Wedding Bells

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Chapter Three: Surprise!

Dawn sat on Spike's lap and wrapped her hands around Spike's neck. She was about to kiss him when-

"Wait!" Spike said suddenly causing her to pull back. She raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Did you say Willow's spell? Willow did this?"

"Yes, of course. Who else could possibly cause this much havoc? She will make a fine vengeance demon" Dawn sighed.

"Vengeance what?"

"Uhh, nevermind. As the Key, i can see snippits of the future. You will understand in a few hours."

"Oh right. Well, now we can snog."

Dawn's melodious laughter was heard before Spike decided to silence her with a kiss. Unfortunately, that's when Giles decided to make his appearence. Fortunately, he was blind...Spike hoped. Ow, that had to hurt. Yep, Rupert was definately blind. Spike winced again, before shaking his head while grimacing. Hope Rupes didn't want children, because after that last knock into the table...let's just say he may never get them and just leave it at that.

Spike turned his head and inclined it in a questioning gesture to Dawn.

"Willow's spell turned him blind," She whispered, "Well, techniquely it's "Doesn't see" but it's the same thing. Blind"

"Oh, I see"

They both paused a moment before bursting out in laughter.

"What...a...bad...pun!" Dawn gasped before she fell out of Spike'slap, causing them both to laugh even harder.

"What? What's so funny?" Giles asked.

"Nothing" Dawn said, calming down

"Who are you?"


"You don't sound like Dawn"

"Something made me older"

"How old?"

Suddenly, Spike interrupted Dawn's chat with Giles by kissing her roughly. Giles' eyes widened as he heard the unmistakable sounds.

"It's okay. I have scotch" He said as he walked toward the kitchen. He wasn't mindful of the table, as he had destroyed it when he rammed his coughcough into it. Unfortunately, he forgot about the large peices he may have missed.

"OWWWW!" Giles yelled clutching his balls while sinking like a ship, "bloody hell"

Spike's ears perked up when he heard that and started laughing hysterically.

A couple minutes later, when Giles had recovered, Xander and Anya burst into the room.

"Spike! He's all untied!" Xander shouted.

"Your observational skills are trully phenomenal" Dawn smiled sweetly.

"We're getting married!" Spike announced suddenly

"It's alright. I have more scotch" Giles said standing up and heading into the kitchen.

"What? Why? What?" Xander asked

"Three outstanding questions, to which I have none of the answers to" Giles called from the kitchen.

"Who are you, pretty fiancee of Spike's who will not go anywhere near my Xander?" Anya questioned.


"WHAT?" Xander yelled

"That's impossible. Dawn is a little shrimp who cannot win the game of 'Life'" Anya stated matter of factly.

"Hey! I could so win!" Dawn pouted.

Suddenly Buffy bursts through the door, "Willow is missing!"

"So?" everyone asked. Everyone, but Dawn and Spike were more than a little mad at her at the moment.

"I think a demon took her"

"To quote your little slay pals, 'so'?" Spike asked.

"Shut up...Spike, who's sitting on your lap?" Buffy asked.

"Dawn" Everyone chorused.

"WHAT?" Buffy scrieched like a banchee.