Story by: theAflamed

scene: Hatori tells Akito he want to get married.

"Kana and I want to get married."
Akito became outraged and threw the vase at Hatori's face. Shigure ran in to restrain Akito from hurting Kana who was in a complete state of disbelief.

"Serves that damn woman right!"

Then he glanced over at Hatori who was holding his eye to keep the blood from spilling all over. Akito leaned over,

"Haa-san," then he quickly pointed the finger at the ever silent Kana, "Do you think you can save us? No one can be saved! I'll make you regret ever being involved with us!"

Kana was holding her face thinking Its my fault, It's my fault, Its my fault"

Then something came over Kana. A mysterious shawdowy voice. She scooted over to Hatori and put her hand over his

"It will be over soon,"

Next to her was a bop-em stick that Akito would use to abuse the members of the house long time past. She hid it behind her back hoping Akito nor Shigure would see this act. Akito calmed down and Shigure backed off. Her eyes were blank and she took a step towards Akito. She finally built up the courage to go over there.

"Akito you were right... I should of never became involved with your family."

Akito shrugged with a bit of arrogance thinking he had won. Kana then pulled out the bop-em stick and struck Akito across the face.

"What are you doing you damn woman?"

"Take this and that and this!" Kana yelled as beating him with the bopping stick, "After im done with you im gonna take and keep your stomach as a trophy, just like how they do it in the Amazon Mwhahahaha!"

Akito was protecting himself from the somewhat hurtful blows. Hatori finally remove his hand from his eye, and see's Kana beating Akito half-way to death. Shigure was in the corner baffled, but laughing at Kana beating Akito over the head with a bop-em stick. He laughed so hard he transformed himself into the Junyshii form. As he looked back toward Akito and Kana, Akito grabbed Shigure and started running around trying to hit Kana.

"C'mon you darn dog! Prove yourself useful for once!"

Akito tripped and Shigure was sitting on top of him. Kana leaned in for the final blow when Hatori jumps in,

"Kana he didn't damage my eye, only my eyebrow," he lifted up his hair to show her the damage.It was close to his eye but not quite there.

Kana's bop-em stick was still high up ready to strike, then she said

"Oh. Im sorry Akito. I was out of li… oro?"

Akito suddenly dissapeared.

"Oh well, lets get married Hari!"

Meanwhile Akito suddenly appeared at the coffee shop.

"What are you doing here?" asked Nicol

Akito was on top of the table, "Wasn't that my impending doom scene!"

"No no your confused.. That's not until episode 35," Nicol said while going over Music Sheets, "See the screen is showing Hatori and Kana getting married now."

"Argg… Oh well I want some coffaehhh"


Guess who's the shadowy voice? (haha me!)

Special thanks to: Nicol from Gundam Seed for acting as a secondary character

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