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Chapter 17 – Remembered

A week later Ember found herself wondering aimlessly around the ghost zone, just thinking about all manner of things. She had spent the week since her visit to Danny's in much the same way as she had spent her first week, shopping, writing new songs, waiting for her guitar to be fixed, trying to make her hair grow further and (to a lesser degree) training.

Spectra had decided shortly after her return that they probably didn't need to train as often as they had before as she could progress well on her own, she had the basics; now all she had to do was develop them.

Her musings blinded her to her surroundings and before she knew what she was doing, she found herself back in her favourite part of the Ghost Zone, the park. She often came here, to write, to play her guitar, to watch the kids and generally to unwind, and as she had found herself here, she decided she would do just that.

She wondered over to the trees and sat down under a relatively big one. When she was settled she pulled her notebook and pencil case out of the bag she had taken to carrying around with her and simply sat for a while and wrote as she watched the world go by around her.

Faintly she heard the sound of music drifting towards her from somewhere nearby, she lifted her head and looked around, from the sound of it, it was coming from the same group of trees that she had taken refuse under. A quick initial search of the area didn't reveal much, so she packed up her stuff and took a little walk around the open field, sparsely populated with the odd ghost and random trees.

She followed the music as it got louder and louder and when she found the source, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared. It was a young man, he was dressed in a black t-shirt that had only one short sleeve, the other was cut off at the shoulder and the shirt was cut diagonally across his stomach. His trousers were black with one long leg and the other was cut off above the knee. He had a grey belt with a skull on the buckle, a pair of black gloves that stopped at his wrists and a pair of grey ankle boots. His hair was now two different shades of blue, darker on the bottom, lighter on top and it was defying gravity in its style and his eyes matched her own, he even had similar designs to her under them. He was sitting under a tree with a blue guitar on his lap. His hair and eyes had changed, but he was still obviously…


As if he had heard Ember whisper his name, Ash stopped playing and looked up. His eyes shot open as they landed on Ember, he leapt up as she spun on her heal and practically ran away, not wanting to talk to him at all. Unfortunately, as in life, he was still faster than her in death. He caught up with her before she was out of the clearing and spun her around by the wrist when he was close enough.

"Ember? Is it really you?"

"Why the hell would you care?" she demanded as she tore free from his grasp.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked confused

"That means, you used me and then dumped me like a bag of shit, so why would you care if you ever saw me again" she was angry, all this time and now he turned up out of the blue.

"You think I just used you?"

"Well, I slept with you once and then you disappeared, never even called me or anything, what would you call that?" Ashamed, Ash dropped his head and Ember took her chance, rather than wait for him to explain, she took to the air and flew as fast as she possibly could back to her own house.

Once there she stalked in and slammed the door, too upset to just phase through, she found, to her relief, that Skulker had simply retuned her guitar and left like she had asked him to do. Ignoring it for the time being, she stalked strait into her room and flopped down on the bed, the tears already flooding down her face. She amazed herself by being able to get herself under control in 15 minutes, after which she wiped her eyes and wondered back into the living room where her guitar stood patiently waiting for her. She picked it up and proceeded to play as loud as she could, trying to drown out her thoughts.

She wasn't sure how long she was playing before she heard a noise at her door. Her first instinct was to ignore it and keep jamming, but it became more and more persistent, and it obviously wasn't going to go away. In disgust she took her guitar off and stormed across the room. She threw the door open and was about to launch into a tirade until she saw the face on the other side of the door.

"Ember please…"

The door being promptly slammed in his face cut off whatever it was that Ash was about to say as Ember stomped back to her guitar and prepared to play again, what she had forgotten however was that both of them were now ghosts and slamming a door in someone's face now, didn't necessarily keep people out. Remembering this himself, Ash simply floated through the door and into Ember's living room.


"Ember please I have to…"


"Ember will you just…"



Silence fell as the two tried to outstare each other until finally, Ember relented.

"Fine, but you've got five minutes, after that you leave and I never want to see or hear from you again"

"Ember, I didn't use you, I really was going to call and come up to the concert to see you but an ex crawled out of the woodwork, accusing me of fathering her child, it took weeks to get that sorted out, and then by the time it was…it was too late to call you. Ember I am so sorry you killed yourself and if it was my fault in any way I can't apologize enough but I was so busy trying to prove that I wasn't that kids father that I even forgot my own birthday. I truly regret not phoning you, and not just because of what you did, but I really missed you when you were on tour"

"Everything seems so much easier with hindsight doesn't it? Did you ever hear my last song Ash? Can you guess who it was about? I was so miserable Ash, I died alone and miserable, and I blame you"

"Well what can I say Ember, I'm sorry you died, I'm sorry you were miserable, I'm sorry I didn't call…"

"Sorry…you think sorry is going to relieve all the pain I felt? I died feeling unloved, feeling used, feeling abandoned. Do you have any idea what that's like? Dying alone in a hotel room far from home, hopeless, loveless"

Sensing that he wasn't going to get anywhere like that brought a bubble of surprised rage from Ash "Do you think you were the only victim in all of this? It destroyed your parents, your friends. Do you know what its like hearing that the woman that you love committed suicide and there was nothing you could do about it?"

"Oh no, don't you dare try to guilt trip me with that 'woman I love' crap. You never loved me, you used me and left me"

"Ember, why d you think I'm standing here with you"

"You died and I had the misfortune to meet up with you after you got here, and how did you get here anyway, who told you where I live?"

"Ember, I love you so much that I couldn't stand living without you, I committed suicide the day you did"

"More fool you then, and who told you where I live?"

"Spectra did, she told me that she had just met you that very same day, and I asked her not to tell you. I didn't want you to know I was here until I was ready, as it turns out you ran into me but that doesn't matter, what does matter is that I love you and I want to prove it"

Tears had begun to well up in her eyes, she didn't want to believe him, she had to believe he was lying, yet a part of her ached to believe him. "There's nothing you could possibly do that would prove it to me, you had your chance when I was alive, and you blew it now you've had you five minutes. Leave"


" I said get out now leave GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT" as the anger welled and the tears fell she began beating her fists on his chest, desperate to get him out of her life. She was becoming hysterical and in danger of hurting herself, so Ash wrapped her in his arms and pulled her close, in an attempt to minimize the damage she could cause.

She kept crying and punching him and screaming into his chest "GET OUT GET OUT, YOU DON'T LOVE ME, NO-ONE LOVES ME, I'M ALONE, GET OUT…get out. I don't need you…I don't…" Her screams died off as she exhausted herself. When he was sure that she couldn't put up much of a fight he released his grip and pulled her away, keeping hold of her shoulders, so that he could look into her eyes as he said what he wanted to say next.

"Ember, I do love you, I know you may not believe me, but it doesn't make it any less true, I'm just sorry you had to die for me to realize that."

Ember just shook her head violently, as if trying to disperse a bad dream she didn't want to remember. "No, you don't, you can't, no-one loves me…" the rest of her sentence was lost as Ash descended and captured her lips in a fierce yet gentle kiss.

When they broke, Ember was shocked, slowly a small smile crept onto her face "are you serious, 'cause if your not…" a second kiss put her worries to rest, and this time she felt a huge rush of power and when they broke she heard Ash gasp. Guessing correctly, she raised her hand to inspect her hair, and found that it was even longer than it had been when she had left to go to the mortal world for the first time.

"Spectra mentioned something about you having emotional related powers." Ash said, as much to reassure himself as to let Ember know she didn't need to explain.

Ember released herself from Ash's arms and glared at him "Don't think this means I forgive you, I'm still mad but…"

"But what…" Ash asked hopefully

"But I think I might love you now too" Ash's grin spread from ear to ear and once again, he captured her lips with his own.

Two weeks later Danny was messing around in the laboratory as his parents were out and Jazz was at the library. He had come down here just so he could keep up with his parent's inventions, every now and again they neglected to tell him about one or two, and they usually ended up being the more dangerous ones.

He was almost finished mentally cataloguing the new additions to the lab when the temperature dropped and a wisp of blue smoke escaped him in a gasp. The portal doors opened and he spun round to face them, transforming before he had even finished moving.

A boy emerged; he was dressed all in black and had two-tone, gravity defying blue hair. He looked about 18 years old. As Danny drew breath to throw a sarcastic, witty comment at him, a second ghost emerged. This one was also dressed all in black but this was a woman, her hair was more turquoise and, to Danny's surprise, nearly reached her waist, even though it was pulled up into a high ponytail. He relaxed when this second ghost appeared and addressed her first.

"Ember, your hair grew"

She blushed and reached up to her hair, "Yea I know, gotta say, I prefer it long" she said with a smile.

"So, who's this then, not anyone I have to worry about I hope" Danny asked indicating the boy that had accompanied her through.

"Danny, this is my boyfriend Ash, Ash, Danny"

The two boys floated toward each other and shook hands, exchanging pleasant greetings as they did so.

"You shouldn't have to worry about him, unless we have a fight, then you'll have to worry about both of us going on angry rampages" Ember continued when Ash floated back to her and put his arm around her waist.

"Well, I feel reassured" he shared a smile with Ember before she turned her head up and kissed Ash gently on the cheek. "Eww, get a room"

The two ghosts giggled before Ash answered, without taking his eyes from Ember "We've already got one"

"Okay, TMI guys, really didn't want to think about that" he had to look away as they kissed again "oh man give me a break" cautiously he looked back around when he thought it was safe, to his relief he found they had stopped trying to eat each other and were now staring each other lovingly in the eyes.

"So…how come your hair is so long now?" Danny asked Ember, if nothing else but to try and pre-empt another kissing fit

Ember looked first at Danny, then Ash, then back to Danny. "I fell in love, and I've been loved in return. And I'm sure you remember my powers were based on love"

Danny merely nodded as an indication that he did in fact remember her rampage a month ago and what had happened to him when she got more powerful. He floated before them for a few seconds before something started to bug him "Ember?" she turned back to face him "Is there a reason you're back again?"

"Yea, I just wanted to thank you"

"Thank me?"

"Yea, I enjoyed our little chat, and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to forgive this guy" she indicated Ash by playfully digging her elbow into her side before floating out of his arms and approaching Danny. Before he realized what was happening, she put her arms around him.

Danny was too stunned to do anything so for a few seconds he just floated where he was and let the ghost embrace him. When he saw over Ember's shoulder that Ash didn't mind, he returned the hug.

When they released each other, Danny saw tears beginning to form in the neon green eyes of the ghost woman before him. "You're welcome Ember, I hope you two are happy together"

Wiping her eyes, she smiled at Danny and turned back to the portal and Ash who put his arm around her shoulders when she reached him. Together they turned back towards Danny and Ember lifted her hand and waved. "Goodbye Danny" and with that, they vanished through the portal.

Danny smiled as he landed and transformed, he walked over to the control panel and locked the portal before turning and going back up the stairs out of the lab.

"Goodbye Ember, I'm glad someone remembered you at last"

The End.

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