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Kino observed from a distance the figure of a small girl sitting on top of a big rock which was located somewhere in the middle of the stream, meditating in order to gain more focus, her task was to summon a spirit with the new blue beads that she received from the old itako. It has only been three months since Kino took Anna under her wing and she is surprised with the girl's fast progress despite her age and her ability to see.

Kino soon sensed a spirit beside Anna, she has now successfully completed her first attempt to summon a water spirit. "Good, now come here." She simply nodded and jump from the previous rock to the next in a hurry to get out of the very cold weather. Unfortunately for Anna, her rush jumping caused her to go off balance.

She fell into the freezing water and screamed for help. The spirit which she summoned a little earlier used its powers to make the water carry Anna to the shore. Kino quickly pulled her out of the freezing water when she was near enough.

"You had me worried for a while back there" Kino took out the thermometer from Anna's mouth. "40 degrees Celsius. You're staying in bed until your fever goes down, then it's back to training."

"Yes sensei, achoo!" Anna shivered and tried to keep herself warm.

"Looks like we'll have to work on your endurance" Kino sighed heavily while hearing Anna's sneezes echo the room. "Try to get some sleep. You'd better be fine after two days" Kino stood up and started leaving the room. "Oh, and expect harder training when you're feeling better."

"Dad can't we rest? My feet are hurting!" Yoh was with Mikihisa that day and they were planning to visit Kino to see how Anna is doing.

"For the sixteenth time, no! We have to get there before it starts snowing; besides were almost there" Mikihisa answered his four year old son.

"That's what you told be awhile ago for the fifteenth time!"

"It's for confidence" Mikihisa said. "Now let's move, I can see the roof already."

Kino proceeded to the door after hearing somebody knock.

"Grandma! Hey there! How are you?" Yoh smiled happily and jumped up and down.

"Hush Yoh! There are some people who are sleeping!" Kino said. "Mikihisa, I didn't expect a visit from you. Why didn't you inform me?"

"I did inform you two days ago"

"Must've been busy"

"Uh, is this a bad time?"

"I'll explain everything, come with me" Kino felt her clothes being pulled by Yoh.

"I need to go to the bathroom!" Yoh said while tugging Kino's clothes harder.

"Alright! Alright!" Kino backed away from the hyper active kid. "Go straight down the main hall then turn left at the fourth corner, then climb up the stairs on the right side, go straight ahead and turn right at the next corner. Walk forward until you see a painting, then go to the left. It's the seventh door on the right side. You got that?"

"…huh?" both Yoh and Mikihisa said.

"Must I draw a map?" Kino asked.

"Uhhh, yes?"

"I was being sarcastic Yoh! Use your head for once!" Kino then led Mikihisa somewhere down the hall. Yoh was left all alone to figure it out for himself.

"Okay, let's see" Yoh scratched his head. "What did grandma say?" Yoh walked down the path and up the stairs while trying to recall what Kino said. "So after you climb up the stairs on the left side, turn right at the first corner and go straight ahead. Walk forward until you see a…wait a minute, there's no painting here." Yoh looked around for a painting, but found only a sculpture. "A painting is the same a sculpture 'cause both of them are art, I think. Anyway, then I go straight and find the second door on the right side."

Yoh turned the knob and opened the door. "Phew, finally. I am ready to explo…hey! What are you doing here?" Yoh said rather loudly and he immediately buttoned on his pants again.

"Will you keep it down! Achoo!" Yoh did not arrive at the bathroom, but instead arrived at a certain child's room. "Yoh?"

"Anna? What are you doing here in the bathroom?" Yoh was glad to see his friend again.

"This is my room! Do you see any toilets here? Achoo!" Anna sat up and glared at Yoh.

"Hey, are you sick?" Yoh closed the door to her room and took a step nearer.

"Duh, what does it look like?"

"Wow, you must be really sick" Yoh bent down to feel her forehead. "Even your temper is hot."

"Don't touch me!" Anna slapped away Yoh's hand. "Just what do you mean by 'even your temper is hot'?"

"You're acting kinda different today" Yoh tried to soothe his aching hand. How could a girl her age slap so hard anyway?

"What do you mean kinda different? What I am right now is what I am!"

"But you weren't that mean before. Maybe you've been hanging out with my grandma too much."

"First of all Yoh, when we met, I wasn't myself back then. Second, I haven't been 'hanging' with Kino sensei; in the morning, she tells me what to do, then the rest of the day, I do what she instructed me to do by myself. She watches me but never says a word when necessary."

"Anna? You're not Anna are you? She would never be like this at all!" Yoh said. "What happened to the Anna whom I met for the first time? You used to be really kind and you were always smiling. Come on Anna, don't you remember what happened?"

"The Anna that you knew before was not the real me! How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"Of course that was the real you back then, I know it!" Yoh insisted, but Anna had just about enough.

"That's it! Get out of my room! It's useless talking to somebody like you Yoh!" Anna yelled at the top of her lungs. "If you're here to annoy me, then leave!"

"But Anna…"

"OUT!" Anna yelled once more. "Get out before I really get angry!"

Yoh now became frightened. He slowly backed away from the sick child. Yoh opened the sliding door and stepped out.

"Yoh!" he turned around and saw Anna behind him. "We're not friends anymore, got that?" Anna roughly slammed the door close between her and Yoh, locking it afterwards.

"Anna?" Yoh tried opening and knocking on the door, but she was never coming out. Teary eyed, Yoh ran away really fast.

"I see" the conversation between Mikihisa and Kino has just ended. "We'll leave right away then."

Kino nodded, but the second they stood up, Yoh came barging into the room in a hurry. "Yoh?" This was the worst that Mikihisa and Kino could expect and it was too late to stop Yoh from seeing her.

"Bring her back…" Yoh said in a low voice. "Bring Anna back! I want the old Anna back!"

Kino and Mikihisa just bowed their heads. "Yoh, that is the old Anna"

"Why? She wasn't like that three months ago!" Yoh said in a louder voice. "Your lying, that isn't Anna!"

"Yoh, listen to me" Kino said. "I know she's different now, but believe me, that is the real her. Remember, she had amnesia when you met her. One month ago, she suddenly remembered everything that happened right before I found her. It was a very bad memory and I believe she's still recovering from the trauma of her childhood." Kino tried to explain.

"Then I'll find a way to help her recover! She's my friend and I can't let her have that kind of attitude! I don't understand it at all!" Yoh then ran out of the room.

"…" Kino couldn't think of anything to say to Yoh in this situation.

"Perhaps this really wasn't a good time" Mikihisa said. "Maybe we should leave now."

"Yes you must" Kino said. "It would be best if both of them didn't see each other for a while. I will tell them about their engagement when their old enough, preferably 3 years before the shaman tournament." Kino said. "Hopefully, they would forget this little accident."

"I think this little accident would be unforgettable for both of them" Mikihisa said as he picked up his hiking stick/staff. "We'd better get going then."

"I know a spell that will allow them to forget what has happened. I can only use it for emergencies, but with this situation…I have no other choice but to use it on Yoh and Tamao and Anna so that will forget that they met…" Kino said quietly to herself. "This memory will be a hindrance for their training"

Mikihisa found Yoh sitting on the bench under an oak tree. "Come on Yoh, we're going home."

"Huh? I thought we were here to stay for three days" Yoh asked.

"There has been a change of plan Yoh" Mikihisa answered. "We have to leave immediately."

"Okay dad…" Yoh jumped off the bench and followed his father. He looked back and saw Anna looking at him from the window. 'Even if you say that I'm not your friend anymore, I'll still think of you as my friend. When I come back, I will help you, I promise.' Yoh smiled in response to Anna's glare. He then looked forward and exited the temple with Mikihisa. He never knew that he won't be seeing her for a very long time.

Upon seeing Yoh's smile, Anna slammed her window shut and returned to her futon. She then spotted a red bandana hanging in her half open closet, the one that Yoh gave to her as a gift. "Friends? I have no friends and I don't need them." Anna closed her closet door and dug under the covers. "After all…I'm a cursed child…everyone thinks so…because I can hear them thinking…" Anna popped her head from the covers and looked at the closet. "But…when I looked in to Yoh's mind, he didn't think that I was a demon, he thought of me as a friend." She shook her head side ways and rested her head on the pillow. "What am I saying? I said it once and I'll say it again, I don't need friends…"


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