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It was a bright sunny morning at the Asakura inn, and it was also a busy day for the Shaman King, Yoh Asakura. The 16 year old brunette called up all his friends for a party and a sleep over, because according to him, it has been so long since they have all seen each other, even though it was only a month. It has been a week since he called up all his friends, and today was the day they were all going to have the party.

"Hey Anna, don't you want to help me here?" Yoh called out to his fiancée who was watching her soaps in the other room.

"I did all the shopping yesterday and got you what you wanted, and I even cooked dinner last night…" said Anna, the blonde haired itako fiancée of Yoh. "Besides, you're the one who invited everyone here, not me, so the party is your responsibility and not mine…"

"Please Anna! I really really need your help" Yoh pleaded to his fiancée, "If you help me, then I'll…uhmm….double my training requirements next Monday…."

After a minute of silence, Anna decided to help out, "Okay Yoh, it's a deal. I'll double your training requirement next Monday, but you better not forget about it, or else…"

"Uhh, yes Anna…" Yoh sighed as he watched Anna stand up and walk out the room. 'Did I just say I'll double my training requirements? What did I get myself into? I guess I better watch what I'm say next time…hahaha'

Just when the two headed outside the room, there was a knock on the door. When Yoh opened it, it was none other than his best friend Manta, a short boy with blonde hair. Behind Manta was his other friend Ryu, who still hasn't changed his weird hairdo. Floating above Ryu was his guardian ghost, the once infamous bandit Tokageroh.

Not long before the two entered, everyone else came in one by one. First there was the blue haired pro snowboarder Ainu Horohoro, his minutian guardian ghost Corey, and his younger sister Pirika. They came back all the way from Hokkaido after they visited their parents for the week.

The next one was Tao Ren, a Chinese Shaman with a pointy violet hairdo. He was once Yoh's rival, but now he's one of Yoh's close friends. Above Ren was his guardian ghost Bason. Behind Ren was his older green haired sister Tao Jun, a doshi with Li Pai Long as her guardian ghost.

Tamao entered after Ren and Jun. She had pink hair and she knows how to do fortune telling. She brought along her two guardian ghosts, Ponchi and Konchi, a fox and a raccoon.

"Hey guys! What are you all doing in here so early? It's only 11:00" Yoh asked his friends who entered the house one by one.

"Well I've got nothing to do for the morning" Horohoro said, "…so I said to myself, why not go to Yoh's house right now instead, he won't mind if I was early." Apparently, everyone had the same reason as well.

Soon after, the rest of the gang entered. Chocolove and Lyserg went in the house together with their guardian ghosts; and the last ones were Jeanne and Faust.

"I guess everyone's here already!" Yoh grinned as he greeted all his friends. "The only one who's not here is Hao!"

"What! You invited him too!' Horohoro yelled at Yoh before Pirika pulled his brother's ear for him to shut up.

"Yeah of course! We're all cool with him, right? You all said that in front of him and each other" Yoh said smiling.

"You're right, but why's he still not here?" Ren asked.

"I guess he must be somewhere taking a nap, that's what I'd be doing if I were trying to find this place" Yoh laughed.

Everyone was in the inn excluding Hao, so they decided to start the party anyway; they thought that he'll probably show up anytime soon. They had a lot of food on the table, and most of them were junk food, which Anna usually didn't allow; but surprisingly, Yoh was able to convince her to let them have junk food.

"Okay everybody! Use green, pink, and yellow in a sentence!" Chocolove asked everyone, but everyone else just stared at him. "Wanna hear my sentence? Here is how it goes…ahem…When the phone goes 'green green', I pink up the phone and say 'yellow'!"

Ren and Horohoro picked up Chocolove and threw him to the wall, "That was the most annoying and lamest joke that I've ever heard!"

Everyone seemed to have a good time, although there were little arguments in between; they all had a good laugh. They were all having such a good time, that they didn't notice Anna leave the room, all except for Yoh. Anna went into her room and sighed, "This is going to be a very long day…what are you doing here Yoh!"

"Hey what's the matter?" Yoh asked when he entered Anna's room.

"I just want to be alone for a minute, too much noise…" Anna answered.

"Oh okay…so what are you going to do?" Yoh asked her.

Anna looked at the book shelf to see if she could find anything to read, but when she looked at the books an unfamiliar thick blue book caught her eye. She pulled it out and scanned the cover, "I've never seen this book before…what is it?"

"Huh? Why don't we open it?" Yoh said as he flipped the book cover. "It looks like a photo album…I didn't know you kept pictures Anna!"

"I don't…what is this?" Anna said as she looked at the book.

Meanwhile, back at the room where everyone else was…

"Hey! Where are Yoh and Anna?" Manta asked as everyone else looked around the room.

"Yes, I have noticed that it was not that noisy as it was earlier…" Ren said.

"Where do you think they are?" Tamao asked.

"They're probably doing something together…" Horohoro said with a mischievous look on his face, "Let's find out what they're up to! I bet we'll see something interesting!"

Everyone left the room to search the place for Yoh and Anna, and they all ended up in the hall where Anna's room was, they peeked in and saw Yoh and Anna sitting next to each other looking at something.

"This is too good to be true!" Horohoro tried to hold his laughter, while Ren assisted him by covering his mouth. Tamao slightly blushed with a slight smile on their face, and the others grinned mischievously.

"What are you guys doing behind my door!" Anna asked without turning around, but Yoh did.

"Uhmm…nothing, nothing…sorry to disturb you guys!" Tamato apologized.

"Hey, don't worry, we were just wondering who's photo album is this" Yoh turned to his friends, but all of them just shook their heads. "So, who do you think owns it?"

"Why don't we open it?" Lyserg suggested, "Maybe we'll find out who owns it"

"Why not?" Yoh took the blank page and flipped it to the next page, everyone else looked at the pictures, thinking to themselves that it somewhat looks familiar.


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