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She could tell from his posture that Remus was relaxed and somewhat happy. Even from up here she could see him smiling in his sleep, even if it was just a glimpse. After almost two years since the death of his best friend happiness had finally found him and she knew it couldn't have happened to a better person. She watched him wake groggily and stretch before meandering slowly back to the castle.

"What are you staring at Hermione?" came Ron's voice, putting an end to her daydream.

"Oh, nothing," she responded.

"Well come on then I know you wouldn't want to miss Lupin's lesson!" added Harry.

More than you know Harry, more than you'll ever know! Hermione thought with a smile as they left the common room.

"As you didn't get a sufficient less on werewolves in your third year we're going to need to study that topic before your upcoming N.E.W.Ts and as there is no time like the present, let's get started," Professor Lupin told his 7th year class.

Remus walked over to the black board and flicked his wand at it. A large diagram of a werewolf appeared with labels branching off from it describing that particular part's anatomy.

"Right let's begin with the eyes-"

Hermione began scribbling notes down on the piece of parchment laid out in front of her.

Remus turned to the class waiting for them to finish writing what he had told them. He became aware of Hermione gazing up at him attentively with her chocolaty-brown eyes.

And what exquisite eyes they are too, I really should stop thinking things like that. She's a student, just a student!

"Is there a problem Miss Granger?" Remus enquired after realising he had been staring at her.

Apart from the fact that you keep calling me Miss Granger and that I don't feel you kissing me? I really shouldn't be having these thoughts, he's twice my age! Perhaps it's just the hormones kicking in again

"No Professor, I'm just waiting for you to continue," she answered.

"Oh, right," He turned back to the board and went on with his lecture.

At the end of the lesson Lupin set the homework of twelve inches of parchment on the physical properties of the werewolf.

"And if it isn't completed and on my desk for our next lesson I might have to schedule you a meeting with a real werewolf to study from!" he told the class as they filed out of the classroom.

"I might just take you up on that offer Professor," Hermione mumbled as she walked past his desk.

He looked up with a puzzled look upon his face.

"Did you say something Miss Granger?" he asked, half hoping he had heard her correctly and the other half scolding himself for even thinking that.

Lately he had been forced to call her 'Miss Granger' to remind himself that she was his pupil and because that name didn't reflect the attractive nature that was Hermione.

"No, nothing Professor Lupin," she lied wondering what on earth possessed to say something that stupid in front of him.