike was still tied to the chair. She leaned down to him seductively without actually making physical contact. Through Spike's eyes memories ran of when he came back to Sunnydale after Dru had dumped him and had made out with the girl. 'Course he was drunk, but hey, details! Right now he needed to focus.

Dawn slowly put her mouth near his ear and lightly trailed her arms from the top of his head, to the back of his neck, down to his muscular chest.

"A good girl doesn't get caught" she whispered softly, barely loud enough for Spike with his vampiric listening skills to even hear.

Swiftly, Dawn moved away so that she was standing in front of him, tall and proud. When Spike looked up to meet her gaze she gave a wink, a smirk, a tiny giggle, and a slight brush of the lips to his cheek before she was gone.

"Bloody Hell. Baby Girl's gonna be the Death of me." Spike muttered before closing his eyes and reliving his encounter with the brown haired beauty.

"Dawn! What were you doing in there! And with him!" Buffy spat out, like even thinking Spike's name was absolutely horrendous.

"Chill, Buffy. I swear, you freak out over the tiniest things. I was just out there to get my English homework. Geeze, over reaction, much?"Dawn lied smoothly.

"If you were getting your homework, where is it?" Buffy asked, still not quite believing her.

"I forgot that I left it at the house with mom. What is this, 20 Questions?"

"No, I'm sorry, Dawnie. You know that I just care about you, that's all. I don't want you around vampires. Especially Spike."

'Oh but Angelus, the Scourge of Europe, was just an absolutely dandy vampire for me to hang around' Dawn thought sarcastically.

"I understand, Buffy" Dawn said with a sickeningly sweet smile pasted on her face.

'Luckily, Buffy is stupid' Dawn thought 'She says she cares, pfft, yeah right. Can't even see through a way obvious lie! How pathetic.'

"Good, Dawn. You know I only want what's best for you."


"I know."

"Good, I've got to patrol. I'll come back afterwards and I'll take you home" Buffy said petting her 13 year old little sister on the head.

'Great, now I'm a dog'

"Okay, Buffy. I'll just work on my Social Studies stuff."

"Good. Bye, Dawnie"


'Another sickening sweet smile as I follow her out in to the living room... there's Spike... Okay, you can leave any second now, Buffy... If my face gets stuck like this, I'm blaming you... Finally! She's gone!'

Dawn decided to voice this ouloud.

"Finally! She's gone!"

Suddenly the door opened back up and Buffy's head popped through.

'Bloody Hell' Spike thought.

'Doesn't she ever leave?' Dawn finished.

"I almost forgot. Spike, if you look at Dawn or even think about her, I'll stake you!" Buffy threatened.

"Oh, so then you don't mind me touching her, then. Alright, not like I bloody mind. Peice of fine arse like her? Nope," Spike said giving a cocky grin," Don't mind touching at all."

"SPIKE!" Buffy yelled taking a step towards him, before Dawn stepped forwards, blocking her way.

"Don't mind him, Buffy. He's just trying to make you mad, you know that. Go, patrol, save the world or whatever. I'll be fine. He's all tied to a chair, anyways. Not seeing much touching happening there. So chill, and go before he goads you into something"

'Like never leaving' She thought silently.

"Yeah, you're right Dawnie. I'm leaving" Buffy said sending one last glare at the smirking blond vampire.

"YOU!" Dawn practically shrieked spinning on her heel to look at the vampire who's smirking face suddenly froze," What were you thinking! She might mever have left! Are you out of your freakin' mind!... Know what? Don't even answer that." She sighed quietly walking over to sit on the couch that was in front of the chair he was tightly roped around.

When she had finally collapsed on it, he spoke, "You. Are. Nutters."

"Thank You."

Sunnydale Campus

"Sometimes I just wish that Dawn would just grow up and take care of herself, then you would actually have time for me, Buffy! Know what? She might as well marry Spike while she's at it!"

Back at Giles'

"Marry me?" a very untied Spike said to a very attractive 18 year old Dawn.

"oh, yes! Of course!"

he-he. Kissy Face now.

Sunnydale Campus

"That's just... eeewww, Willow."

"I kinow, Buffy. I'm sorry. Go, patrol. I'll go talk to Xander instead."

"You sure?"



Even more kissing is being done.

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